SPA Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Night Visit A beam of light gradually faded out as its track became hidden. With a blur, the Fatty appeared inside the temporary residence that they had settled in with an unconscious body over his shoulder. The Fatty laid the body on a bed as he couldn’t help but mutter, “Hopefully revealing myContinue reading “SPA Chapter 129”

SPA Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Meeting Again We followed the crowd towards the Xian Nu Sect and before long we reached an enormous, open plaza where a bunch of fellow “pedestrians” have gathered. There was a floating platform upon which a teen male, that is not as handsome as I am, was standing proudly with his hands crossedContinue reading “SPA Chapter 128”

SPA Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Back to the Continent After understanding how the mirror worked, I smirked before discussing our plan of escape with Fatty for a short bit. Then after we had made our preparations to hide our Qi, with a flash, both of us vanished from the secret realm along with the mirror. Even if thoseContinue reading “SPA Chapter 127”

SPA Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Hunter to Prey I was farming like usual and the captives I caught decided to bribe me like usual; however, they were suddenly crushed into meat paste before my eyes. I stared in shock as I certainly wasn’t the one that did it! When I glanced afar, I noticed a middle aged manContinue reading “SPA Chapter 126”

SPA Chapter 125

Chapter 125: World Against Me So basically, the world only generates around me. So if treasure hunters want to find treasures, they can only find them around me. If people want to hunt monsters, they can only find them around me. If they want to hunt me, who is basically the big boss of thisContinue reading “SPA Chapter 125”

SPA Chapter 124

Chapter 124: World Revolves Around Me “Mm …,” I opened my eyes to see lush green trees towering around me with a clear blue sky in between the gaps of the trees. The occasional nature sounds of bird chirps resounded around me as a breeze caused the branches of the trees to sway. I turnedContinue reading “SPA Chapter 124”

SPA Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Secret Realm The meteor streaked through the sky and eventually crashed in the midst of a mountain range. An enormous explosion flattened the mountain range striking fear into all those who were capable of seeing the scene. Then, a black hole formed at the point of collision and began to absorb all theContinue reading “SPA Chapter 123”

SPA Chapter 122

Chapter 122: The Plot Begins A body with no detectable signs of life plummeted down a dark chasm, signifying the end of the story to yet another beautiful life. It seemed the chasm’s depth was infinite as the body seemed to be plummeting forever in this empty chasm. Suddenly the body suspended in place asContinue reading “SPA Chapter 122”

SPA Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Time Skip The river of time is mysterious and uncontrollable. Yet legend had spoken of the power of plot which is even more formidable than the river of time. Even time will bend its knees to the ancient All Thors and their power of plot. Our fortunate protagonist Pro had the honor ofContinue reading “SPA Chapter 121”

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