SPA Chapter 130

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Power Up Arc

A familiar scent wafted into my nose, it was one that I have desired for so long. I reached out in attempt to grasp onto this scent, but it simply slipped through my hands. “No! Ling’er! Don’t go!”

I sat up on the bed and blankly stared into space before realizing I just did the cliche of wake up on bed crying for lost lover. If I’m correct, this sort of cliche usually doesn’t bode well for who I am dreaming about. My heart clutched in fear and pain as I realize that she may be in danger or perhaps a sacrifice in some insidious plan; however, I was powerless to stop it. With my current power, I can’t even beat the holy son let alone the real mastermind, which is probably the old fogies from each of those big sect.

I clenched my fists in anger over my powerlessness … wait … fists? I quickly glanced down to see both my right and left hands. I trembled as I lifted my left hand that was now perfectly fine. I blankly stared at it as many thoughts ran through my mind.

“Eh? Bro Pro, you’re awake,” the Fatty broke me out of my stupor as he strolled into the room.

I took my eyes off my hand and stared at him. The Fatty cleared his throat as he asked, “Errr why are you staring at me like that?”

“A power that can heal my arm that was cursed by plot power … what sort of power is required?” I asked monotonously.

“Errr … the power of plot, the power of fate, or maybe some godly pill probably can … ” the Fatty stated as his eyes shifted around.

I stared upwards as I remembered the familiar scent I smelt in my dreams. I softly asked, “She came didn’t she?”

The Fatty awkwardly shifted around with his eyes flickering all over, “Uhh … hahaha, what are you talking about?”

I kept staring at the Fatty until he surrendered with an awkward cough, “This young master is not allowed to say.”

My eyes flickered brightly as my heart felt warm. I forcefully calmed myself down as I knew that rushing in to get Ling’er back with my current self won’t do any good. I need to get stronger. My mind spun as I began to come up with a plan. I frowned as most of my plans did not allow for me to reach my goal in time, but in the end, I gritted my teeth and chose one that had detrimental consequences but would get me to my goal in time.

I stared over at Fatty with shiny eyes as he would play a big part in my plans for my power up.

The Fatty shivered as backed off while pointing at me, “W-What do you want? T-This young master has no interest in swinging that way, even if you give me money …”

I smirked as I asked him, “Fatty, would you like to earn some free money?”

For the next couple of days, a silent, hidden beam of light traversed the continent, paying a visit to all the branches of the Shen Sect in addition to the clans who serve as the Shen Sect’s lackey. With great fanfare, the treasury of all these branches and clans got broken into! No one understood how the culprit managed to get through all the restrictions, and after the deed, no one knew how the culprit escaped. Enraged, the clans banded together and began to hunt down the culprit while implementing harsher lock-downs on their treasuries. Surprisingly, the culprit did not stop plundering, and worst of all, the culprit actually plundered multiple places at once! Heck, the culprit didn’t even try to hide himself as the experts of the clans furiously chased after the culprit, only to be led into a variety of secret realms all over. The culprit was only captured after the Shen Sect sent out its transcendant experts, but frustratingly, the culprit only dissipated into a puff of smoke after taunting them. It was then that the experts realized the plunderers were just clones, but they were not able to locate the main body no matter how hard they tried.

What they didn’t know is that the main body is currently hiding inside the mirror secret realm and furiously replenished his Qi using all the resources he had gathered. He only comes out once in a while in order to spawn even more clones. No matter how many they destroyed, there would be a non-stop stream of clones being spawned. Not only that, they would be spawned all over the continent as the Fatty was in charge transporting the mirror all over the continent. Even worst was that the clones would be able to recover their own Qi and spawn even more clones! With this, the continent was plunged into chaos as an uncountable amount of clones were spawned. Unfortunately, with the heightened vigilance of the Shen Sect, the plundered resources slowly depleted, and the number of clones spawned slowed down. Even so, an army of clones was ready to march into battle, and no one knew how many there were.

While some clones stayed in hiding to comprehend newly plundered skills, there were also groups of clones who began raiding the secret realms all over the continent to gain power stones for the main body to break through. Even if a secret realm was powerful, it was futile in the face of an army of transcendant clones who don’t fear death, can communicate with one another, have access to an universal storage space, and has the ability to recover in addition to increasing their numbers. Not only that, these clones seem to get stronger over time with each successful raid of each secret realms. This wave of clones was unstoppable, but it came at a very heft energy cost. With all the resources plundered, the Shen Ren continent faced its first disaster of limited cultivation resources. Unfortunately, there was currently no way to replenish at the moment this as even the natural treasures on the continent were plundered by the clones.

With this event, the main body of the clone was placed on the wanted list with the highest bounty. He was hated by all cultivators of the continent, alas, none of them could stop him as he seemed to be protected by some mysterious power of plot. Even with the usage of godly grade treasures, the cultivators were only able to locate the main body at most, but the main body would be moving all over so fast that they couldn’t catch him. They also couldn’t target and destroy him directly as it seems he wasn’t in the same world as them! This led to an order of carpet searching all the secret realms for him, but alas, they were only able to find his clones at most.


A memorial was tossed to the ground as the throne was blasted to pieces. An old man dressed in a black dragon robe was heaving in anger as he growled, “Just one mere transcendant realm and all of you can’t do anything to stop him?! You useless b*st**ds!”

The retainers could only shiver in fright as they felt the oppressive pressure of one who was at the pinnacle of the world and could ascend at any time.

“And you!” the old man growled as he pointed at the holy son of the Shen Sect,” I spent so much effort on raising you, but you couldn’t even complete a basic thing like taking in a bride! You were delayed for 10 years before you were even able to get an engagement! If you had completed that step of the plan sooner, we would not have to wait so long to dominate the continent!”

The holy son solemnly bowed before stating, “Our marriage will happen next week.”

The old man huffed in anger for a bit before he calmed himself. He sat back down on the broken throne as a gloomy expression appeared on his face, “Forget it. One week is too long. I’m afraid the continent will be destroyed by that disaster by then. It seems we will have to take drastic measures. Pass down my decree. I want the Xian Nu Sect to cease existing from this day forward, even if it means we have to sacrifice half the cultivators of our sect and harm our foundations.”

The retainers all shivered as they stared at the old man in shock.

“Go prepare and we shall set out after I report to my lord. Destroy the Xian Nu Sect and bring back the girl. She is the key to the next step of our plan. Since that disaster wants to hide, we will force him to come out obediently. Any one who hinders our plan … kill.”

Afterwards, the old man vanished in a puff of black mist. The cultivators below all shivered in fear, anger, and also helplessness. Although they did not want to sacrifice the prosperity of their sect, they couldn’t fight back against that old man who is backed by the power of an All Thor. There has been those who tried in the past, but they could no longer remember who they are. All they remembered was the old man wiping their existence from this world, and their memories of those people ceased to exist. Such a power forced them to have no choice but to comply.

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