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Page for Criticism & Ads

Welcome to Steve’s page for criticism and ads! On this page, you can find a multitude of random affiliate marketing ads from Steve. Of course, that’s not the main point! Steve knows Steve is self-serving, selfish, and dis-likable. Hence, this page is opened by Steve for you to drop criticism about Steve! Go on! Call Steve a hypocrite, go trash talk Steve, go bash Steve’s site with negative comments! Jump to the comments section here!

However, to keep this page friendly to censorship, please at least try to use * to star out parts of your cuss words. Steve doesn’t want to have to go delete comments or the page itself if someone ever complains about the page not being friendly to children or something similar.

Beginning of Steve’s Ads Page

Disclaimer: Steve does not own any of these ads nor the companies behind the ads. Steve is simply an independent affiliate of these ads and the owners of these ads hold no responsibilities over this site or advertisement.

End of Steve’s Ad Page Here

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