SPA Chapter 129

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Night Visit

A beam of light gradually faded out as its track became hidden. With a blur, the Fatty appeared inside the temporary residence that they had settled in with an unconscious body over his shoulder. The Fatty laid the body on a bed as he couldn’t help but mutter, “Hopefully revealing my trace would cause their investigations to ignore Bro Pro for a bit … aiya … I hope my master won’t blame me for causing some trouble … err .. master won’t blame me right? Hic-“

“Ehh .. whatever, this young master already did it. If it really gets dangerous, I’ll just run away … mmm, first, I got to do something about Bro Pro’s injuries,” the Fatty stated as he began to pull out bottles of pills.

“Hmm … these bottles can all heal Bro Pro’s injuries, but which one is the cheapest … after all, I’ve got to conserve when I can … but he’s my Bro Pro, I should use the best should I not? But it would be a waste because his injuries aren’t that serious … what if he gets an even more serious injury in the future? I’ll just start from the cheapest up until Bro Pro’s body heals then …” the Fatty muttered to himself as he began to stuff pills into the unconscious body’s mouth and pushing it down with his Qi.

After expending one bottle nothing seemed to happen, so Fatty continued with the next bottle, and the next … it wasn’t long before Fatty noticed something wrong, “What the f**k? Why are all the effects of the pill so low?! Are they defective? No, it can’t be as master personally gave these to me … maybe Bro Pro’s injuries are a bit more serious than I thought. I’ll try a couple more …”

Alas, the pills didn’t seem to have much effect even after the Fatty expended all the pills in the bottles he took out. The Fatty paced around worrying all day long till night. However, when Fatty checked on the unconscious body once more at night, he noticed that the injuries have mostly healed. After giving the body a more thorough inspection, Fatty realized that the body had a self recovery function …

It was then a mournful howl of grief resounded in the neighborhood, “MY MONEYYY …”

However, the Fatty’s mourning was suddenly interrupted by a series of soft knocks on the door of the house. The Fatty froze before his expression turned grim, “It couldn’t be that they have traced me till here. I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave any traces behind. Unless they could get the records for the purchase of the house from the Xian Nu Sect, those from the Shen Sect won’t be able to trace me till here, and I’m pretty sure those from the Xian Nu Sect won’t comply …”

The Fatty then heightened his vigilance as he steadily bumbled over and opened the door. Outside the door stood a person in a black cloak with a hood on. The Fatty jumped back in fright as he asked anxiously, “W-Who are you? W-what do you want? Believe it or not, this young master has a divine ability that is so strong that you will not even see a trace of me when this young master uses it!”

The person in the black cloak strolled into the house before shutting the door tight causing the Fatty to shriek as he pulled out all sorts of weapon. The person in the black cloak ignored his aggressive behavior while slowly taking off the hood.

“Y-you! W-what is the holy daughter of the Xian Nu Sect doing here?” the Fatty shrieked as he watched the holy daughter stroll to the room where the unconscious body was.

With a flash a light, the Fatty appeared in front of the room, completely blocking out the doorway with his body, “If you want to harm my Bro Pro, you will have to get through me first!”

The holy daughter stared at the Fatty coldly before raising her hand. A black heart shaped flower slowly grew on her palm as the Fatty shrieked in fear, “The Flower of Death! Y-You … if you have anything to say, we can talk nicely. Don’t pull out killer moves like that … if you were to use that move, it will not only harm us, but it will kill a lot of people in the surrounding area …”

The holy daughter cold stated with a face devoid of emotion, “I will not kill him. Move.”

The Fatty broke out in sweat as he watched the flower on the girl’s palm grow bigger and bigger. In the end, he moved out of the way as he sighed, “Sorry Bro Pro, I can’t stop her. This girl is too fierce. I heard she is an emotionless killing machine. It seems your body will have to be sacrificed to this girl to play with, but her words are trustworthy, so you won’t die at least …”

The holy daughter strolled towards the bed of the room where the unconscious body laid. She gently sat down on the bed side as she stared at the familiar face. Her hand slowly reached out and gently caressed the face of the one who she would never forget as a gentle smile arose on her face.

Meanwhile, the Fatty stared with his mouth gaping in shock, “T-this is that emotionless freak I’ve always heard about?”

After a long time of reminiscing, the holy daughter pulled out a small, wooden box. She muttered some incantation before the box opened on its own, causing a strong medicinal smell to waft out, while revealing a pill that was translucent yet was glowing with a rainbow aura.

“T-This, a Godly grade pill that can even go against fate! H-how did you-” the Fatty exclaimed in horror, but he was even more shocked by what happened next.

The holy daughter swiftly wrapped the pill with her Qi and sent it into the mouth of the one she loves. The medicinal smell vanished as if it was never there as the unconscious body on the bed began to turn translucent. The injuries on the body rapidly healed, but it seemed that the power did not stop there. A mysterious force wrapped around the empty stump where the body’s left arm used to be. Like magic, a new stump began to grow and before long, it became a normal arm. The body stayed translucent for a while longer before it gradually returned to normal. The holy daughter smiled gently with happiness as she stroked the body’s new arm. She then slowly bent down and planted a gentle kiss on her lover’s lips as a tear leaked down her face.

Dissapating the tear with Qi, the holy daughter stood up as her face became devoid of emotion once more. She then strolled out of the room and headed for the door.

“U-mmm … could you be … sister-in-law?” the Fatty questioned meekly as he stared back and forth between the holy daughter and his best friend on the bed.

The holy daughter paused in her steps before she commanded coldly, “Don’t tell him that I came. Or else …”

The Fatty shrieked as he cowered back in fear while nodding his head. Then, he watched the holy daughter put on her hood and before leaving the house swiftly. The Fatty peeked out to make sure she was gone before he patted his chest in relief, “Phew, scared this young master to death. Only Bro Pro would fall in love with a scary one like that.”

The Fatty then glanced at his best friend on the bed while smiling bitterly, “It seems … that she still cares for you deeply, but the price she should be required to pay for that pill is probably unimaginable. sigh

The cloaked individual returned to the Xian Nu Sect and was requested to head to the audience chamber. There, an old granny was already waiting. The holy daughter removed her hood as she bowed solemnly towards the old granny.

“You have resolved your lingering regrets. All your body and soul belongs to Xian Nu Sect now, so you can’t kill yourself even if you want to. Let us begin the plan. You will have no choice but to go through with the plan until either you succeed … or your soul shall cease to exist,” the old granny stated coldly as she began gathering power in her hands.

The holy daughter silently bowed her head in acknowledgement. Some things are meant to be, while some things aren’t, but she is still willing to sacrifice everything for him even if they are not meant to be.


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