SPA Chapter 128

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Meeting Again

We followed the crowd towards the Xian Nu Sect and before long we reached an enormous, open plaza where a bunch of fellow “pedestrians” have gathered. There was a floating platform upon which a teen male, that is not as handsome as I am, was standing proudly with his hands crossed behind his back as if the world revolves around him. That must be the holy son who came to propose. Sucks to be him huh?

Knowing how the story line will progress, some main character sort of guy will probably pop out to interrupt this event. The holy son will find out that the holy daughter is in love with this certain main character, and out of rage, perhaps the holy son will order his minions to beat the main character to a pulp. To save the weak-ass main character, the holy daughter will have no choice but to agree to marry the holy son, which starts the plot of snatch the bride from the holy son. Aiya, I feel sorry for this soon-to-be cuckolded holy son. I glanced over at his minions who were trying to keep the crowd back. I noticed that they were all below transcendant realm. Welp, the main character that comes will probably have to be weaker than that then. I have already deemed myself to be a bystander of this event.

Suddenly the bustling crowd quieted down as if it were pre-scripted. Then, a voice announced, “Welcome the holy daughter of the Xian Nu Sect, Xian Qing’er!”

At the gateway of the Xian Nu Sect, a foot covered in a black robe revealed itself. Then, it was as if the world slowed down to a crawl. Fanfare music began playing in the background as flower pedals rained from the sky. In slow motion, the holy daughter of the Xian Nu Sect revealed herself to be dressed in a black robed with a black mask. There was also some ornaments and such on her head which probably is the cause for her slow walking. Yea, it’s not the world that’s in slow motion, but that the holy daughter is walking slowly. I glanced upwards to see female cultivators flying in the sky as they scattered flower petals. Then, I glanced backwards to see a band of some sort playing musical instruments … uhhh … I guess reality doesn’t work like a movie?

I put my attention back to the stage as the holy daughter slowly walked up to the stage where the holy son was standing. I watched as the holy son knelt on one knee as he proposed, “Xian Qing’er, from the first time I laid eyes on you …”

A long speech ensued while I sighed as I wondered which idiot main character template will be rushing out soon. I glanced around the surrounding trying to pick out the silent main character that would probably be staring at the stage not in excitement but in shock over seeing the holy daughter. Hmm … I don’t see anyone besides excited, bustling “pedestrians”. Maybe he’s good at hiding. Hmm? I felt as if someone was staring at me?

I followed my instinct and traced the stare back to the stage. It was then that I noticed that the holy daughter was staring at … me?! I stared back at her with confusion as I focused my attention. Although her robe covered her body, I could still see her lustrous black hair … that doesn’t prove anything. Any girl can have that … I glanced at the mask that covered her face, only showing her familiar soft lips. I slowly moved upwards and looked at the two holes where the eyes reside. It was then that I locked eyes with her. As I stared at those eyes, my heart beat increased as the dying spark inside me began to slowly grow into a flame once more. It was like some intangible string between us finally re-established its connection as I could feel my world shaking while I felt the emotions in those eyes. Shock, surprise, longing … and love.

Even though she was covered thoroughly, I was still able to recognize her. It was if the world disappeared as we stared at each other. We could feel each other as we stared each other in the eyes. It’s been so long … 15 years … I’ve been waiting for you for so long.

“Xian Qing’er, will you be my dao companion?”

It was that line that woke me up from my stupor. God d*mn it, I should have know that Mr. Aura would do this. Who’s going to be the idiot main character that rushes out to crash the party? That idiot would be me, but so what if I’m an idiot. I am willing to be an idiot as long as its for her.

I shoved the cultivators in front of me to the side as the Fatty exclaimed in shock, “Eh? Bro Pro, what are you doing?”

I immediately rushed out towards the platform as a ruckus began. The minions of the holy son yelled out “halt” as they tried to stop me, but with a sweep of my hands, I sent a burst of Qi towards them which sent them flying and coughing blood. I dashed towards the platform intensely as my goal was to steal the bride! No it’s not steal, she’s mine in the first place! Ling’er belongs to me!

Alas, before I could even get close, the heavy pressure fell upon me as a voice boomed, “A trifling Grey Realm transcendant dare to disturb my proposal?!”

Then, an oppressive force blasted out from the holy son as it crushed down upon me, sending me flying back into the crowd while coughing blood. I could feel my organs churning as I stared at the holy son in shock. What the f**k? Why is he so strong?!

“As expected of the holy son, he is already a Pink Realm transcendant. At such a young age, he is already near the pinnacle of the world, it won’t be a shock if he ascended. Truly, a genius,” I heard the clamors around me.

D*mn it. Of course this would be case. If the minions are weak, then the holy son must be OP. I spat out a couple more globs of blood as I glared back angrily. D*mn it, the old fogies haven’t even came out and I am already bashed to the ground! I could feel my vision fading out due to the heavy injuries I sustained and before I knew it, I passed out.

“To hurt my lackeys and disturb my proposal, you deserve death!” the holy son howled as an even stronger force was released from his palm, aiming to kill the annoying pest with a trifling move.

However, a beam of light zipped up to the unconscious body on the ground and then flashed away, causing the released attack to strike empty ground. The holy son frowned as he stared at the beam of light, “The holy son of the Divine Speed Sect. Why is he here? Are they finally making their move?”

As the holy son pondered, a mellow voice interrupted his thoughts, “It seems today is not an auspicious date for an engagement. Perhaps another day will do.”

The holy son turned around to see the beauty of the Xian Nu Sect strolling back into the sect. He clenched his fists as he stated with a frown, “You can’t escape this fate. Your entire Xian Nu Sect can’t escape. You will have to come with me sooner or later.”

The holy daughter paused for a bit before continuing her steps as if she hadn’t heard what the holy son said.

The holy son turned around as he watched the injured cannon fodder rolling around on the ground. Two clouds of black mist congregated in front of him to form two cultivators completely covered in black clothes like a ninja. The holy son then commanded, “Investigate.”

“Yes your highness. We will dig out all the info about that unknown brat who dares to interrupt your-” one of the black clothed man replied, but was interrupted.

“No, why would you investigate a useless chess piece like that. I want you investigate why the Divine Speed Sect’s holy son is here, not some unknown piece of trash. Now go investigate .. and get rid of those useless decorations on the ground,” the holy son commanded before he burst into a cloud of black mist and vanished.

The two cultivators in black clothes bowed respectfully before they turned around fiercely and slaughtered all the lackeys as they cried for mercy. The crowd quickly dispersed in fear of being caught in the mess, but some were still accidentally killed by the outburst of the transcendant realm force that the two experts were using. However, the two cold blooded killers didn’t care as they burst into black mist and began their mission.

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