SPA Chapter 127

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Back to the Continent

After understanding how the mirror worked, I smirked before discussing our plan of escape with Fatty for a short bit. Then after we had made our preparations to hide our Qi, with a flash, both of us vanished from the secret realm along with the mirror. Even if those still stuck inside the secret realm search for eternity, they shall never find the exit.

As soon as we exited the secret realm, I instantly released everyone inside the mirror except the transcendants and those who already saw my face. Hence, a noticeable crowd appeared outside the secret realm all at once, making it seem like the secret realm kicked us all out. Then, everyone watched as the enormous mirror gradually faded away. Fortunately, I made this decision as it seemed that there were plenty of transcendants guarding outside the mirror even though they were not from the same sect as those black robed cultivators.

As the crowd of cultivators returned to their respective clans to report their adventure, Fatty and I snuck away and after we reached a decent distant from the crowd, Fatty zipped away carrying me along. With this we had successfully escaped. After we traveled a distance away, I decisively returned the preserved head of my master to the Fatty while I still had the chance. We then went to where Fatty built an empty tomb for his grandpa and laid the old man’s body to rest.

Then, we headed to our next destination. Fatty brought me to the nearby city, Xian Nu Town. The reason the city was named this was because it was under the control of the Xian Nu Sect, an all-female sect. I swear, we didn’t choose to come to this town because of that reason! At first Fatty proposed to head back to his sect, but I denied because I was afraid that if we went back to his sect, his sect will end up being destroyed. It’s not me being superstitious, but it’s still good to be careful as most of the places I went to so far had … cough.

Anyways, this city should be a fine place for me to stay for a while. After all, the Xian Nu Sect was a large sect that was only beneath in power to the Shen Sect. So, it shouldn’t be destroyed so easily … I hope, but even if it does, it’s not my problem right? If there’s anyone to blame, it’s Mr. Aura, not me.

With that, we easily settled in Xian Nu Town. After we found a suitable living space, I finally got to take a look at those transcendant inside the mirror world. I could see them trying to break out using force but to no avail. Using my consciousness, I descended into the world and offered them a life time slave contract. Of course, most of these loyal warriors rejected, hence I obliterated them with the realm’s power. Only a couple towards the end accepted the slave contract to live on, but I was still happy as that is a couple of transcendant servants! Not only that, the feedback from obliterating all the transcendant realms loosened the bottleneck of my cultivation completely. In order to not attract attention, I went into the mirror realm to break through before coming back out. With that, I finally became a Grey Realm transcendant which means less worry about my enemies. As for the whatnot breakthrough tribulation, there’s no need to talk about my sorry state as I for sure lived through it.

If you want to know what living in a city where the hegemony was a female cultivator population, then imagine this: the soldiers patrolling the city are female, the law enforcers are female, the cultivators of the Sect are female, and the pedestrians are male. No, I did not state that last part wrong. What did you expect? If there’s so many beauties gathered in one place, of course there will be males who come to the city to admire flowers. Although the males can’t hold any important positions in the city, they can at least choose to be a civilian cultivator and have gain the right to admire flowers everyday.

Just like now, there is a new “pedestrian” admiring the flowers sitting in the upper floor of a tea house. The Fatty was currently drooling while staring at the assortment of beauties as he constantly described them to me in fanciful language. Alas, I didn’t have much interest. I’m pretty sure that the beauty standards of female cultivators in this city are high, but as I stared at those beauties, I keep feeling that none of them were as beautiful as Ling’er. I could only sigh as I took a sip of wine, recalling her beautiful face and her gentle smile.

“What’s wrong Bro Pro? Do none of these beauties interest you … or could it be … that you actually swing that way?!” the Fatty exclaimed in shock as he hugged his own chubby body as if I would violate him.

I glared at him as if he were an idiot before stating, “I have no need to drool over these beauties. I already someone I love and she is more beautiful than all of them.”

“Oh! Bro Pro you are so sneaky! I haven’t seen you in a while and you have already found a sister-in-law! Oh do tell me about her! When will you introduce me to her?” the Fatty zipped over beside me as he slumped his chubby arm over my shoulder.

It would have been a very bro-like thing to do, except that with the Fatty’s chubby body mushing against my body, it was very uncomfortable. I hurriedly shoved the Fatty back onto a seat as my mouth twitched.

“Bro Pro, don’t be so cold! Don’t worry, this young master has his integrity. Even if sister-in-law is a heaven defying beauty, this young master will not covet her as she will only be my sister-in-law!” the Fatty confidently proclaimed.

I stared at him before sighing again, “It’s not that I don’t want to introduce you to her. It’s just that …”

I stared into space as I recalled her final message to me. My heart lurched in agony. I miss her so much …

“Oiii~ Bro Pro~” the Fatty woke me from my stupor while shaking me, “Quit spacing out. Just by looking at that long face of yours, I knew something had happened. Don’t worry, Bro Pro, you still have me. Besides this young master’s divine speed, this young master also has a fairly decent information network! No matter who took her away or where she went, this young master can help you find her!”

I bitterly smiled as I told him, “She … jumped into the Life and Death Chasm 15 years ago.”

Silence descended upon the room as the Fatty froze with an awkward face. He cleared his throat awkwardly a couple of times before he stated, “Well, don’t take it too hard Bro Pro. Life and death is predestined, but the future is still waiting. Plus, you might still be able to meet someone better, you never know-“

“No,” I shook my head gloomily, “Ling’er is the only one for me. If I can’t be with her, then I will live a single life.”

“Well … I’m just saying-” the Fatty continued before he was interrupted by a tolling bell in the distance.


Curiously, we stared out at the bustling crowd who were gradually moving towards the sect. We filtered out the bustling noise and listened to the clear voices which allowed us to hear excited remarks.

“Did you hear? The holy son of the Shen Sect has come to request a marriage with the Xian Nu Sect’s holy daughter!”

“I heard the Xian Nu Sect’s holy daughter was born with heaven defying beauty! So much so that she had to hide her beauty with a mask lest it brings calamity!”

“Let’s go, let’s go! It’s rare for us to get a glimpse of a the Xian Nu Sect’s holy daughter. I wonder what she looks like!”

Eh? Isn’t this the cliche holy daughter of so and so sect being married to so and so holy son, but somehow the certain holy daughter would fall in love with the main character and blah blah blah conflict will happen due to that? I wonder who the main character would be … yea … not me.

“Bro Pro! It’s the Xian Nu Sect’s holy daughter! Even the regular disciples of the Xian Nu Sect are so gorgeous, the holy daughter must be even more so! We must not miss this chance! Let’s go!” the Fatty excitedly stated as he dragged me off to join in the fun.

Yep, and this Fatty would be the cliche friend of the protagonist who would be the main trigger of the cliche event by dragging the uninterested protagonist to join in the fun. I honestly didn’t want to go, but for some odd reason, a weird feeling was telling me to go. Is this the power of cliche? Or is this something else?

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