SPA Chapter 126

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Hunter to Prey

I was farming like usual and the captives I caught decided to bribe me like usual; however, they were suddenly crushed into meat paste before my eyes. I stared in shock as I certainly wasn’t the one that did it! When I glanced afar, I noticed a middle aged man dressed in black robe glaring at me while releasing oppressive pressure.

Dude! What the f**k is wrong with you? Can’t you at least let them tell me about their secrets before crushing them?! Well, since you took away my bribe, then I can only have you be my next target. I commanded the nearby clones to go capture the black robed man, but after a swift battle, my army of clone was nearly decimated! Although the man was injured a bit by my clones, it was only superficial injuries! Not long after, I lost sight of the area, but the final image my clone sent me was that the black robed man was headed in my main body’s direction!

Even though my clones were still Cyan realm, with all the skills I have trained over the years, their combat prowess was similar to a newly ascended transcendant Grey realm cultivator! It’s the reason why my clones were able to suppress even genius, but based on the ease of which that man destroyed my clones, that b*st**d was at least the transcendant White realm, an entire realm above the Grey realm! What I encountered was no longer the easy to farm Cyan realm or below mobs, but transcendent elites! What the f**k?! Where is the limitation on the cultivation levels of those who entered the secret realm? Shouldn’t these elites be waiting outside to ambush me once after I had gradually powered up inside the secret realm? Oi, Mr. Aura, the script is wrong here! This isn’t a cliche! This shouldn’t be happening!

Alas, even if I complained, Mr. Aura will not respond. I could only send more clones to delay that transcendant realm expert while my main body flees. However, to my horror, my clones in other directions were also destroyed by transcendant realm experts wearing black robes. Those experts then also headed in my direction, having me completely surrounded! Ahhhhh! What is wrong with this world?! If they are going to come, shouldn’t they all be coming from one direction like in those novels? Why would they put their brains to use and actually strategically surround me. This basically cuts out all my escape routes as I’m essentially a fish on a chopping board once they reach me.

Before I knew it, I have transformed from the hunter into the prey, and its a prey with no escape. Although I tried to change my direction while using my clones to misdirect the experts, it seemed they had some sort of treasure which they could use to lock onto my precise location. No matter where I hid, they simply drew closer and closer over time. They are even shameless enough to patiently keep pace with each other instead of rushing ahead at me one at a time. Bros, can you not be so smart?! Give this Pro a chance here alright?

Alas, my hopes were all crushed as eventually I was surrounded on all side by around 100 transcendant experts. Seriously …? Since when were transcendant experts common like cabbage?! Even if they were, why must you send them all at me at once. Not only that, these shameless experts were already beyond my level, yet they didn’t even bother coming near me. They simply had me surrounded and began sniping me with their ranged attacks from afar in an attempt to exhaust all my energy! I had to constantly used {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and spawn clones as meat-shields in order to survive. Even so, I still took a couple of attacks and sustained heavy injuries that I had to heal with pills. These shameless b*st**ds! Who trained these mofos?! I promise I won’t f**k your mom if I find out who you are!

Alas, even with my immense supply of Qi and pills, I would barely be able to outlast one transcendant expert, let alone an army of them. Once I ran out of pills, I could only feel my Qi reserves getting lower and lower as I despaired and waited for death. Eventually, my Qi was depleted as I felt the transcendant experts around me shift in excitement as they prepared their finisher moves. I watched as a myriad of powerful energy gather all around me. Isn’t this overkill?! Is there truly no way out of this?

As if I Mr.Aura heard my prayers, a blinding flash of light caused everyone in the area to be blinded, including me. In the midst of my blindness, I felt a force slam into me before it dragged me along with it. Although I wanted to struggle against this force, my injuries were too heavy causing my Qi was nonexistent. I had already given up as I knew there was no escape so there wasn’t any difference to how I would die.

Surprisingly, I no longer felt any pain and I still felt that I was alive. The blindness effect gradually faded away as my surrounding gradually faded into a blur. I thought my eyes had problems still, but when I looked at myself, my eyes worked perfectly fine.

“Yo, Bro Pro, long time no see~” a familiar, cheeky voice resounded besides me.

It was then that I noticed there was someone next to me and that I am currently in the grasp of this person. I glanced over and saw an all too familiar fatty. I stared in shock as I exclaimed, “Fatty?!”

“Ahaha, how have you’ve been Bro Pro? Did you miss this young master?” the Fatty happily stated.

I also chuckled happily over meeting an old friend, but a sad smile could still be seen on my face as I remembered all I had experienced. As if Fatty noticed my mood, he awkwardly said, “Uhh … seems you didn’t have the best of times … hehehe … cough, well don’t worry Bro Pro! From now on, you will be under this young master’s care! You are still my Bro and I will make sure no one can bully you! Don’t look down on this young master as I have already mastered a divine ability! No matter who your enemy is, this Fatty will beat them back!”

I stared back at him as I glanced at my surrounding in understanding. So an upgraded version of his previous speed. However, I still didn’t want to drag this friend of mine underwater with me, hence I stated grimly, “You sure about that? My enemy happens to be the Shen Sect and apparently most of the continent as well…”

cough cough cough,” I could see the Fatty falter as he tripped on himself, causing the blur of our surrounding to return back to normal, but not long after, the Fatty sped up once more as he stated, “Uhhh … this young master might not be able to fight those enemies of yours … but at least this young master can run! This young master guarantee that there isn’t anyone that would be faster than me in this continent, except maybe my master, and maybe some of those old monsters … cough … anyways, trust me Bro Pro, this young master is a changed man. Even if I can’t fight, I can still run!”

Errr … I’m pretty sure that was all you could do in the first place, but I didn’t retort as having a friend like this on my side is reassuring, “So, where are we going now?”

“To the exit of this secret realm. I made sure to go find it before I came to you. Although this secret realm was larger than a continent, it definitely was not infinite. With my current mastery of O-beast Emperor’s Sprint along with all the speed boosting skills my master taught me, it wasn’t too difficult to carpet search this entire realm especially since most of it was blank, flat ground with no obstacles,” the Fatty proudly proclaimed.

Well this Fatty’s skill was OP after all. Not long after, the blur of the surrounding gradually became clearer as Fatty slowed down to a stop. In front of us was a small mirror floating in the air. I slowly walked up and grabbed it with no problem. An invisible connection was formed between the mirror and me and some information was transferred into my mind. The mirror was the key to doorway of the realm and it may also be my chance to make a comeback. The mirror image of a hunter is a prey, and it seems the hunters of mine may have just became prey.

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