SPA Chapter 125

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 125

Chapter 125: World Against Me

So basically, the world only generates around me. So if treasure hunters want to find treasures, they can only find them around me. If people want to hunt monsters, they can only find them around me. If they want to hunt me, who is basically the big boss of this realm, they only need to find the generated area …

My mouth couldn’t help but twitch. The world revolves around me but everyone else in the world is out to get me. When I asked about the number of cultivators who entered the secret realm, I learned that almost the entire continent of cultivators had entered. Holy sh*t! Do you have to bring that many people into my secret realm?! Even though I was strong and at the pinnacle of the Cyan realm, even I will be mobbed to death by that many cultivators. Not only that, there are probably geniuses in the midst of these cultivators who are as strong as or stronger than me.

I stared at the captive cultivators and decided to kill them to avoid unnecessary trouble. I watched as they cried and bawled for me to spare them, and swore heavenly oaths that they would keep their mouth shut. They even sincerely handed over the secrets to their clan which outsiders don’t have access to even if they were slaughtered because these secrets were ingrained onto their soul under layers of protection.

Oi … have some backbones would yall? Are cultivators all so shameless to betray their clan so easily these days? But it seemed that I overthought because I was told it was a common tactic for cultivators exploring secret realms to hand over everything they know for a chance to exit the secret realm. After all, they believed that the main character of the secret realm were created by the power of plot will never be able to leave the secret realm as the Shen Ren continent will reject them as they don’t have the correct world imprint. Honestly, I truly don’t know how to leave this secret realm, but I will probably be able to as I was from the Shen Ren continent in the first place. Of course, I didn’t tell them this and happily took in all their clan secrets.

Well, since they were so sincere and even swore a heavenly oath in addition to accepting some of the seals I placed on them, I decided to let them go. It was then they said they didn’t mean to fight the protagonist as they only came for the treasures in hopes of leaving the secret realm. When they entered through the mirror, the batches that entered at a certain time interval were randomly teleported together to an unknown area in the blank canvas and they weren’t able to find the mirror to exit anymore, but a message appeared telling them to gather an item from a treasure chest to exit. They told me if I gave them some of the treasures from my secret realm, they would be able to leave the secret realm immediately as the condition for leaving is to gain a single treasure of any kind from one of the treasure chests in the secret realm, even if it was a useless piece of rock. Otherwise, they would be trapped here for eternity and die wandering within the blank canvas.

If they hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have felt suspicious, but once they did I had an ominous feeling. I swiftly headed over to where I found the treasure chest earlier and found it regenerated. I hurriedly took out all of the spirit stones along with stackable items from my inventory and dumped it on the ground. Then, I hacked at the chest and opened it. The chest this time held a bottle of pill, but my mouth twitched when I saw the familiar bottle of pill. After all, it was one if the items in my inventory and I noticed it disappeared after the chest was opened. Well sh*t! Not only am I the elite boss that everyone will be hunting down, I even have to provide the treasures for the secret realm from my own pocket?! Screw this sh*t! I want to file a complaint! I want a refund! I’m not a dungeon master, I’m a cultivator!

At least when I killed the bats, it didn’t decrease my life force. I guess the mobs and trees are a complementary starter pack for the realm, but it didn’t make me any happier as they were so weak that they won’t do much good in guarding the chests. I sighed as I picked up the items and returned to the captive cultivators and gave them a bar of gold each to send them out. They thanked me happily before I watched them vanish into thin air. Afterwards, I spawned more clones for scouting. Although this increases the risk of generating chests that cultivators can open to steal items from my inventory, they are necessary for now I have a goal to scout for. If I can find the mirror exit in this world, perhaps I will be able to leave this secret realm!

Of course, I have to do all of this while avoiding being caught by the cultivators, stopping them from opening my chests, and also planning how to escape the area after leaving the secret realm.

With that, I began exploring the realm. When I encountered cultivators, I killed those who resisted and spared those who bribed me with their clan secrets. Surprisingly, no one posed much of a threat to me as most of them were handled by my clone. Only those so called geniuses were able to destroy my clone single-handedly, but so what. Even though they could destroy one, they were still crushed or forced to flee after I sent an army of clones after them. This wasn’t a fair game in the first place, you can’t blame me for using quantity against quality.

After a couple days of grinding the cultivators, I noticed that the bottleneck on my cultivation began to loosen! It took me multiple trials after that to realize that every time I slayed a cultivator, an unknown force would disperse from their dead body into the secret realm while a bit of that unknown force would enter my body and loosen my bottleneck. Now I know the elite boss in the secret realm can grow by slaying the players, but I held myself back as I didn’t want to indiscriminately slaughter everyone. After all, most of them were not evil. They were just blinded by a moment of greed or came to settle grudges with others, not me. Plus, they even offered up a hefty bribe … cough, I have to pad my coffers somehow right? It’s logical for me to take their items when they take mine from my chests … of course I never gave them the chance to.

I thought I could continue farming these easy mobs until I broke through to the transcendent realm, alas, I knew Mr.Aura would not make it so easy. Days after I began farming steadily after I confirmed my conjecture, I encountered my first crisis.

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