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SPA Chapter 124

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 124

Chapter 124: World Revolves Around Me

“Mm …,” I opened my eyes to see lush green trees towering around me with a clear blue sky in between the gaps of the trees. The occasional nature sounds of bird chirps resounded around me as a breeze caused the branches of the trees to sway. I turned my head to the side and notice the lush green grass I was lying on. Uhhh … where am I? Heaven? Or did I transmigrate again after I died?

The last thing I remembered was stepping off the cliff and into the Life and Death Chasm. I was pretty sure that was the end of that life. If it was transmigrating to a new body … I stared at my missing arm which confirmed I am still in the same body. So … it’s not transmigrating probably. Could this be the so-called chance at a new life? I hurriedly sat up at that thought. If even I was able to get a chance at life, then maybe … I will be able to find Ling’er here? I was excited at that thought.

Feeling the Cyan level cultivation inside of me, I got up as I stretched a bit while summoning some clones to scout. I noticed the healthy black hair instead of white hair on my clones as I couldn’t help but be surprised by the life force brimming inside of me. The Pro is back, and no matter where you are Ling’er, Pro will find you!

My clones spreaded out and began transmitting information of our surroundings to me. So far, all was able to see was an endless forest fairly flat terrain paved with trees, grass, and bushes. Occasionally, I would see some signs of small critters like bats or bunnies, but that was it. It was beautiful, but it was endlessly repetitive. Scouting a bit further out, I noticed some rare occasions of uneven terrain. One of my clones discover a small lake while another discovered a chest simply sitting in the forest with bats guarding it. After disposing the weak bats, the clone opened the chest just to get some spirit stones which are useless for my cultivation. I had my clones scout further outwards, but no matter how far they went, the forest still continued. Uhh … don’t tell me there’s no way out of this forest?!

My mouth twitched as I couldn’t think of a way to get out of this situation. Scouting further out was the only option I had so I summoned even more clones and sent them out scouting as well. As there didn’t seem to be much danger in the forest, I began strolling outwards towards the small lake my clone discovered earlier. Not long after, I reached the lake and peered into it to see crystal clear water that seemed to extend infinitely downwards until I couldn’t see anything else besides darkness. Occasionally, I would notice a fish swimming around in the water. Some fish as a snack doesn’t sound so bad. Alas, when I tried to enter the body of water, an invisible barrier kept me out preventing me from jumping in. It was only after multiple trials that I figured out that my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} allowed me to pass through the barrier with no problem.

After catching some fish, I began roasting them over a fire I started using matches, a common relic made and sold by the Shen Sect. Apparently, they found the blueprint for it within a secret realm. I snacked on my fish while I waited for my clones to send me back some news. Even after hours of traveling, it seemed that it was still endless forest with an occasional lake here and there. In the midst of my confusion, one of my clones transmitted to me an image of hope! I have finally encountered other humans in the forest, and they are cultivators at that!

I hurriedly stamped out the fire as I began to use Qing Gong to glide in the direction of the cultivators. Although it was a group of them, I had no fear as my cultivation is higher than all of them. In fact, even my clone alone is already giving them a hard time. I had no worries of encountering them even if they turned out to be enemies. What I want is information if they had any.

Not long after, I reached the destination and used my Qing Gong to glide up a nearby tree to watch the fight. The small group of cultivators were engaging in battle with clone while all sort of abilities were thrown around.

“Everyone focus on this cultivator, if I am correct, that it should be one blessed by the plot in this secret realm,” a cultivator that seemed to be the leader commanded.

Alas, my clone now is much more stronger than it was ever before after 15 years of training so the chances of that happening will not happen. However, with all the treasures the cultivators had against my clone who was fighting bare handed, it may take a while for the fight to end. It seemed that the leader of the cultivators felt the same as he suddenly burst out with Cyan realm cultivation. Then, he pulled out a treasure, shouted some cliche “die for me” line, and took out my clone while expending a bunch of energy. The group of idiots cheered in happiness for a bit before they were confused as no treasure dropped.

Welp, not like I can let them go unless I find out what was going on. Hence, I summoned an army of clones and sent them to join the fray. I watched the cultivators paled in fright as the leader shouted in fear, “Impossible! To think the main character of a secret realm to be a monster like this! Run!”

Yea, too late for that. Soon, those who resisted strongly were killed while the obedient ones who knew when to give up were sealed by the cultivation sealing skills I had mastered. I then had my clones began to interrogate them. I questioned them who they are, why they are here, where am I, and if there was any way out of the forest. It was from their information that I found out I was actually still on the Shen Ren continent, but inside a secret realm. My faintly ignited hope of finding Ling’er in here was doused just like that as I realized I was still on the Shen Ren continent.

Afterwards, I lethargically questioned them why they attacked me and why they believed I was the main character of the secret realm. It was then that I was told there was a bounty to bring back the head of the protagonist of the secret realm. Also, they believed me to be the protagonist because it was only around me that there was a forest, and everywhere else was blank.

With a frown, I launched a couple of clones into the air to get a bird eye’s view of the surrounding. Although each one was destroyed by some unknown force when they were launched to a certain height such that even what they sent back was fragmented, I eventually was able to get an image of my surroundings after piecing together each of the clone’s fragmented image together.

This secret realm consisted of an infinitely stretching blank canvas. The only exception to this was a large circular radius around the main character, aka me. Anywhere my clones or I go, the canvas would generate the world of the forest around us, and once we leave an area, the world would return to being a blank canvas.

As expected, I was the protagonist and this whole entire world revolves around me. At the same time, this world basically painted a giant target on my back as the generated world around me serves as a beacon to all those who have entered the realm to hunt me or for treasures. Here I had thought Mr. Aura had finally given up, yet he is still here to f**k me up.

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