SPA Chapter 123

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Secret Realm

The meteor streaked through the sky and eventually crashed in the midst of a mountain range. An enormous explosion flattened the mountain range striking fear into all those who were capable of seeing the scene. Then, a black hole formed at the point of collision and began to absorb all the surrounding debris. The black hole grew larger and larger until it reached a point where it imploded on itself.

After the spatial turbulence from the imploding black hole faded away, the only thing that the observers can see was an enormous, translucent mirror that spanned from the ground to above the clouds. From time to time, ripples would be running over its surface. It was the first time that anyone from the continent has seen a secret realm so grand any many hesitated when considering exploring it because a larger secret realm signifies more danger.

It was at this time that the Shen Sect issued a continent-wide bounty, “Enter the secret realm and bring back the head of the one who owns the power of plot.”

The reward was a unlimited resource and support from experts of the Shen Sect in breaking through to the transcendant realm. The reward shook the continent as an transcendant realm was the pinnacle of cultivation in this world! Although the Shen Ren continent had numerous Cyan Realm cultivators, breaking through to the transcendant realm was an impossible feat for many with their limited resource or talent. It was if the continent went crazy as numerous cultivators of all levels all flooded towards the secret realm.

In the Shen Sect, the old man dressed in black dragon robe sat on a throne as an assembly of cultivators below reported the events.

“After we released the news, we sacrificed the lives of 1000 Cyan Realm cultivators to activate the Brush of Fortune. We used the brush to pen down the location of the secret realm and activated the power of cliche to cause the masses to head over while not pondering about the consequences … but …” a middle aged man in a black robe reported.

“Continue,” the old man on the throne stated.

“But … the Brush of Fortune splintered into pieces afterwards,” the middle aged man reported as the cultivators in the surrounding gasped in horror.

The old man on the throne pondered for a bit before stating with a grim expression, “It seems the power of plot of this disaster is much more profound and exceeds our expectations. But, the Brush of Fortune has already achieved its goal. If the sacrifice of a transcendant grade treasure can help us avert this disaster … then so be it. However, this will probably not be enough. After the cannon fodders test out the secret realm for us, send our elites in. We must end the one who owns the power of plot before he or she brings disaster to the continent.”

“Understood,” the cultivators below all firmly stated.

“Court adjourned,” the old man on the throne stated then with a sweep of his hands, he turned into black mist and vanished.

In a underground secret room, black mist seeped in and congregate into the old man. The old man then strolled up to the altar in the room and took out three Power Stones and placed it upon the altar. He then knelt before the altar and prayed respectfully, “Your servant Shen Fei respectfully requests for an audience with my lord from Qi Dian, the All Thor of Destruction.”

The altar rumbled before a gloomy, black mist seeped out to form a rectangular screen in the air. Not long after, the screen glowed revealing a white background with a blinking caret. Not long after, texts appeared as if there was someone typing out a message.

“How goes the plan?”

“My Lord, this servant has did as you commanded; however, it seems the power of plot protecting that unknown individual is much stronger than anticipated … I’m afraid that that individual may escape,” the old man reported.

The caret stayed still for a while as if the one on the other side was pondering on what to type. Not long after, words appeared once more, “Very well. Just do your best. If he escapes, follow Plot B that I have sent to you. If all else fails, sacrifice your transcendant lifeforce to run Descend.exe that I installed in you and it shall let me descend for a moment to handle the situation. No matter how strong the plot force is, if it is something I gave away, I can easily reclaim it once I am there even if the connection with me was severed.”

“Yes, my lord! No one shall blemish my lord’s grace and all traitors who do shall be destroyed and return to the lord’s embrace!” the old man chanted piously.

“Very well, I still got some novels to translate so don’t bother me unless it’s important,” the text appeared before the screen gradually dimmed and dissipated.

The old man bowed respectfully for a long time before he got up with a solemn face. He then took a step and dissipated into black mist, vanishing from the room.

An enormous crowd of cultivators gathered in front of the enormous mirror as many attempted to enter the secret realm but to no avail as everything simply passed through the mirror as if it doesn’t exist. It was then deemed that the secret realm was not open yet hence the cultivators set up camp around the mirror, waiting for the secret realm to open. As time passed, more and more cultivators arrived. So and so genius arrived causing the cliche exclamations and conflicts began to arise between long-term enemies. However, most held back and decided to settle all conflicts once they had entered the secret realm. After all, it is common that many will fall during a secret realm exploration; however, most will still take the risk as each secret realm opening brings with it countless treasures.

Besides the unique ancient relics left by the All Thors in the secret realm, one may also chance upon Power Stones which is a required resource for most in breaking through to the transcendant realm! It is also the source of power for many ancient relics so its price is also very high on the market. Not only that, the secret realm will also have unheard of cultivation methods originating from the All Thors. Finally, if anyone was blessed by the power of the plot by killing the so called main character inside the secret realm, they will experience a leap in their cultivation with a high chance of directly breaking through to the transcendant realm! Of course, this is usually reserved for the geniuses of the continent as each main character of the secret realms are usually monsters who can only be dealt with by monsters.

After nearly a week of waiting, some cultivators began to have doubts on why they are being so dumb to take such a serious risk of barging into an unknown secret realm and probably serve as cannon fodder. Some of the smarter ones had already left as if they had felt some unknown power at work. Just when a majority of the cultivators began to have doubts, the mirror began to ripple intensely as it began to solidify. The doubts were shoved away as greed took over. All the cultivators prepared to enter the battlefield as they knew it was time for the secret realm to open! A lot of cultivators began to have skirmishes to determine who gets to enter the secret realm first while others began to plot secretly on how to get a head start. But unknown to these cultivators, a certain protagonist had already gotten first dibs on the secret realm as he was pulled in right from the start, and now … his eyes slowly fluttered open.

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