SPA Chapter 122

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 122

Chapter 122: The Plot Begins

A body with no detectable signs of life plummeted down a dark chasm, signifying the end of the story to yet another beautiful life. It seemed the chasm’s depth was infinite as the body seemed to be plummeting forever in this empty chasm. Suddenly the body suspended in place as if held by some invisible force. Then, an enormous shadow slowly slithered out from the darkness as it used its body to surround the body.

After it believed that it has locked onto its prey, the enormous being’s eyes snapped open, revealing golden, glowing eyes of a snake. The glow from the eyes partially uncovered the darkness that hid its appearance. It was an ancient being with two horns, a body similar to that of a snake, and claws, it was an ancient Chinese dragon.

“Finally … some food. It’s been so long. This one doesn’t look so bad … hmm … it’s one with a much higher cultivation as well, the fate power from consuming this body could be as much as consuming a couple of Power Stones. This may actually help me recover from the injuries those b*tches inflicted on me 15 years ago …” a majestic voice boomed as the dragon muttered to itself.

“Well … Itadakimasu … d*mnit, I’m still influenced by those despicable power of plot, hopefully the fate from this body will cleanse it all,” the dragon stated before swiftly opening its mouth and gobbling up the body.

“Mmm, not bad at all … time to go digest this-” the dragon began to slither back into the darkness, but before it could go further, it suddenly froze in place.

Then, the dragon’s body writhed as if it were in pain before it angrily roared in agony. Then, it seemed to concentrate its power and a bulge swiftly traveled up its body to its mouth. Afterwards it quickly spat out what it just ate onto its claw. It then glared at the body in its claw in fear.

“What the actual f**k?! How can this body have this m*therf**king cursed power of plot?! And it’s so immense at that? F**k! F**k! F**k! Not only did my injuries not heal, this b*tch actually sucked away an immense part of my lifeforce! ARGHHH!”

“Why is this f**king happening to me so much recently? Am I cursed? The first food I got in many years was snatched away by some b*tches who heavily injured me in the process. Now my second piece of food ended up to be this cursed piece of sh*t! F**k this!” the dragon howled in anger and grief as it attempted to crush the body in its claw.

However, it suddenly froze as an intense feeling of fear chilled its body like a cold bucket of ice water. It shakily stared at the body in its claw as its teeth chattered, “F**k … I almost severed my own fate when I attempted to crush this body … this unstoppable plot power of cliche … just who the actual f**k is this? Some illegitimate child of those All Thors? Perhaps an incarnation of the All Thors itself?! No, I can’t keep it here any longer, otherwise the power of plot will permeate this place and I wouldn’t even know how I died! I won’t seek revenge against you, so just take my lifeforce as a gift, please don’t come back ever again.”

With a quick flick, the dragon used its mysterious power and sent the body zooming of the chasm.

“Phew … that should do the job right … wait … I still don’t feel safe. The power of plot is not so easy to deal with, especially the power of cliches that the All Thors love using so much,” the dragon shivered as it wiggled around in fright, “No … I think its best that I ditch this place, who knows if its already infected by the power of plot.”

With that the dragon swiped its claws and opened and spatial rift. It swiftly slithered into the rift and disappeared, returning the chasm to its previous serene darkness. Although the dragon believed itself to have escaped the power of the plot, it would never realize that what it just did had set the true plot in motion.

A body protected by the dragon’s mysterious power was launched off into outer space. The dragon’s power served as a protective barrier that made the body both undetectable and indestructible. If this was a normal body, it may have floated in space for eternity, never to be found; however, a mysterious power that seemed to be beyond common sense locked onto the body and began pulling it from outer space back towards the nearby planet. With that, the body began its descent into the planet. At first it was slow, but as time passed, its descent became faster and faster, igniting the air around it as it turned into a flaming meteor that lit up the sky like a beacon, alerting all who saw it while it headed to its predestined location.

“The meteor which signifies the start of the plot … it’s finally here … alas we have still failed to stop the plot from starting,” an old man dressed in a black robe with dragon patterns stared at the falling meteor with a grim face.

“With this, we are ever closer to the prophecy being fulfilled. The destruction of this continent … we must stop it at all costs,” the old man clenched his fists as waves of black mist began to diffuse from him to deliver commands to his people.

A certain fatty was gobbling treasures non-stop in a hidden sect. Suddenly, he glanced upwards at the falling meteor with a cheeky smile, “I guess this is the plot beginning time that master spoke about. It seems it’s time for this young master to step onto the stage. I look forward to seeing you again Bro Pro.”

With a swish, the fatty disappeared, leaving an afterimage which continued to gobble up all the food on the table before fading away.

A bell tolled as the disciples of a certain all-female sect gathered. Standing on a floating platform, an old granny grimly stared at the falling meteor in the sky. Standing by her side was a female disciple dressed in a black robe. On her face was a black mask which hid her face completely. Her lustrous, black hair was gently caressed by the wind as she silently stood there.

“It seems the time has come. Hopefully all the preparations we had made over the 15 years were not for naught. Remember, our plan hinges on you and you must not fail us. Do you understand, Qing’er?” the old granny stated hoarsely as she glanced at the silent beauty next to her.

“I understand,” the female disciple responded coldly as not even a ripple of emotion was shown in her voice or eyes.

In numerous places across the Shen Ren continent, figures watched the descending meteor. Those not in the know of the significance of the event still felt palpation in their hearts. On the other hand, of those who know, many had grim faces while some had different thoughts. Different preparations were made as hidden forces all began to put their plans in motion. Some went to wait for the meteor to fall in hopes of treasures, others tried to stop the meteor from falling with their lives but to no avail.

But no matter where they are or who they are, all of them are clear of one thing, the future will not be a peaceful one. After all, the plot has begun.

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