SPA Chapter 121

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Time Skip

The river of time is mysterious and uncontrollable. Yet legend had spoken of the power of plot which is even more formidable than the river of time. Even time will bend its knees to the ancient All Thors and their power of plot. Our fortunate protagonist Pro had the honor of experiencing this first hand. Through the power of plot, his time moved faster than ever and directly skipped to the time of Ling’er’s rebirth …

Or at least that what I hoped for, but nope, my words had no effect on the plot. Maybe my coming life will all be written in one chapter of a novel or maybe it would simply be something like blah blah years later, but as the protagonist in the story, I was stuck experiencing the reality of time. No matter how much I hoped for it, I will not get a time skip directly to the time of Ling’er’s rebirth. But it matters not. I can wait … no matter how long it takes … as long as I can see her again.

With hope in my heart, I waited. I also cultivated hard as I waited for I do not want to be as powerless when I actually am able to see her again. Every day, I would cultivate besides the chasm, waiting for her to return. My cultivation rose steadily over time, and it reached a point where consuming mediocre treasures no longer had any effects on me. I could only purely rely on basic fundamental Qi absorption from hence forth to cultivate. It was a slow endeavor, but I fortunately had my clones to assist me in gathering Qi. Although the old grandpa suggested for me to visit a secret realm to seek for fortune for a quicker breakthrough, I refused for I must guard by the chasm side. I did not want Ling’er to come back and not see me waiting for her. Or maybe I just don’t want to leave this cherished garden in which we built our precious memories in.

Before I knew it, years passed. I have already gotten used to the lifestyle of living by the chasm, so much so that I built a hut there to live in. As my cultivation slowed down over time and became stunted at the peak of Cyan realm, I began to invest my time in other things. I dabbled in one skill or another and spent my time reading ancient booklets that told of the legends and secrets of this world. I was pretty sure I have gained plenty of new skills, but I had no clue what specifically they are because ever since the time Ling’er left me, the system has went silent. I was still able to use the skills I learned such as cloning and inventory so I didn’t notice this peculiarity until I decided to check my status one day, but no matter how much I called out to it, the system never responded. However, I know I am getting stronger and stronger with the new skills I am learning even though my cultivation was no longer progressing.

More years passed as I watched the flowers bloom and wilt. Even though I still can’t break through to the transcendant realm, I have already gained almost all the knowledge I can using my current status in this world. Although I desired to gain more, alas, the other stuff are usually exclusively owned by so and so clan as a clan secret that would never be disclosed to outsiders. Basically, I have grinded all the free-to-play stuff and everything else is locked behind a paywall unless I decide to hack the system by destroying the clans. I couldn’t do that even with my current powers, and I don’t want to. All I desire is to wait for Ling’er to come home.

I began to pay attention to the beautiful world around me and admired nature. I expanded our lovely garden, making it more colorful and beautiful, in hopes of showing off to Ling’er when she comes home. My hut was also expanded to a study, wooden house in preparation for Ling’er’s return. I also took on a more leisurely lifestyle. Sometimes I would be gardening, sometimes chores, and sometimes simply just sitting in the garden and reminiscing my precious memories with Ling’er. Besides the fact that I rarely left the chasm, I would spend my time accompanying the old grandpa playing chess or one of the assortment of board games like Monopoly. After being here for so many years, it no longer hit me as a surprise. I knew the mysteries of this world was much more profound than expected. A lot of the relics or treasures of this world turned out to be familiar stuff from the modern world or certain stories. I do not know why as this secret seems to be guarded strictly by the Shen Sect nor was I motivated to know. All I want to know is when Ling’er will come back because I truly … miss her.

They say the passing of time may seem slow, but it may simply be the blink of an eye. It truly seemed like a blink of an eye to me because it passed so fast that I didn’t even notice and with a blink of an eye, I was sitting in front of a mirror in my house with full white hair and a wrinkly face. I gently caress the old face of mine as my heart could not help but feel sad. Before I knew it, my 16 years of life span was already nearing its end. The old grandpa told me that even cultivation can’t reverse this as it was a life span brought about by the power of plot, yet also restricted by it as well. I haven’t even seen a glimpse of Ling’er, but even if she came back now, a certain part of me was fearful of meeting her with this face of mine. Will she despise me for being old …?

I leaned against the familiar stone in the flower garden and stared blankly at the chasm. Even though my hope was like a raging fire at the beginning, after all these years, the fire has eventually died down and began dimming out. The hopes were slim, but it was also that slim hope that kept me alive and going. Now, even my lifespan is reaching its end. Perhaps when Ling’er came back, all she would see would be my grave. My heart clutched in pain as a tear rolled down my eyes. Will I truly not be able to see her ever again? Even if it’s one glimpse, I will truly be able to die in peace.

Today, I woke up like usual, perhaps brimming with even more energy than usual; however, only a bitter smile arose on my face. I dreamt of Ling’er last night once more, but it was different from the usual dreams of our precious memories. Last night, she was calling out to me. I’ve heard that old people will sometimes know when their time had come, and I believe it may be true.

I shuffled over the chasm with the support of whatever was left of my cultivation that has been leaking out due to the deterioration of my body. I slowly stretched my hands out and watched it pass right through the barrier that denied my chance of joining Ling’er 15 years ago. A gentle smile arose on my face as I slowly shuffled forward …

Seeking a new life huh? I don’t care if the legends are true or not, all I wish for is that whether it be life or death, just let me be with Ling’er, the one I will love for eternity.

With that, a protagonist’s halo gracefully sunk into the darkness between life and death.

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