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SPA Chapter 131

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Forced Out

The peaceful Xian Nu Town was no more. The walls were dyed with blood as blood flowed on the ground like rivers. The sounds of battle were heard all around town as the Xian Nu Sect fought back against the overwhelming army of the Shen Sect. The attack came too suddenly and they were trying their best to hold on while waiting for their allies to come reinforce them.

Cultivators from both sides perished one after another. There was no mercy even though the cultivators of the Xian Nu Sect were beauties. The decree give by the Sect master of the Shen Sect was to leave none alive, so even if the cultivators of the Shen Sect covet the beauties of the Xian Nu Sect, they could only helplessly slaughter them.

Meanwhile, the transcendants of the Xian Nu Sect were doing their best at holding back the transcendants of the Shen Sect. Some of the transcendants even detonated their cultivation in order to drag down those from the Shen Sect with them. While all of this was happening, the old granny of the Xian Nu Sect was facing off against the most formidable enemy, the Sect master of the Shen Sect.

“Why are you doing this? Even if you succeed, the Shen Sect’s power will wane. There are still many hidden in the dark waiting for a chance to strike,” the old granny stated gloomily as she watched her sect get destroyed as she fought back against her opponent.

“Did you believe that I did not know that you are part of those in hidden in the dark waiting for the chance to strike? I have long known about your plans,” the old man in the black dragon robe replied calmly as he sent out one destructive attack after another.

The old granny frowned grimly as blood leaked from her mouth, “As expected, our plans did not escape the eyes of that All Thor.”

“My lord originally decided to have me play along with your plan as it could have made the situation much more entertaining as we could watch that individual sink into despair while watching the one he loves being used by another. Alas, our plans couldn’t be delayed any longer as that individual is getting out of control. We don’t have time for you to implement your slow plan of infiltrating our midst and we can’t afford to have a variable like you in our future battle,” the old man responded as he increased the intensities of his attack, “So your sect must perish.”

“Y-You! Hahaha! All our plans were all for naught! But don’t be happy, if my plan doesn’t succeed, I won’t let your plan go through either! Let’s see how your plan will work after I destroy her soul!” the old granny stated as she prepared to activate the trigger.

Suddenly, she froze in place as her eyes widen in horror. A mysterious power seemed to have encased her as the old man stared at her grimly, “My lord did not allow there to be any failures in this plan. So, my lord has granted me more power to handle unruly ones like you. Perish, let you cease to exist.”

Then, the old granny began to gradually vanish as if there was a eraser erasing one part of her at a time.

After the old granny disappeared, the Xian Nu Sect cultivators seemed to have collapsed as they couldn’t remember who gave them the orders to fight or who they are fighting for. They were gradually dominated by the Shen Sect cultivators and eventually perished. On the other hand, the old man appeared in a chamber where the holy daughter of the Xian Nu Sect was sitting devoid of emotion. With a sweep of his hands, the old man brought the holy daughter with him and began to implement the next step of his plan.

In the mirror secret realm, a certain genius is now continuously absorbing Power Stones to increase his transcendant strength. After finishing another stack of stones, his body trembled as his aura intensified, signifying a breakthrough to the next realm. A powerful aura that would cause fear in all beings of this world blasted out. That genius is precisely me.

I have finally a transcendant Pink realm expert. Although I haven’t reached the peak of this realm, the holy son should not be a match for me and maybe even a crowd of my clones will be able to take him out. I definitely have a power that would cause fear in all beings in this world, but only in this mirror secret realm world and not the outside Shen Ren continent. I sighed as I know this is still not enough to sweep the floor with those old fogies. I will need to continue cultivating, but before I could continue cultivating any further, I received a message from Fatty telling me to come out in an anxious voice.

I frowned as I knew the Fatty won’t disturb my cultivation if it wasn’t anything important … or at least that’s what other main characters of other novels say. Honestly, I didn’t even need to focus to have a break through in my cultivation so the Fatty can disturb me all he wants, which he did as he constantly chit chatted with me while he drove around the continent with his body, but this is the first time he was so anxious.

I left the secret realm and popped out in front of the Fatty who was pacing around anxiously. I asked, “Fatty, what’s wrong? Did you burn too much fat while speeding? Did your master come to give you a ticket for speeding over the speed limit?”

“Bro Pro … this was news distributed to the entire continent by the Shen Sect … it’s better if you take a look at it for yourself,” the Fatty uttered with a gloomy face as he handed a talisman to me.

I inserted some Qi into the talisman and a glow shot out of it into the air, creating a holographic projection. Within the projection, I saw the image of an old man dressed in a black dragon robe standing on a platform. I recognized him as the sect master of the Shen Sect, but I could not help but frown as I listened to his speech.

“The recent disaster of this continent has to do with one individual. If we do not stop this disaster, the continent will be destroyed. Although this individual is good at hiding his tracks, he will no longer be able to any longer unless he wants to regret for the rest of his life,” the old man stated coldly as he waved his hands.

Some cultivators in black robes then dragged out a cloaked individual who was bound by chains. They then nailed that individual to a cross before stepping back respectfully. The old man then strolled up to the cross and slowly lifted the hood of the cloaked individual.

I froze in shock when I saw the face of the cloaked individual. Even if there was a black mask there, I would still recognize her, but now that mask has been removed, revealing all her beauty to me; however, her face was pale and as hair was disheveled. Her eyes stared into space devoid of the emotions it once had. These b*st**ds! What did they do to her!

The old man then turned to speak facing the projection, “I don’t care who you are or where you are. She will be executed here in the next 24 hours. We will be waiting for you at the Shen Sect’s execution ground.”

Then, the projection flickered before fading away. I clenched my fists as anger boiled inside me. I asked the Fatty with a cold voice, “How long ago was this?”

The Fatty replied, “Around 4 hours ago. I didn’t find out until I stopped to buy some food at a city … Bro Pro, are you really going?”

I gritted my teeth but I could only helplessly reply, “I am going.”

The Fatty anxiously retorted, “Bro Pro! This is clearly a trap! Even if you go-“

“It doesn’t matter. Let alone a trap, even if the world is against me, I will still go. I will never abandon her no matter what,” I replied coldly as I sent out commands to all my clones to gather.

So what if I’m seeking my death? So what if I’m falling into the trap due to the power of cliche? I don’t care if it’s the power of fate or the power of plot, if it stands in my way from being with her, I will crush them all no matter the cost! Ling’er, wait for me. Squishy is coming to save you.

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