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SPA Chapter 132

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Clone Wars

An old man dressed in a black dragon robe sat calmly with his eyes closed on a throne next to a cross where a girl was nailed. Surrounding him were his retainers, and surrounding the platform that they were on was an army of cultivators. The army of cultivators spanned the entire execution ground as more and more came to join the cause.

Besides the Shen Sect, all of the clans under its lead also congregated at this execution ground. They were here to get revenge on the one who stole their clan’s resource. Not only that, there were cultivators outside the clans who have also came to join the cause due to the propaganda that was spread around. Loose cultivators were hired, some came to fish in troubled waters, while some really believed that they must stop the disaster.

Up on the platform, one of the retainers knelt down and made a report to the old man, “We have discovered traces of clones coming here from all directions … there are … a lot of them.”

The old man didn’t even bother to open his eyes as he replied coldly, “It doesn’t matter how many clones there are, as long as we kill the main body, they will all be gone.”

“But … how are we supposed to find the main body within-” the retainer asked with a worried face.

“You need not worry about that, I have my plans,” the old man replied before going silent.

The retainer retreated and joined the rest as they conversed in silent whispers, “So, when do you think that disaster will attack?”

“It hasn’t even been 10 hours since the announcement. He probably won’t attack so early … he will probably come in when the execution is about to start, so do not relax your guards-“

At that moment, a cultivator from below scurried up as he stated, “Reporting in! Enemy encountered on the west side!”

A ruckus ensued as the retainers flew up into the air and took a look at the west side where a bunch of clones had already began engaging in battle with the army, “Why is he attacking so early?! He doesn’t even have a full army of clones, that’s simply sending them to die!”

As expected, the clones were swiftly dealt with as there were too many cultivators in the army. The retainers shook their head in disappointment; however, a couple more cultivators scurried up and reported, “Enemy encountered on the east side!”

“Enemy encountered to the north!”

“Enemy at the south!

“There’s more coming from the west!

The retainer’s faces paled as they watched more and more clones flood in from all side. From afar, it looked like a tsunami that was crashing into the cultivator’s defense line from all sides. At first, the flood of clones were still sparse, but as time passed, it became denser and denser. The defense line began to collapse in the face of the clone wave.

“T-This?! How are there so many of them?! There are so many of them at transcendant realm too! T-this is a disaster! Hurry, send the transcendants to help hold the line,” one of the retainers commanded.

Not long after, transcendants near the center of the army shot off to the edges to engage the clones in combat. This stalled the clones’ advance, but it seemed the waves of clones were never ending.

The retainers stared at each other as some of them helplessly stated, “Seems like some of us will have to make a move.”

Half of the retainers then flew off while unleashing their cultivation. Surprisingly, they were all transcendant Pink realm experts. These experts began to slaughter waves of clones and impeded the clone’s advance.

Suddenly, beams of light zipped up to a couple of transcendant Pink realm experts and before they realized what happened, their heads were decapitated and their souls were shattered.

The old man in the dragon robe slowly opened his eyes revealing a cold glare, “So you have finally made your move.”

The beams of light began to zoom towards the other transcendant experts of the Shen Sect and tried to assassinate them, but alas, they had already set up their defense, causing the beams of light to halt and reveal multiple cultivators dressed in a white robe.

“The Divine Speed Sect!” the retainers exclaimed in horror, “Ever since that war where the Shen Sect claimed its hegemony, they had gone into hiding, and now they are back!”

The old man in the black dragon robe stood up as he stared into the distance where a flaming beam of fire zoomed towards the execution ground like a meteor, “It seems that I will have to go meet an old enemy of mine.”

With a tap, the old man blasted off towards the meteor as overwhelming power congregated around him. Before long, the old man reached the meteor and threw out a punch.


The power from the collision rippled out, causing a large part of the army of cultivators to spit out blood. The flames from the collision slowly subsided to reveal the old man in the black dragon robe and another old man in casual brown clothes with a white navy cloak.

“Hoo … it’s been a while Shen Fei. How many decades was it since you came to destroy our sect? I could onnly escape into the secret realm back then, but now I am back,” the

“Tian Nan. It’s truly unexpected that you are still alive after eating two of those ancient relics … I didn’t expect you to actually succeed … but it matters not. No matter how powerful you are, you shall bow to the authority of the All Thor!” Shen Fei responded coldly as he launched an attack.

“Humph, let’s see if your attacks can even hit me,” Tian Nan retorted as he zoomed off in a trail of light, zig zagging all around Shen Fei.

Beams of light constantly shot at Shen Fei from all directions which Shen Fei casually blocked with an unknown power. Tian Nan humphed before he zoomed in and punched out with his fists which lit up with flames,”Fire fist!”


A fiery explosion occurred as Shen Fei was blasted backwards albeit with barely any injuries; however, Tian Nan quickly zoomed in as a beam of light and continued his relentless attacks.

Back on the platform, the retainers watched worriedly at the fight in the air. The holy son also stood on the platform as we watched everything coldly. A retainer walked up to the holy son and asked, “Should we join the battle in clearing out the clones?”

The holy son furrowed his brows as he stared at the waves of clones. He then stated, “Those clones are just a distraction. The main body has not showed up, and he may show up here easily if the holy son of the Divine Speed Sect were to take action. Make sure to defend this point, nothing can go wrong.”

The retainer nodded as he prepared to step back, but suddenly his face filled with horror as he yelled out, “Holy son! Behind-“

The holy son reacted quickly as he sprung forward and dodged the attack of an individual who materialized in mid air. After the individual failed, a couple more individuals with the same face materialized out of thin air!

“How did the clones get here?! Stop them!” the retainers swiftly gathered their powers to attack, but more clones appeared in front of them and interrupted their attacks.

The holy son swiftly condensed his power and shot it at the clones coming at him, but suddenly, a sword pierced through his heart from the back. The holy son spat out a glob of blood as he turned around to see the retainer who was just talking to him giving him a sinister smile, “Yo~”.

The retainer’s face slowly changed to reveal the same face as the clones. Before the holy son could say anything else, a clone stepped forward and decapitated his head.

I pulled the sword out of the headless body of the holy son as I watched the deadly poison turned his body into a puddle of purple blood. I turned over to the retainers who were staring at me in fear as more clones materialized on the platform and charged at them. It wasn’t long until they were overwhelmed.

I excitedly strolled over to the cross where Ling’er was nailed. I used my Qi and pulled out the nails even though my heart clenched knowing she is suffering pain from it. I gently held Ling’er in my embrace as I muttered, “Don’t worry Ling’er. Everything will be alright now.”

I princess carried Ling’er as my clones surrounded me and kept the cultivators charging at the platform away. It’s time to get out of here-


I felt something stab me where my heart is. I slowly glanced downwards to see a dagger piercing into my chest. I glanced at the hand holding the dagger and followed it upwards to see Ling’er staring back at me with eyes devoid of emotions. I spat out a mouthful of blood as I couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”

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