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SPA Chapter 133

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Boss Phase 2

I stared at the one who I love in my arms as she pierced my heart with a dagger. It seems time has paused as we stared at each other. My mind began spinning with all the possibilities on why this would happen before I came up for a couple reason. It was then that I suddenly noticed blood leaking out of her mouth.

Then, I also felt her hands trembling as if she was struggling against herself. I sighed as I already knew why she did this, it’s probably all that b*st*rd Shen Sect Master’s scheme.

The air distorted as the Fatty appeared in front of me, “Bro Pro! Are you alright?!”

“Mmm, don’t worry. Although I was stabbed, the dagger was tilted to the side and barely scratched my heart. My Ling’er still can’t bear to hurt her husband when she is controlled by others,” I chuckled as I gently pried Ling’er’s fingers off the handle of the dagger and held her hand with mine.

“Phew~ guess sister-in-law is not a scary emotionless killing machine after all, rumors are rumors,” Fatty exclaimed as he patted his own heart.

“Pei, how can my cute Ling’er be an emotionless killing machine,” I grunted as I strolled over to the Fatty and handed Ling’er to him, “Please bring her out.”

“Eh? Bro Pro? What do you mean? This wasn’t part of the plan …” the Fatty anxiously asked.

“Welp there’s a small change of plans… I intended to leave that old geezer of the Shen Sect with a way to live, but he has some sort of control over Ling’er and it seems I will have to kill him to free Ling’er from the control,” I stated as I prepared for battle by pulling the dagger out of my chest to let my body regenerate.

“Errr … Bro Pro … I think it’s best we stick to the plan … until at least your so called phase two,” the Fatty whispered.

I thought about it a bit and realized I was a bit rash. Could there be some unknown power of cliche affecting me again? Even if I wanted to free Ling’er out of his control, it’s not like I can insta-kill him. I facepalmed as I realized my idiocy so I took back Ling’er into my embrace and said, “Alright, then can you put the protection charm on her lest she gets affected. Also, soul protection charms and the likes would be good, too.”

“No problem Bro Pro! If it’s one thing that this young master does not lack, it is protection charms!” the Fatty stated proudly as he began to tape all sorts of talisman onto Ling’er, “With these talisman, even if her soul is under the control of the Shen Ren Sect master, no signals should go through. Although she can’t do much as long as the Shen Ren Sect master lives, but at least she won’t help the enemy either.”

I nodded my head and stated, “Let’s get out of here. I’ll continue the battle from afar.”

With that, the Fatty took Ling’er and I out of the battlefield to a war camp that was recently established by the Divine Speed Sect. I gently laid Ling’er on the bed before I sat on a chair and began communicating with my clone network to start the part of our plan.

At the battlefield, Shen Fei was still getting battered by Tian Nan, but there was still barely any damage on Shen Fei as some mysterious power seems to be shielding him. Tian Nan couldn’t help but frown but was helpless.

“Heh. In the end you are merely so so. It seems that my plan to assassinate that boy failed once more. That power of plot is truly disgustingly overpowered. But it doesn’t matter, I have said that all must bow before the authority of the All Thor and there shall be no exception!” Shen Fei stated piously, “Experience the fate of being erased from existence!”

An intangible power shot out of Shen Fei and zoomed towards Tian Nan like a homing missile. The power landed on Tian Nan swiftly as Shen Fei cackled evilly. Alas, Shen Fei’s evil laugh froze not long after as he stared at Tian Nan in front of him who was still perfectly fine, “No! How is this possible?! How can you have the power to the negate the power of an All Thor?! No power on this continent can negate the power of an All Thor with the exception of an unknown power called ‘sigh in see’ or the power of another All Thor-“

Shen Fei paused in shock and glanced at the air as if he received a private message from someone, then he exclaimed in anger, “So it’s the blessing of the All Thor of Creation! No wonder! Ahaha, if that’s all you got, then you can leave your life here today!”

Shen Fei then cackled as black mist rose up from the dead bodies on the battlefield and began to congregate in his hands as a black ball of energy began to form, “Prepare to die to my ultimate move …”

And a long speech followed as Tian Nan lips twitched as he stood there according to plan, waiting for the move to be ready. After all, with his speed that is as fast as light, it’ll be hard for an attack like that to hit him if he didn’t stand still.

After a long time of talking and yelling as if he was sh*tting, Shen Fei created an enormous, energy ball with the black mist before he yelled out, “Die for me!”

Tian Nan dully stared at the ball of attack coming at him before he vanished into the distance at the speed of light as he muttered, “I guess this is the boss phase two that that Pro kid talked about. That Pro kid was right, who in the right mind would fight that head on like an idiot …”

Shen Fei stared in shock before he howled angrily, “Y-You, get back here for me!”

As if answering his call, a couple of clones materialized out of thin air and smashed right into the ball of energy. Then fireworks ensued.


After the destruction cleared, both the clones and the cultivators who were on the battlefield who didn’t escape in time were blown to smithereens. A giant crater was all that was left on the battlefield while an old man in a tattered black dragon robe floated in the air and spat out a couple mouthfuls of blood.

“You dishonorable b*st**ds! How dare you not fight me honorably in battle and use such despicable tricks! I will ki-” the old man howled in anger before he shivered, then he trembled before whispering, “M-my lord, I-I can handle this myself, there’s no need for you to-“

Alas, the old man’s plead was cut off as his voice was muted. His body began shudder before a booming voice resounded, “Descend.exe.”

Then, a horrifying, intangible power descended from the heavens and entered the body of the old man. The old man’s body then exploded into black mist that began to expand until it became an enormous face. The enormous face then took a deep breathe as if it were alive before it muttered, “In the end, I still have to come in person. Glad I installed that virus to forcefully run Descend.exe.”

The enormous face then looked at the empty battle field as he sighed, “I finally descended and there’s no one to play with. How boring … although I can’t resurrect the dead, but I can at least do this … plot flashback.”

Then, with a blinding flash, the battlefield returned to how it was before, except that the dead bodies stayed dead. However, there were now a couple of living individuals in the battlefield now instead of the previous battlefield devoid of life.

An old man with a navy cloak stared at the enormous face of black mist in shock while floating in the air. On the platform, the Fatty looked around anxiously in front of me. I could feel the weight in my hands as I glanced down at Ling’er who was slowly stirring in my embrace which signified the death of the Shen Sect master. One moment I was chilling on a chair in the safe zone, the next moment I was teleported back to the battlefield. My face paled as I stared at the incarnation of the All Thor floating in the air. What the f**k is this b*llsh*t?!

“Now that all the characters of the plot are here, we can finally start the show~” the floating face spoke with an evil chuckle.

It was then I realized, the true boss phase two has come.

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