SPA Chapter 134

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Boss Fight

An oppressive pressure bore down upon us as we glared at the face in the sky. I have finally met the person behind all my suffering in this world and I couldn’t help but mutter a curse, “So this is the f**king Mr. Aura that was messing with my life!”

As if the face heard me, it turned in my direction, “Eh? Mr. Aura? Who’s that?”

I gritted my teeth, “That’s you! You’ve been the one that has been causing all the misfortune in my life and turning my story into a horrible cancer! You sadistic All Thor!”

“Seriously, what the heck are you talking about? I only made you sign a contract and was waiting to claim your soul when you passed away in old age. I never took part in anything else. Don’t put the blame of some other sh*tty author on me,” the booming voice replied.

“Eh? It wasn’t you?!” I retorted in shock.

“Of course it wasn’t. I have a bunch of novels that I need to translate, where would I find the time to make life hard for you. If anything, I bet it’s that mysterious being I don’t know about that is causing all this trouble for you,” the face responded.

“Mysterious being?” I couldn’t help but question.

“Yes, I originally planned to wait for you to die from old age and reclaim your soul, but you didn’t die when you are supposed to! Some mysterious power of plot is keeping you alive when you are supposed to be long dead, so I had no choice but to come down personally to finish the job,” the face sighed in exasperation.

“Uhh … can we have a discussion about this … maybe there’s been some mistake … perhaps you should just go back and let me live if it’s so bothersome … hahaha,” I awkwardly replied.

“Uh … no, regardless of whether you live or not, I still need to reclaim the system I installed in you and the only way to do that is to kill you, so you should just obediently die for me. Don’t worry, I will make sure it’s not painful,” the face stated magnanimously.

“F**k, so we have to fight after all,” I muttered as I began to summon clones.

“Fight? What are you talking about? Hahaha, there for sure won’t be any fight as the power difference is simply too large! But as the villain template in this world, let me waste time and show you the majestic power of an All Thor!” the face’s booming voice resounded before stating, “Plot device, Qi Exhaustion!”


With a poof, all my clones disappeared and all the Qi I had in me disappeared. It wasn’t just me as I felt that even Ling’er and Fatty had their Qi vanish. Even Fatty’s master’s Qi seemed to have vanished as he fumbled in the air for a bit, but then he turned into a beam of light and headed straight for the giant face.

“Eh? To think you have gotten your hands on the power of those fruits. Well, no matter … plot device, Sealed by Sea Stone.”

With that, the beam of light froze in place revealing Tian Nan as cuffs made of sea stone materialized in thin air and snapped right onto him, locking away his powers. Then, I could only helplessly watch as Tian Nan plummeted from the sky and slammed into the ground.

“Eek, even master was pummeled. Bro Pro, time for us to bolt!” the Fatty exclaimed in horror.

Afterwards, the Fatty grabbed both Ling’er and I before zooming to his master and picked him up, too. Then, we sped away from the battlefield. Without his Qi, I noticed that Fatty’s layers of fat began to deplete gradually. I hope he has enough fat for us to escape …

“Eh? A power that uses fat as its power source? No wonder the normal plot devices don’t work against it. Hmmm … then let’s try this … plot cliche, Bad Sense of Direction,” the booming voice mumbled.

Eh? What’s that supposed to mean? I watched Fatty continue to escape perfectly fine and it wasn’t long until Fatty stated, “Phew, we finally escape. This should be far enough.”

Then, the Fatty gradually slowed down to reveal our surroundings. I glanced around as my mouth couldn’t help but twitch as the environment was all too familiar. We were back on the battlefield. I glared at Fatty who had a pale face before I glanced up to see the giant face chuckling in the air, “You can’t escape. Eh .. I can’t believe I am saying this, but it’s a very villainous and cool line to say so I’m going to say it, no matter what tricks you have up your sleeve, it is futile!”

My mind began to run through all possible plans. No Qi. No escape. Talismans aren’t effective either or we wouldn’t have been affected by his power and pulled to the battlefield. My mind spun before I remembered a certain black box. I swiftly pulled it out, opened it, and frowned. I guess I have no choice. I quickly typed in Ling’er’s birthday and pressed the button.

With some mechanical sounds, the box broke into fragments that shot out and surrounded a small area around us. Then, ripples appear as beams of light connected each of the fragments to form a barrier around us. Eh? Is this all this does?

“Oh? What is this? Huh? Some weird power of science? Plot device, One shot, one kill,” the All Thor’s voice boomed before a glowing arrow of light materialized in front of the face and rapidly shot towards the barrier.


A blinding flash of light shone outside the barrier as I watched a cloud of explosion occur, but I can see that the barrier is perfectly fine.

“Eh? What is this barrier?! It can even block the power of plot?!” the All Thor’s voice boomed in shock, “Eh? What’s that unidentified flying object in the distance? Is that a bird? Or is that a plane …?”

Hearing the All Thor’s exclamation, I also looked up and noticed a trail of light in the far distance. It looked like some sort of missile was heading towards our location and it was slowly growing larger over time. Suddenly, I heard the All Thor howl in shock and fear, “What the actual f**k?! Why the f**k is there a nuclear missile in this world?! Ahhh … NOOO!!”


I watched the missile collide with the giant face before an enormous mushroom cloud bloomed in the air. Waves of heat blasted out from the point of collision, disintegrating all the dead bodies on the ground and scorching the ground black. I could feel the entire floor tilt from side to side as the floating continent shook from the impact.

Not long after, I felt a sense of weightlessness as my body began to float in the air. I quickly pulled Ling’er tighter into my embrace, and it wasn’t long before I flew up with the others in the barrier and slammed right into the barrier. It seems that the bomb has a side effect of making us float? No, this is not us floating … it’s the continent falling!

I stared upwards to watch the top of the mushroom cloud gradually grow further away as the continent plummeted towards the ocean below. I felt an immense force slam against me with the continent’s rapid descend. Fortunately, we were able to recover Qi again after the face was gone and the talismans were activated to counteract some of the force or we may have been crushed to death.

After a while of enduring, we could feel a jolt before the force that cause us to float disappeared. I hurriedly held Ling’er tightly while flipping my body around causing me to land onto the ground my back. I sighed in relief as I slowly got up with Ling’er who’s eye lashes fluttered as if she was awaken by the disturbance. I smiled gently as I thought it was finally over.

Alas, Mr. Aura never let me off that easily and this time was no exception. An oppressive aura suddenly appeared as I felt something being torn out out of body. Then, a small face made of black mist formed in the air right behind me.

“How dare you destroy my incarnation like that you b*st**rds! Do you know how much credits I had to pay just to be able to descend?! F**k this sh*t! Even if I can’t reclaim the system after using up it’s power to temporarily descend with limited power, I will still send you to hell with it! Plot device, Curse of Existence!”

I glanced back in shock as an intangible power held me in place as the face of black mist rapidly flew towards my back, preparing to curse my existence. Suddenly, a gentle force pulled me out of the way as an individual gracefully appeared in front of me. Her lustrous black hair brushed past my face as she stood in front of me once more, holding her hands wide open, and was struck by the curse.

“Ling’er! NOOOO!”

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