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SPA Chapter 135

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Peace

I rapidly ran up to Ling’er and pulled her into my embrace as fear overtook my heart. No, no, please don’t do this to me. I have had enough of this sh*t! Please don’t take her away from me right after we have finally met again! I continued to hug Ling’er tightly, in fear she will disappear in the next moment.

A familiar giggling sound occurred as I felt a hand softly stroke my hands, “Squishy, what’s wrong? Am I too beautiful and you can’t bear to part with me?”

I opened my eyes wide as I stared at Ling’er who was giggling in my embrace, “Y-You, are you alright?”

“Mmm,” Ling’er nodded while replying softly.

I quickly turned Ling’er around as I inspected her all over. Although she was a bit untidy due to the battle and a little pale due to only recovering recently, she looked perfectly fine otherwise. There wasn’t any signs of the curse and she wasn’t slowly vanishing into air while giving her final tear jerking farewell. however, I still couldn’t help but ask for confirmation, “Are you truly, truly, truly, truly alright?”

Ling’er giggled again as she replied, “Mmm!”

Joy brimmed in my heart as my mind shoved all the doubts away. I happily hugged Ling’er and spun her around in circles while I laughed joyously, “Ahahah, my Ling’er is back! My Ling’er is back!”

After putting her down, I stared into Ling’er’s beautiful eyes as my sight slowly trailed down her beautiful face and onto her soft, enticing lips. Ling’er looked back at me with a gentle smile along with a faint blush on her face. A fiery beast ignited in me as I leaned in and enjoyed my long desired moment with her once more. Our passion ignited as the desires and longing for each other that we kept locked inside of our hearts were unleashed. Our kissing slowly became more fierce and my hands disobediently began to move around …

COUGH COUGH COUGH I don’t mean to disturb you as it is much too cliche, but you two should at least get a room before you continue further. We are still out in the open and there’s two audience members standing here at that … young people these day, no self control,” an old man’s voice lectured.

Ling’er rapidly shoved me and tried to back away as her face blushed with embarrassment, but I pulled her into my embrace as I stated righteously, “Humph quit spouting all that nonsense, you’re just jealous. If you don’t want to watch, just go away.”

I watched as Tian Nan’s lips twitched before he stated, “I would leave if I could, but we are still trapped inside this barrier.”

It was then I glanced at the barrier that was still up. I glanced outside the barrier and noticed the gradually settling dust and the scorched ground. Although it looked safe out there, I know there is probably radiation running rampant, and this barrier is probably protecting us from that. Although that was the case, there was no way we could stay here and wait for the radiation to die out … as that would take a rather long time. Even our cultivation may not let us live that long. There’s also the point that we may not have to fear the radiation as cultivators, but I don’t want to take any risks as even the All Thor was killed by it. Of course, that’s all under the premise that we can even get out of this barrier in the first place.

I pulled Ling’er around as I tried looking for a mechanism that can deactivate the barrier or control it. The Fatty and his master also helped to look as they began to touch each fragment floating in the air in hopes that it was some secret switch. Alas, even after an hour, we found nothing! Then, we tried breaking out using other methods, but this barrier that was able to block the power of All Thor and nuclear weapons was also immune to our attacks. Even my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} couldn’t pass through it. What the f**k? After we won against the final boss, we are now trapped here until death?!

“Ahhh! Just let us out! Open up barrier! Open sesame!” I yelled while kicking the barrier in frustration.

Ling’er giggled she said, “Open sesame? What a funny way to open-“

“EH? Bro Pro, the barrier’s opening!” the Fatty happily said as we watched the barrier slowly opening up as the fragments slowly vanished into thin air.

Oh my god, it couldn’t be that the key to opening the barrier was open sesame? My mouth twitched but I also realized the situation we were in. I hurriedly grabbed Ling’er and Fatty while activating {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}.

“Hurry, let’s get out of here! Although the air looks fine, there’s rad- poison in the air!” I stated grimly.

Fatty nodded before zooming off into the distance with Ling’er and I. I had no worries about Fatty’s master as he could literally turn into light particles, he won’t be affected by radiation probably and his speed of escape was not slower than Fatty’s.

Not long after , we had already left the battlefield far behind and returned to town … well at least what formerly seems to be a town. The town now consists of numerous collapsed buildings and there were many cultivators bumbling around trying to save people. I guiltily sighed as I watched the destruction that resulted from my hands. I knew the decision I made would have caused irreversible effects on the continent, but I still did it anyways because deep down, I was a selfish person. If it was to be with Ling’er, I am willing to destroy the entire continent, so I guess they should be glad that I didn’t? cough

“Don’t worry kid, we are cultivators, and cultivators will not be held down by a small set back like this for long. It was a necessary sacrifice to get rid of the tumor in our continent, and now we can slowly rebuild while looking forward to a future of peace and prosperity,” Fatty’s master comforted me from the side like a senior would, “Just leave this to the adults to worry about since we will be taking responsibility anyways. Kids like you should worry less and go enjoy your youth. Go on now.”

I sighed in relief that I didn’t have to deal with the headache of rebuilding. I would rather spend my time with Ling’er. Ling’er and I waved goodbye as we began to stroll off. The Fatty decided to stay behind to help the rebuilding effort, but his master disrupted his plan, “Brat, what do you think you are doing here? Do you think I don’t know that you are planning to go extorting some money while everyone is down?! Shoo! Shoo! Go with them, there’s none of your business here!”

I watched as Fatty’s master gave the chubby Fatty a kick and launched him over next to us. The Fatty howled in grief as he righteously said, “How can you not trust me like that master?! I truly wanted to help rebuild! I will also help some lost, homeless beauties relocated to a new, comfy home!”

My mouth twitched as Ling’er giggled. I helplessly said, “Fatty, just bring us back to our home … you can help rebuild the nearby city there cough.”

The Fatty’s eyes sparkled as he patted me on the back, “As expected of Bro Pro, only you would understand this young master. Alright, let us head there faster so I can help to rebuild the population faster. Hehehe~”

With a blur, Fatty brought us along and zoomed away. It didn’t take long for us to reach the humble temple that was our home on this continent. Unsurprisingly, the temple was intact and looked the same as before. With the old grandpa here, even if the continent blew up, the temple would probably stay intact. Not long after we arrived, the Fatty left us to start his quest of rebuilding the population.

I could only chuckle as Ling’er and I strolled into the temple as I hollered out, “Grandpa, we are back!”

Not long later, the old grandpa strolled out from his room as he stated, “I should have known a brat like you won’t die so easily. Just when I thought I would get to live in peace, you come back-“

Then, the old grandpa froze as he noticed who was standing next to me, “L-Ling’er! Is that really you?!”

I watched as Ling’er went up and gently hugged her grandpa who was now crying like a little baby. I left them to enjoy their reunion as I headed to the kitchen to prepare our reunion dinner. Cooking was one of the skills I practiced over the years and I can’t wait to amaze Ling’er with it.

It wasn’t long before we sat at the table together and began enjoying the dishes I cooked. The old grandpa was chortling happily while a faint blush arose on his face from drinking wine … so much for being a monk, but it’s a happy occasion so I won’t say anything. I watched as Ling’er took a bite of the food I cooked before freezing in place as she blanked out. A bit of worry couldn’t help but cloud my heart as I asked, “Ling’er, is something wrong? Is the food not to your liking?”

Ling’er recovered from her stupor as she shook her head gently while replying, “No, it’s really delicious.”

I chuckled happily knowing that Ling’er enjoyed my food. I made sure to taste test them so how could they be bad? I smiled as I added a variety of food to Ling’ers bowl, “Then, eat more, don’t hold back, there is plenty!”

“Mmm,” Ling’er answered softly as she continued to eat, but no one noticed that she was deep in thought.

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