SPA Chapter 122

Chapter 122: The Plot Begins A body with no detectable signs of life plummeted down a dark chasm, signifying the end of the story to yet another beautiful life. It seemed the chasm’s depth was infinite as the body seemed to be plummeting forever in this empty chasm. Suddenly the body suspended in place asContinue reading “SPA Chapter 122”

SPA Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Time Skip The river of time is mysterious and uncontrollable. Yet legend had spoken of the power of plot which is even more formidable than the river of time. Even time will bend its knees to the ancient All Thors and their power of plot. Our fortunate protagonist Pro had the honor ofContinue reading “SPA Chapter 121”

SPA Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Wait for You MMmm … my consciousness slowly faded in sluggishly as I couldn’t help but shift my body. Hmm? Why is it so … airy down there? I squeezed my eyes open and blinked a couple of times to see the wooden ceiling of the bed I slept on in the temple.Continue reading “SPA Chapter 120”

SPA Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Reversal of Fate Ling’er’s clothes slid to the ground revealing her body, but her lover did not open his eyes to admire it. Ling’er then gently stripped away the clothes on her lover as well, letting them scatter on the ground. She then gently sat her lover against the wall while she satContinue reading “SPA Chapter 119”

SPA Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Cursed Plot BOOM As the loud booming voice resounded, the environment trembled as if there was a minor earthquake, although it might just be our minds trembling. Although we tried our hardest to run, it felt like we were running in water as some sort of force seemed to cause our movements toContinue reading “SPA Chapter 118”

SPA Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Ingenious Plan! I froze before I felt my chrysanthemum tightening. Oh f**k this curve ball out of nowhere. Well done, Mr. Aura, you just outsmarted all my plans for once. After a small short circuit of my brain, a signal was rapidly fired. Scrap the plans, it’s time for me to bolt!

SPA Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Beauty Come Here! Although it is suggested that I avoid situations like these at all costs in the steadiness sutra, in the end it could not be ignored. After all, this temple is now my new home and the ruckus does not seem to be ending anytime soon. If anything, it seems toContinue reading “SPA Chapter 116”

SPA Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Steadiness vs. Plot The old grandpa showed us to our rooms inside the temple. Of course, they were two separate rooms and the grandpa’s room just had to be nearby as well. That “I’m watching you” look he gave me caused me to despair. Where be our young one’s privacy?!

SPA Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Life and Death Chasm After heading out of the inspection area, the old grandpa led us through a forest path surrounded by an assortment of colorful plants. These plants were large-sized, but gorgeous, yet we were warned not to go near them as they were poisonous. It seems the entire border of theContinue reading “SPA Chapter 114”

SPA Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Arrival COUGH COUGH COUGHMy conciousness gradually recovered as I spat out mouthfuls of water. As I thought, Mr. Aura will not let me die so easily. I opened my eyes to be greeted by Ling’er doing a dance as stream of water floated around her. Eh … water bending?!

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