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SPA Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Hope The two of us stared at each other, but not long after, Ling’er’s eyes flickered away with guilt. I squeezed her hands as I continued to stare at her intensely, “Ling’er … please … just tell me what is going on … please don’t bear the burden alone. My heart hurts whenContinue reading “SPA Chapter 137”

SPA Chapter 136

Chapter 136: I’m Fine Our days passed peacefully and harmoniously. Ling’er and I spent our time just like before as we recounted the story of our lives when we were separated from each other. Ling’er would lay in my embrace in the garden as we admired the blooming flowers just like we used to. WeContinue reading “SPA Chapter 136”

SPA Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Peace I rapidly ran up to Ling’er and pulled her into my embrace as fear overtook my heart. No, no, please don’t do this to me. I have had enough of this sh*t! Please don’t take her away from me right after we have finally met again! I continued to hug Ling’er tightly,Continue reading “SPA Chapter 135”

SPA Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Boss Fight An oppressive pressure bore down upon us as we glared at the face in the sky. I have finally met the person behind all my suffering in this world and I couldn’t help but mutter a curse, “So this is the f**king Mr. Aura that was messing with my life!”

SPA Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Boss Phase 2 I stared at the one who I love in my arms as she pierced my heart with a dagger. It seems time has paused as we stared at each other. My mind began spinning with all the possibilities on why this would happen before I came up for a coupleContinue reading “SPA Chapter 133”

SPA Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Clone Wars An old man dressed in a black dragon robe sat calmly with his eyes closed on a throne next to a cross where a girl was nailed. Surrounding him were his retainers, and surrounding the platform that they were on was an army of cultivators. The army of cultivators spanned theContinue reading “SPA Chapter 132”

SPA Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Forced Out The peaceful Xian Nu Town was no more. The walls were dyed with blood as blood flowed on the ground like rivers. The sounds of battle were heard all around town as the Xian Nu Sect fought back against the overwhelming army of the Shen Sect. The attack came too suddenlyContinue reading “SPA Chapter 131”

SPA Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Night Visit A beam of light gradually faded out as its track became hidden. With a blur, the Fatty appeared inside the temporary residence that they had settled in with an unconscious body over his shoulder. The Fatty laid the body on a bed as he couldn’t help but mutter, “Hopefully revealing myContinue reading “SPA Chapter 129”

SPA Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Meeting Again We followed the crowd towards the Xian Nu Sect and before long we reached an enormous, open plaza where a bunch of fellow “pedestrians” have gathered. There was a floating platform upon which a teen male, that is not as handsome as I am, was standing proudly with his hands crossedContinue reading “SPA Chapter 128”