SPA Chapter 118

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Cursed Plot


As the loud booming voice resounded, the environment trembled as if there was a minor earthquake, although it might just be our minds trembling. Although we tried our hardest to run, it felt like we were running in water as some sort of force seemed to cause our movements to be sluggish. I tried to activate my abilities but all of them failed to activate, leaving me helpless.

I glanced back and noticed a black mist congregating to form a familiar, enormous face. It did take long for it to become the human shaped face I had seen when I had slayed the b*st*rd back at Xian Xiafan continent. I shivered as I tried to speed up my escape, but my hopes were crushed when the face’s eyes snapped open. A intangible vibration blasted outwards and swept through us, causing both Ling’er and I to spit out mouthfuls of blood due to internal injuries.

“IT’S YOU AGAIN!” the booming voice resounded as if it recognized me, “It seems I failed to kill you last time and now you slayed yet another of my disciple?! Do you take my warnings as fart?”

Would you believe me that it was a tree that smashed your disciple to death, not me?! I very much wanted to retort, but I was too busy spitting blood. Oi, can this not be so dramatic?! Let me talk, we don’t need blood spitting drama!

“It seems that without teaching you a lesson which you shall never forget, you will not learn your lesson,” the booming voice resounded as we continued our futile attempt at escape.

Well, obviously what this voice said was valid. I mean, if it’s a lesson that you will forget, obviously you won’t learn the lesson, but I seriously don’t want to know what lesson that is at the moment!

“It seems this lassy is important to you eh? Heheh, then let me teach you your lesson through her! I will let you watch as she suffers in immense pain until she perishes! My curse is incurable and you can only watch helplessly on the side while she suffers and dies!” the voice boomed.

An ominous feeling arose as I felt a tug on my hand. I noticed that Ling’er, who I was pulling along to escape, was now frozen in place. As I glanced at her, I could see her melancholic eyes staring back at me as she tried her best to give me a gentle smile. Behind her, the human face made of black mist has now imploded and condensed into a streak of black curse that began to fly towards Ling’er.

My mind shook and my hearts clenched. No. No! I can’t let anything happen to Ling’er! I can’t let that curse make her suffer! She is the only one left for me, I can’t lose her!

I mustered all my strength and before I knew it, I had pulled Ling’er into my protective embrace. Before I knew it, a heavy force struck my back and I didn’t have to see it to know it was the curse. I felt my organs lurch as I could feel a lump welling up in my throat, but I swallowed it back down as I didn’t want it to spoil Ling’er’s beautiful white hair. Not long after, I felt a ice cold sensation spreading from my back where the force struck as my body stiffened. At the same time, it wasn’t long before the icy sensation conquered my body, and I knew I had already lost control of my body.

My body slowly toppled over. I saw Ling’er’s crying face in front of me as she kept yelling something, yet I could no longer hear what she is saying. My heart felt sad that she’s crying for me. I don’t want to see her cry … when she cries, my heart hurts. However, before I could think further, sudden pain struck me as if thousand of ants were crawling all over my body and eating my flesh. My vision turned red as I felt myself spasm. my mind blanked out from the pain, and before I knew it … everything was dark.

“N-No! Squishy! Wake up Squishy! Don’t leave me! No! I don’t want this! Why?! Why must this happen to us?! Why can’t fate just let us live in peace?” Ling’er howled in grief as she hugged her lover’s body that was constantly alternating between hot and cold.

Ling’er wiped her tears with her sleeve as she slapped herself awake, “No. I can’t let him die like this. T-There must be a way …”

Ling’er swiftly supported the body of her lover and began her arduous journey back home, “I will not let you die. I won’t.”

As Ling’er slowly trudged back to the temple with the body, she recalled her conversation with her grandpa back before they decided to come to the Shen Ren continent …

“Do you understand Ling’er. His fate and yours are mismatched. Being together will only bring misfortune to the both of you, to the point that one or both of you will perish!” a gruff voice explained.

“I don’t believe it. I believe there is always a way. After all, we are cultivators. We cultivate to fight against fate,” Ling’er responded to her grandpa.

“You do not understand. Fate is inevitable. It is impossible to go against fate, not unless you counter if with an equally strong power. However, the problem here is that not only are your fates mismatched, that boy is also plagued by the mysterious power of plot! The mysterious power of plot is as strong as if not stronger than the power of fate! It’s a power that is commonly found in the secret realms that no one is able to control even to this day! Anyone who dabbled with the power of plot eventually ended up perishing no matter how strong they are! That is a power belonging to the gods, the All Thors! And that boy is cursed by one-“

“I don’t care. I love him and I will always stay by his side. We will survive through all obstacles or die together trying! I don’t believe our love can’t conquer these mysterious powers-“

“It’s not a matter about fighting against it or not! Just by being together, you will bring disaster! Perhaps if you separate, both of you may still have a chance of surviving ..”

“But I don’t want to separate from him … I don’t … he has been there for me when I needed him, I can’t abandon him, not now, not never. Maybe I’m just being selfish, but I just want to be by his side …Plus … how do you know if we can’t fight against these two mysterious powers if we don’t even try?”

sigh Young ones will never listen unless you experience it yourself. Your father was like this, and you are also like this … even I- sigh Alas, fate is inevitable. I have done what I can to persuade you and will not force it further as fate will not let me interfere any further. Let fate run its course then. I hope you will not regret it Ling’er …”

In the temple, Ling’er gently stared at her lover who is now lying on the bed while shuddering from time to time. She gently wipe the sweat off of his head with a towel as her heart was filled with pain seeing him suffering. She glanced at the black curse that was slowly creeping and spreading throughout his body. She knew that once it does, it will be the end.

“No, I can’t let you die like this. I was selfish and wanted to be with you … I still do not regret it as any time spent with you is bliss and not something I will ever regret. However … this pain, this suffering, I can’t let you bear it as it was due to my selfishness … let Ling’er bear the burden for you.”

Ling’er stood up as a firm resolution filled her mind. Her eyes were determined as she began to shed her clothes …

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