SPA Chapter 117

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Ingenious Plan!

I froze before I felt my chrysanthemum tightening. Oh f**k this curve ball out of nowhere. Well done, Mr. Aura, you just outsmarted all my plans for once. After a small short circuit of my brain, a signal was rapidly fired. Scrap the plans, it’s time for me to bolt!

I swiftly activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and dashed out of the temple.

“Stop him!” I heard a furious yell behind me as the lackeys could only stare around in confusion.

Alas, my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} was not infinite hence I was revealed sooner or later. It wasn’t enough for me to get far enough from the temple such that they can’t see me so the lackeys were able to catch me in their sights. The lackeys all began pulling out talismans out of their pockets and aimed them in my direction while dashing towards me. Oi, oi, oi, do all of you have to have talismans? Even lackeys are this rich these days?

Beams of blue light shot out of the talisman aiming in my direction. I swiftly activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} once more to dodge the beams of light. Suddenly, an ominous shout resounded, “Be yuck goo gone!”

Huh? What’s be yuck goo gone? Is that a new spell? I turned back for a glance and noticed the arrogant young master dashing in my direction; however, I noticed something different about him. Before his eyes were lovestruck eyes, now they were white and vessels were extending out from his eyes. This is an eye that is all too familiar to the fans of a certain ninja franchise. Oi, what the f**k is something like that doing in this world?!

“Hahaha, with this ancient relic I have acquired in a secret realm, you can’t hide from me!” the young master laughed arrogantly before directing his lackeys to chase and aim in my direction.

With the young master joining in, it wasn’t long before one of the beams of blue light struck me. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt nor did it slow me down in any way. Huh, all these attacks were a bluff or am I already so overpowered? Then, why the heck did I work so hard to dodge these?! Alas, it wasn’t so simple because after they hit me with that beam of light, it seemed that no matter where I ran to, they knew exactly where I was, even if I was in {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form. Sh*t, that beam of light was a god d*mn tracking mark!

I knew it was pointless to waste Qi to hide any further, hence I stopped using {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and focused all my Qi on my {Basic Qing Gong} to escape to the forest. I noticed Ling’er from afar as she stared at the pursuers behind me with a queer gaze. Then, she nodded in understanding before she went off to take on my planned role of being the one in the dark.

Eventually, we reached my plan destination deep in the midst of the forest. I finally stopped in place as the group of lackeys swiftly surrounded me while they panted hard. The arrogant young master was also panting hard as he stated with a evil laugh, “B-beauty, you can’t escape from this young master!”

Some lackeys hurriedly walked up to the young master as they passed him pills one after another to recover his Qi, “Y-young master, are you alright?”

“Humph, of course this young master is. It was just that the ancient relic was a bit draining energy-wise to activate. It requires the usage of some weird Qi called Chalk Raw which requires me to expend a lot of Qi to convert to,” the young master replied arrogantly as he chugged pills to recover his Qi, “No matter, this young master still caught the beauty in the end so it’s all worth it.”

I smirked in confidence as I stated, “Did you think I was simply escaping from you dummies?”

The young master breathing slowly smoothed out as he stated arrogantly, “Of course. No one dares to go against this young master! So beauty, just obediently spend your time with this young master. Hehehe, it seems like this is a nice quiet place for the deed indeed.”

I couldn’t help but sigh over the cliche dumb*ss arrogant young master. Welp, time for this idiot to die, “Do it!”

With a swift movement, Ling’er glided behind two lackeys and with one slash, she beheaded two of them while she tossed some seeds into the air. I also acted and disappeared with {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} and swiftly appeared behind a lackey’s back to stab right through his heart with the sword pulled right out my inventory. At this time, the seeds Ling’er threw in the air bloomed into spores which attached to multiple lackeys and began to suck their blood as they panicked. I decisively spawned multiple clones and sent them out as distraction by having them latch onto the lackeys or punch them in the face to draw aggro. Then, using {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}, I swiftly assassinated one lackey after another while Ling’er decimated the rest with her flowers and sword. Although the lackeys tried to fight back with the limited treasures they had, the difference in cultivation level between Ling’er and them was too large. They also don’t have any space locking mechanism to stop my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}. So, it wasn’t long before we decimated the lackeys.

After we finished the lackeys, we noticed the arrogant young master had ran off long ago. Of course, reality is different from a novel where the young master would stand still and wait for death even though his lackeys are being slaughtered. Unfortunately for the idiot, following me deep into a forest already spelled his doom. Ling’er and I swiftly dashed after his trail and not long after, a pale-faced, not-so-arrogant was surrounded by the two of us.

“W-What do you want? Y-You can’t kill me! My master is from the Shen Sect and he has cast a protective charm on me! He will know as soon as I die and will take revenge for me no matter where you are as he can instantly send his incarnation over!” the idiot shrieked in horror.

Of course I knew there was some backer to this young master, I just didn’t expect there to be such a sinister protective charm. Not that it matters as my plan certainly didn’t include me personally killing him. Who knows if there is some annoying divination power that can find out who his killer is. Hence, our plan all along was …

“H-hey, let me go! What do you think you are doing?!” a certain young master struggled frantically in an attempt to break out of the ropes binding him, but alas he had no strength to do so.

After taking down the young master, I fed him with a weakening powder from the leftovers from when my master put me through “training”. Afterwards, we tied him up with a rope we prepared long ago and used another rope to bind him to a tree firmly.

“Although we can’t kill you directly, we can simply have you tied here and let some random beast do the job. This way the matter won’t be traced back to us so easily, assuming it can even be done so,” I cheekily stated.

The idiot’s face paled even further as he knew that his death is coming soon, but I also noticed a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Of course I’m not so stupid to not crush the certain loophole in doing this event. After all, there is a chance that Mr. Aura will somehow let him live through this by having no “random” beast come into this area or maybe some passing expert will save him. If he manages to survive and go back for reinforcement, much more trouble will come in the future. Hence, his death must be certain since I have already decided upon it. Of course, if there’s some technique to search the soul, there’s nothing we can do as we are not proficient in stopping that, but at least we will avoid the instant karma from the protective charm on him.

“Don’t worry, I will go find a beast that will coincidentally pass by right now. So you don’t have to worry about missing your train to hell. I’m a good conductor. Since, I’ve received your ticket, I will do my utmost to deliver,” I proudly declared.

I turned around and prepared to go find a beast for this “accident” that I planned while the idiot scream in terror as his last hopes are dashed.

Alas, I underestimated Mr. Aura’s ingenious ways. A crackling sound resounded behind me as I had a bad feeling. I swiftly turned around to see the tree opposite to the tree where we tied the young master falling down directly at the young master. Before Ling’er or I could react, the tree had smashed down and crushed the young master to meat paste. This piece of sh*t Mr. Aura, are you f**king kidding me?!

Unfortunately, I had no time to curse Mr. Aura out. An ominous air filled the surrounding as I quickly reacted by pulling Ling’er to run, alas, we were too late. The air trembled as a powerful presence came into existence behind us.


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