SPA Chapter 116

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Beauty Come Here!

Although it is suggested that I avoid situations like these at all costs in the steadiness sutra, in the end it could not be ignored. After all, this temple is now my new home and the ruckus does not seem to be ending anytime soon. If anything, it seems to be getting louder as stuff being broken can be heard. Oi, what the heck is the old grandpa doing? Why is he not stopping this?

In the end, Ling’er and I decided to head in to check the situation out and potentially put a stop to it. Of course, I can’t just let my lovely belle walk in like this. With her beauty, it wouldn’t be surprising if some young master happens to fancy her and decide to take her by force. Then, we will need to have a Pro power-up to get my waifu back arc … cough … I don’t want any of that. I long for Ling’er even when I don’t see her overnight, let alone being separated from her for a long time.

Fortunately, I requested the old grandpa for the required tools for such a situation. I pulled out the handy dandy veil that immortal beauties wore to hide their beauty. Then, I used that to wipe off some of the drool that Ling’er still had on her mouth from her nap and tossed the veil to the ground. Like hell that is going to do anything to hide someone’s beauty. Seriously, the point of this veil is just to make a woman more mesmerizing by hiding a part of their beautiful face, it ain’t going to do its actual job. Screw all those dramas that gave the misconception that the veil hid the beauty’s face when we clearly can see through its transparency.

Instead, I instantly pulled out a loose priest robe and had Ling’er put it on to cover the curves on her body. Then, a fake skin mask was worn over her face to make her face average. I also tied her hair into a bun to hide its lustrous long length. Afterwards, a fake cup-like shell with black hair patterns painted on it was fitted on top of the bun to hide the unique whiteness to avoid attention. I pulled out some pale lipstick and colored Ling’er’s lustruous, pink lips a pale color to reduce its attractiveness. Finally, I had Ling’er put on a magical lens that changed her irises to a dull black color. Phew, with this, no one will be interested in my outstanding Ling’er … except me of course.

With this, we are set for battle. Ling’er and I then swiftly headed off towards the temple to confront the ones making the ruckus. Entering the temple, an incense burner came flying and landed at our feet with a CLANG. Uh huh, the cliche thrown objects landing at the protagonist’s feet to emphasize the ruckus just when they enter a room. I picked up the incense burner and strolled into the temple with Ling’er.

We were met with a group of burly man trying to break everything in the temple. Meanwhile, Xiao Pang is being held in place with a dull expression as his eyes turned red while he kept muttering, “I must clean!”

A young man dressed in luxurious clothes was standing arrogantly with his arms crossed in front of Xiao Pang while declaring, “I heard there was a beauty hiding in this temple, so this young master graced this broken temple with his presence. Yet you refused to call out the beauty to entertain this young master. You even dare to insult this young master by saying you want to clean?! Let’s see how you clean when this young master break everything in the temple! Continue to ransack the temple! I don’t believe the beauty won’t come out!”

God d*mn it, the cliche arrogant young master came for the beauty after all, but hell, how did he even know there’s a beauty like Ling’er at this temple? We had like no visitors, and even if there were, I made sure Ling’er didn’t show her face at all! D*mn Mr. Aura, how did you even send the image of Ling’er to this young master? It better not be some love at first sight in a dream b*llsh*t!

Fortunately, the young master and his lackeys don’t seem to be on a high cultivation level. At least that point makes sense. How can a young master that is focused on hunting for pleasure with beauties have the time to cultivate. Even if they are stuffed with treasures, the effects were probably halved if he released a lot into beauties … cough.

Anyways, the best way to get this fight started was … I glanced at the incense burner in my hands, took aim, and tossed it right at the arrogant young master. Get burned till you are incensed!


With a heavy thud, the incense burner struck right on the arrogant young master’s head causing this expression to freeze. Silence descended upon the room for a moment before the young master’s eyes rolled back to whiteness. Then, he toppled over to the ground. Uh … that was rather simple wasn’t it? Do people not know how to dodge these days? Fortunately, I didn’t throw it so hard as I don’t want to kill him so easily inside our home. According to the novels, doing so will attract even more trouble afterwards as his brother, father, grandpa, ancestor, great ancestor, and so on will all line up to come take my life over a insignificant grudge one after another.

“Y-young master!” the lackeys howled before rushing up to surround and protect their young master.

One lackey pulled out a pill and fed it to the young master after which the young master gradually sobered up. Well, that’s convenient. The arrogant young master with a bruise on his head was then supported up by his lackey as he glared in our direction. Suddenly, his froze face before his eyes widen in shock as if he saw something amazing. An ominous feeling arose in me.

“Beauty ~ I knew you would finally come out! Hahaha!” the arrogant young master chuckled cheerfully as drool sobered out of his mouth.

Oh sh*t, does the disguise on Ling’er not work?! How is this possible?! I even had the old grandpa enchant the robes to make them harder to see through! Is Mr. Aura rendering my disguise ineffective on purpose?! I shifted to stand in front of Ling’er to hide her. It seems it’s time for Plan B.

“Heh, aren’t you all afraid that Hua Tian Zhenren will crush you all for making trouble here? He will come out soon!” I stated with a solemn face.

“Ahahaha! If that old crackpot was here, I wouldn’t dare to come, but that old one is currently attending an official event! By the time he comes back, I will be done enjoying the beauty here and he won’t have a say after the rice is cooked,” the young master laughed arrogantly.

Well sh*t, of all days the old grandpa could be gone, it had to be today. As expected of Mr. Aura to plot such a cliche. Time for Plan C.

“Ling’er, go! I’ll hold them off!” I whispered as Ling’er nodded in understanding.

Ling’er followed the plan we had discussed multiple times for situations like this. We would have Ling’er run off to lead them to the forest where there are sure to be ferocious beats we had already sparred against. After they chase after Ling’er who they are after, I would hide in the dark to get them all killed using the beasts in the forest. I can’t kill them at our home nor with my own hands, but there’s more than one way to kill someone in this dangerous continent.

I watched Ling’er run off and turned to wait for the group to chase after Ling’er. Alas, the group stayed in their place while the young master was still staring in my direction with those love-struck eyes of his. Uhh … is it me or is there something wrong with the script?

“Uhh .. why are you not chasing after the beauty?” I could not help but ask as an ominous feeling arose.

“Hahaha, why would I chase after a female? I’m not interested in them no matter how beautiful others say they are. The beauty I am interested in is standing right in front of me~” the young master giggled as he waved his subordinates to drag Xiao Pang out while locking down the area, “Now that it’s just us … Hehehe … beauty, come here!”

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