SPA Chapter 115

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Steadiness vs. Plot

The old grandpa showed us to our rooms inside the temple. Of course, they were two separate rooms and the grandpa’s room just had to be nearby as well. That “I’m watching you” look he gave me caused me to despair. Where be our young one’s privacy?!

The old grandpa told us that we are free to explore the temple and the nearby area as long as we don’t go too far. Once again, the old grandpa advised us against going out to explore lest we attract trouble. Then, the old grandpa sighed as he stared back and forth between me and Ling’er before he strolled away muttering to himself once more. Seriously, does the author not know any other way to write in foreshadowing for my misfortune besides an old man repeatedly sighing and lamenting about my future?!

Even an idiot would notice all those foreshadowing, let alone this genius of a pro. Learning from a certain senior brother of steadiness from a certain Ren school, I believe that steadiness will be able to fend off most plot devices. Hence, for the purpose of cultivating my self modified stability sutra minus the “no romance” part, I decided I will endure and stay in the humble abode lest cliche misfortunes strike. It’s definitely not because I’m a coward, it’s all about steadiness … cough

With that, the peaceful arc of my story began. With Xiao Pang handling the cleaning, cooking, and other chores every day, I would enjoy my days with Ling’er. We would cultivate peacefully with the free resource provided by the rich old grandpa, spar occasionally to improve our skills, and spent plenty of time together as a couple … minus crossing that one boundary since the old geezer always pops up to stop us. You can never underestimate the eyes and ears of an old man. With that, months gradually passed and the cultivation that we went through brought an upgrade both to our strength and feelings.

[Name] Xiong Zhi Ye (Pro)

[Cultivation Level] Yellow Dan Level : 1 -> Blue Dan Level : 10

[Usable Qi] 2200/2200 -> 5000/5000

[Mental Power] 35/35

Strength : 42 -> 50
Endurance : 42 -> 56
Agility : 25 -> 32
Intellect : 28 -> 29
Comprehension : 15 -> 17
Luck : 3

{Missing Left Arm}

[Innate Ability]
Strongest Protagonist’s Aura
Protagonist’s Vengeance
Protagonist’s Rebirth
Protagonist’s Sacrifice for Love

Rise From the Dead : Lvl 5
Escape Death : Lvl 3
Winter’s Child : Lvl 22
Indestructible Body : Lvl 11 -> 13
Beast Controller : Lvl 21
Divine Mental Fortress : Lvl 8 -> 9
Divine Blood Rebirth : Lvl 22 -> 23
Poison Body : Lvl 11 -> 18
Hunter’s Mark : Lvl 5 -> 7
Slime’s Greed : Lvl 3 -> 4
Night Emperor’s Eyes : Lvl 21
Stormbringer : Lvl 15
Pinnacle Sword Dance : Lvl 0 -> 1
Seasickness Resistance : Lvl 9
Fire Tempering

Present Xian Xiafan Language {100%}
Colorless Emperor’s Rainbow Mountain {49%} 1022/500000
Location Marker : Lvl 2
Clone : 0
Spacial Storage : Lvl 15 | 9/35
Corrosive Armor : Lvl 2 | 337/2000
Ghost Emperor’s Voyage : 3/3
Clone Network : Lvl 1
Invincible Fist
Basic Alchemy : Lvl 2 {13%}
Basic Lightness : Lvl 2 -> 5 {25%}

Besides the bloated increase in most statuses due to stuffing myself with the cultivation resources from the old grandpa, I was also able to upgrade a variety of skills by sparring with Ling’er. As for why my endurance increased much more than my other stats, it’s definitely not because I was beaten up by Ling’er during spars. She’s already almost breaking through the Violet Dan while I’m still stuck in Blue Dan. What justice is this?! This cheat system of mines isn’t doing its job properly! I want a refund!

Alas, I am cursed to be stuck with this trashy “cheat” aura of mines as there’s no refund allowed. Although it’s hateful, at least it gave me some peaceful time right now for the power up arc. For some odd reason, during a power up arc, the protagonist is never disturbed by his enemies. One of the benefits of a protagonist I guess. I don’t know how long these peaceful times will last, but I shall enjoy it thoroughly.

Right now I’m leaning against a tall slab of smooth stone located behind the temple and next to the Life and Death Chasm. After so many months of staying here, the fear of the chasm had gradually faded away. It went from the initial fear to curiosity, then to the current situation where I’m simply treating it as a background scenery to be admired. Honestly, there’s nothing to be afraid of, and even if there is, I can’t show any fear to the one lying in my embrace right now.

I glanced down at the beauty cuddling against my chest with her eyes closed in serenity. A warm feeling arose in my heart as I couldn’t help but raise my only hand to gently brush away the white hair that was blown to cover her face. As if she felt my touch, Ling’er lazily opened her eyes as she glanced at me.

“Mm … did I wake you? Sleep more if you are tired,” I gently said.

Ling’er gave me a sweet smile as she replied softly, “Mmm … I’ve slept enough.”

We gently smiled at each other and like usual, Ling’er gently rested her head against my shoulder as she turned to admire the scenery around us. I smile gently as I gently shifted Ling’er closer into my embrace with my arm as I also turned to admire the beautiful scenery around us.

Around the slab of stone was the result of Ling’er and my hard work over the months. An assortment of colorful, non-poisonous flowers were found from the a nearby forest and were replanted here carefully to decorate the scene, turning the once barren area to one with brimming life.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” I couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

“Mmm,” Ling’er softly agreed.

I smiled as I took a glance at the beauty in my arm. It was only during peaceful times like this that I could enjoy a talk such as this with Ling’er, and I can never get enough of it. Hence, I continued the conversation, “Which one do you like best?”

Ling’er giggled a bit before replying, “You’ve asked this so many times already.”

I also chuckled back as I also realized I am bad at conversations, but I still continued to pester, “I just want to hear it again.”

Ling’er giggled even more as she replied, “The Lover’s Heart of course.”

“Why?” I asked with mirth as I glanced at the pink flower that looked similar to the poisonous Bleeding Heart, yet wasn’t poisonous.

A faint blush appeared on Ling’er’s face as she whispered with a smile, “Because it was … given by you.”

I chuckled happily as I remembered Ling’er’s cute face with a tint of blush when she first received the flower I picked for her. It was this first flower gift that started this beautiful garden of ours. Not only that, this flower also reminded us of the {Lover’s Charm} that was my first gift to Ling’er. I smiled gently as I glanced at Ling’er. Our eyes met once more. A heat arose in my heart as a much deeper blush slowly crept upon Ling’er’s face. I glanced at those tempting, soft lips of hers as I softly shifted her closer with my arm. I then began to lean in and our face pulled closer and closer …


A sudden noise from the temple jolted us to our senses. My mouth couldn’t help but twitch due to the interruption. Did Mr. Aura change the genre of this world to an isekai novel with a dense protagonist that gets interrupted at every turn whenever he is just that close to sealing the deal?! I don’t want to have any of that! F**k off!

Alas, seeing Ling’er’s worried look told me that this situation was not normal. After all, our time at the temple has been very peaceful, and there isn’t anything that would make any loud sounds. Not only that, with our cultivation, we could already hear sound voices making a ruckus in the temple. This temple doesn’t actually receive any visitors normally as its location is a bit remote, so having visitors, especially ones who are making a ruckus once they stepped in, spells trouble.

I’ve endured and practiced the steadiness sutra to keep the plot away, but it seems that it wasn’t enough. After a long time of recuperating power, it seems Mr.Aura has finally decided to strike again.

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