SPA Chapter 119

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Reversal of Fate

Ling’er’s clothes slid to the ground revealing her body, but her lover did not open his eyes to admire it. Ling’er then gently stripped away the clothes on her lover as well, letting them scatter on the ground. She then gently sat her lover against the wall while she sat across from him. Then, she prepared to offer her body to save his life.

Ling’er pulled out a knife as she made a deep cut on the palm of one of her hand. Then, she die the same to her lover’s only hand. After gently setting the knife down, Ling’er smiled gently as she admired her lover’s face before her face turned into one full of concentration. She placed her bleeding palm over her lover’s palm and activated her secret art, blood control.

The Hua family secret arts were not simply a combination of water and earth as that alone will not bring about controllable life. The true secret to their technique was their blood which they had full control over! It was by mixing their blood into their technique that they were able to breathe life into their plants. It was also due to this blood that turned their plants in dangerous blood suckers that can thrive on enemy blood.

Now, Ling’er have used her mastered blood control not to control a plant, but to save her lover’s life. There was a very fundamental skill in the blood control techniques, where one could control their own blood to save another’s life. This is done so by transfusing one’s own blood into the other person’s body while controlling the other person’s blood so it gradually assimilates the blood with no rejection.

However, in order to get rid of the incurable poison in her lover’s body, Ling’er took the skill to the next level. As Ling’er performed her skill, the black poison on her lover’s body gradually shifted towards the extended arm and began to creep towards the outlet that was created. Although the curse wanted to resist and go back into hiding, it was gathered by the blood inside the body of its host and forcefully pulled towards the opening. Ling’er controlled the blood with full concentration as she slowly gathered up all the poisonous curse residing in her lover’s body and shifted it to his extended arm. Once she had made sure there were none left, she opened her eyes to take a glance at her lover. A gentle smile arose on her face as a drop of sweat rolled down her head due to the searing heat of speeding up her blood movement.

Then, she firmly stated, “Switch.”

With a swish, a large chunk of her own blood essence that she had prepared in her own extended arm switched places with the cursed blood in her lover’s arm. Ling’er hurriedly removed her connection between the two hands to prevent the curse from going back. Then, she sliced her other palm gently with the knife on the bed as before reconnecting the two palms. She put her full concentration into assimilating her blood essence with her lover’s blood. It wasn’t long before she bit her lips to endure the pain from the cursed blood spreading throughout her body. Alas, with enough effort, she finally completed her goal of stabilizing her lover’s condition and she immediately cut off her connection.

Ling’er smiled happily even though she was exhausted because she knew she had succeeded. Ling’er gently got out of bed, however dizziness struck her causing her to almost fall to the ground; however, she stood strong. Ling’er gritted her teeth as she struggled to put on her clothes with one hand. Sweat rolled down her face as a trace of black blood leaked out of her mouth. Ling’er smiled gentled as she turned back to look at her lover on the bed. She gently settled her lover into sleeping position and covered him with a blanket.

Ling’er then observed his face, trying to ingrain it into her mind. She smiled gently as she stroke every part of his face, hoping to remember this feeling. His smooth hair, his soft eyelashes, his straight nose, his mouth … She wiped the leaking black blood from her mouth with her sleeves before she slowly bent down and gave him a light kiss on his mouth.

Ling’er swiftly got up as her heart shook. Tears leaked from her eyes as she could no longer bear to hold them back. She staggered back and crashed into the door as more black blood leaked from her mouth. She stared at her lover as her heart was tearing in pain.

“S-squishy .. I’m sorry but Ling’er can’t accompany you any further …”

Ling’er then decisively pushed open the door and began to walk off while glancing at him. Alas, the door eventually closed, serving as the barrier between the two lover’s worlds. Ling’er then smiled sadly as she staggered through the hallway alone, using the walls as support. Suddenly, one of her legs weakened and she collapsed to the ground. She glanced at her right leg and noticed it was already cursed black. Ling’er smiled weakly as she felt more alone than ever. Even so, she struggled up and continued her journey to the back of the temple …

Eventually, Ling’er made it to her destination. It was the wonderful flower garden that her lover has built for her. A bit of happiness bubbled in her heart as a tear rolled down her eyes as she brushed her hands over the Lover’s Heart that he had gifted her. She leaned weakly against the slab of stone that they spent most of their time together at as she admired the flower. At this time, a glob of substance clogged her throat and Ling’er couldn’t help but coughed it out onto her hands. Her hands were now dyed in black blood.

Ling’er glanced at the slab of stone in melancholy as she raised her hand and began to carved out words with her blood onto the stone. As time passed, more black blood leaked out of her mouth as she could feel the curse creeping up her chest. Ling’er weakly wrote down her final word and struggled up as she shuffled past the slab of stone slowly.

Ling’er stared at the dark chasm before her as a bitter smile arose on her face and a lonely feeling settled in her heart. She lifted her hands and pushed it forward to realize that the barrier that was usually there was no longer there. Tears leaked from her eyes as she recalled all she had experienced with him, the one she loved, the one she wanted to be with, but also the one she must leave. Her heart clenched, but she will be brave for him. She closed her eyes and began to take a step forward. She felt the wind caress her face as it brought along a voice, as if someone was calling out to her. Ling’er shuddered as her heart lurched. She didn’t want to believe it. She didn’t dare to look back. She is afraid that once she looked back she would not have the courage to do it. Alas, she couldn’t resist … she opened her eyes slowly and slowly turned her head to take a glance backwards as the curse crept up and turned her face black … will he … miss me?

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