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Steve’s Gaming Corner

Welcome To Steve’s Gaming Corner!

Where you can find your credible source of game info.

— Steve

Are you a gamer as well? Steve is definitely a gamer, and it’s hard to leave out a gamer’s corner since Steve is a gamer. After all, a sufficient but not overboard amount of gaming is always great for stress relief. In this corner of the blog, you can find credible info about Steve’s most recent gaming ventures!

Although some may believe that gaming is no good or a waste of time, to some, gaming is just another way to relax and de-stress, just like the many other hobbies out there that are available for a similar purpose. Of course, you probably have heard of those overboard cases of gaming and their consequences, but do note that unless you can’t control yourself, you should be fine with a small gaming venture.

Of course there’s rare cases where sometimes a new game comes out and you are all the hype about it just like Steve. You would be so immersed in the game trying to find all those hidden Easter eggs until you stress yourself out, causing you to worsen your health. Well, no worries! Steve is here to help you, at least for the games Steve plays. Steve will post what Steve discovers on Steve’s fun and enjoyable journey in this gaming corner, in hopes of enlightening you on the routes to take. Here at the gaming corner you can find guides to games Steve plays, including but not limited to guides to hidden quests! On the other hand, if you want ways to make money for topping up in games, head over to Steve’s money making page to see if any of the tactics there can help you out!

Of course, Steve is not a genius nor will Steve stress Steve out by dumping all of Steve’s time into gaming. So, Steve’s list will not incorporate all of such Easter eggs. Feel free to supplement Steve’s list with comments, and Steve will update the lists themselves when Steve chances upon more.

Before Steve begins, let Steve drop a disclaimer. Steve is not a hardcore gamer that games 24/7 nor does Steve stream popular games for a living. Also, this is Steve’s first time blogging on Steve’s gaming content. Hence, if you find the guides difficult to follow, please do provide feedback on improvements. Also, Steve cannot guarantee that the guides will work for everyone because Easter eggs usually have other hidden conditions that Steve will not take the time to find out. Hence, some players will follow the guide fine while others will end up stuck.

Hence, without further suspense, let Steve begin Steve’s list of current games that you can browse through, and maybe join Steve in Steve’s adventure!

Dragon Raja

Here we have Dragon Raja. Dragon Raja is a new popular mobile MMORPG set in a fantasy, futuristic world. It’s a world where dragons were overthrown by human hybrids that had gained their powers from the dragon, kind of like a certain anime. This game has amazing anime graphics with lots of customization features. There are also lots of content for any gamers to dump their time in, but the game itself warns you to game moderately because it is aware that it has an intense load of content. Of course, this load of content include lots of hidden quests which Steve happened to chance upon a few. Few free to check out Steve’s Dragon Raja guides or join Steve in game! You can use Steve’s referral code for free in-game gifts for both you and Steve: YXUBQ6AD. This can be entered inside the game in the CD Key code entry located in settings.

Like always, Steve must list the drawbacks of a game. First and foremost, this game requires lots of storage space. Besides the listed required space on the app download page, you will also have to download more map contents when you are doing the tutorial. Although the game works fine on Steve’s old phone, another requirement may be that your mobile device has to be able to render graphics fairly well. Finally, be ready to get lost as the maps are really big, and there isn’t much help if you want to navigate it yourself. Although there’s a mini-map for your usage, it is usually very hard to tap on a specific spot on the mini-map and most of the NPCs are all jumbled up or doesn’t show up on it. There is also an overwhelming amount of events and career training may take hours to complete.

Here are some links to the current available guides by Steve for Dragon Raja:

Perfect World Mobile

Here we have Perfect World Mobile. Based off of the computer version Perfect World International, this mobile games boasts stunning graphics in an ancient styled fantasy world of cultivation. There is plenty of content that will consume your time in addition to lots of different ways to get stronger in-game ranging from dungeons to guild contribution to life skills. Of course, there are plenty of hidden quests to complete in order to perfect your adventure and Steve happened to stumble upon a few. Feel free to check out Steve’s Perfect World Mobile guides or join Steve in game!

Unfortunately, there is still drawbacks to the game. The game does require lots of storage space with additional content requiring more space once in-game. Of course, with its stunning graphics, the game also requires a fairly good device in order to render its graphics (else you won’t even be able to start the game as it will display a warning on the loading screen). This game also have lots of ways for players to top up or spend real money, hence there will usually be a fairly large gap between those who spend and those who don’t. Also, some of the classes in this game are gender-locked, which lowers the freedom of player customization (there is still plenty though). Another drawback of this game is that most events and dungeons require you to be in a team, hence this game is hard to play solo as most events will be out of your reach (as you won’t even be able to start them without a sufficient amount of players).

That is all for Steve’s game guide list. As always, if Steve plays different games and decide to add to this list in the future, Steve will update it! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve is not professional gamer after all. Now, go out there and find credible sources for your gaming needs!

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