Dragon Raja Nibelungen Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Nibelungen Realm Guide

Find those hidden realms before others do!

— Steve

Looking for a hidden dungeon that you can grind? One that can give you lots of titles in addition to loot? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon an easy hidden dungeon, called Nibelungen, that you can grind for fragments along with a lot of titles that gives stats!

The Nibelungen is a hidden realm that spawns in many different locations in many maps. You can not see it with the naked eye, hence your vision must be activated in order to see them in addition to enter them; however, Steve knows that you can’t keep your vision on full-time, and the developers know the same. Hence, whenever you pass by a hidden realm, there usually is a message saying that the space around you is fragile or distorted. Even if there was no such message (which does happen from time to time), you will notice a sparkle on the ground as if there is a gem there, and if you were to activate your vision, you will see the realm. Do note that once you enter a realm, it may not spawn again at that same location for the week (at least that’s what the game claims), but the entrance sometimes still does spawn again though so you may be able to camp a spot for the realm usually. On the other hand, there are some that truly doesn’t appear anymore for the rest of the week.

Chat was whited out due to possibly adult content.

Once you are inside the realm, you may end up in one of the many variations of the dungeon. Each variations has its own mini-game you have to complete, mobs you have to fight, or puzzle that you have solve. The variation can be completely random and at the same time you might get a chain of similar variations sometimes. Completing each realm will net you an average of 60-100 Rift Fragment and once you have collected 600 of these fragments, you can combine them to get a random loot with a chance of getting Magic TransQuest, Premium Alloy, Mirage Potion, and Ex Catalyst. Do note that there is not only one realm and it’s possible to complete multiple realms in a day, so collecting 600 is not too difficult. Also, although Steve said that you get your fragments after completing a realm, sometimes you can get your fragments as you kill the mobs in the realm.

After you complete a realm, a message will say the space is being distorted and you will be teleported back outside the realm. You can also choose to leave anytime with the leave button at the bottom of the screen. Note that there is also a timer and if you can’t complete the simple realm within the time limit, the realm will end and you shall not get rewards (besides the rewards you have already received if any).

Do note that some variations of the realm will have complete darkness and vision will be required in order to light up the realm. You may also need vision to be able to see some of the puzzles, hidden mobs, or the mini-games itself. You will need to turn your vision on repetitively inside these realm, but it’s not too much of an hassle. If you didn’t know, your vision is the eye under your character image on the top right.

Although Steve noticed that the realm locations may be fixed, Steve discovered recently the realm locations began to be random. This may be due to an update or it may be the fact that the locations will begin to be more spread out or random after you have entered the realm at least 10 times and gained a title for it. Before hitting 10 entries, the current static locations that Steve knows are of the following, but Steve does not know if they had changed since the update as Steve had not seen them again. Steve is also unsure if a rift will disappear (and maybe respawn again?) if another player uses it; however, you can simply check back once in a while if you don’t see the rift entrance immediately.

There is one in Chizuru by the Ema boards. It’s in the gap between the hedge and the Ema boards which is near the coordinates of 104,206.

There is one in Hydras next to one of the buildings to the far left. The entrance is off to the side of the building in the grassy area near the coordinates of 169,186.

There is one in Siberia Harbor near one of the rocks with a rune symbol on it and near the coordinates of 176,342.

Do note that the above 3 entrances seem to vanish after 10 entries. Steve is unsure if hitting 10 entries into the realm changes anything, but after hitting 10 entries, Steve has only found one consistent spot so far where a realm spawns and it’s behind the cat slot machine in Cassell College near the coordinates 219,295. This is near the central square of Cassell, and as it was too difficult to see the location on the mini-map due to the clutter of NPC names, Steve left the mini-map out.

Although Steve is pretty sure there isn’t a requirement on personalities to trigger the hidden realms’ spawning, Steve is not completely sure where every realm spawns. Head over to the Nibelungen locations post to see most of Steve’s known locations. Steve is also not sure Steve has been to all of the variations. Hence, this guide will be updated as Steve discovers more realms and Steve will only do Steve’s best in explaining each part that Steve has knowledge of. No worries though as Steve has been through a lot of variations, so Steve does hope Steve’s guide will help you. So, let’s close the dimension gap and dive into exploring the realms of variation!

The Little Girl is a Trap!

It is as the title says, the little girl is a trap! In this variation, you will see a little girl trapped inside a barrier. Knowing it is a trap, you still can’t resist but walk into the barrier and interacting with the girl to break the barrier. Afterwards, you will usually get around 30 fragments and a short dialogue will occur. Then, monsters will spawn which you have to defeat (which will drop a couple more fragments). After you defeat them, the realm will be finished.

Just Kill Mobs

This one was fairly obvious, too. A couple of small waves of monsters will spawn and you simply have to wipe them out to complete the realm. Usually this variation is accompanied by complete darkness which makes it a bit more annoying, but not too difficult at all.

Of course, monsters are not all you should look out for. If you are lucky, this variation might be a treasure realm variation where lots of rubber duckies will spawn after each wave of monster! Interacting with these rubber duckies on dices will give you lots of fragments as well! It’s like you have found treasure!

Treasure Realm

You are in luck if you bump into this one as you have no need to fight mobs, solve puzzles, or play mini-games. All you have to do is walk around to find the rubber duckies and open them for treasures! There are usually a lot of them spawning, and it is usually impossible to get them all, but no worries as there will be multiple waves of them. Just chill and open as many as you can. Do note that these treasures may include fragments in addition to other loot such as elemental gems and gold coins.

Lightning and Enchantment

Sometimes you will get a variation where there will be lightning and transparent rectangular barriers that you can walk through. In this variation, you simply need to run through the barriers (called enchantments) in order to break them. Enchantments do disappear after a short interval so you do need to get to them faster enough. There is also a bug where the enchantments sometimes stop showing up, but it is rare. After you have run through a certain amount (Steve hasn’t counted thus far), the realm will end with a girl showing up to say that you will get a reward, and you will receive your reward of fragments on exit. The lightning storms will paralyze you if you end up being struck by them, so do your best to avoid them. It shouldn’t be hard as a red circle will appear on the ground to tell you where the lightning will strike. If you want to run faster to avoid the lightning and make it to the enchantments in time, you may check out the usages of dash in Steve’s Dragon Raja transportation tips.

Note that this variation can appear in multiple environments/maps, including but not limited to the Cassell Library and completely dark cave.

Of course, if you want the Lightning Rod title, it’s clear what you should do. Simply take a couple of strikes from the lightning consecutively.

Transparent Ghosts

When you enter this realm, there may seem to be nothing to do even after running all over with your vision. Do slow down your movement speed and pay attention to your surroundings as there may actually be transparent ghosts floating around. Although they are transparent, they are not invisible so you should still be able to see them as they move, but barely. You will have to kill at least one of them to complete the realm (you can kill more if you are lucky for more rewards, but the dungeon ends very fast after you kill one). Your targeting button and auto will not work against them as you can not target or lock on to them. Hence, the only way to kill them is with an AOE ability that does not require targeting, and you simply have to drop the AOE near the ghost to kill them. There will be occasional bat spawns right after you kill a ghost, and it is usually towards the center of the dungeon. You can kill these mobs for extra fragment loot if you are quick enough.

There is also a variation where there will be multiple ghosts (usually two) and after killing each ghost, treasure chests (rubber duck with dice) will drop (killing one will not distort and end the realm). Although this may have somewhat better rewards, it may be difficult to find both ghosts as they may be spawned far apart. Steve suggests hugging the wall to search, dropping AOE attacks towards the middle once in a while, and using the mini-map to navigate (you can see entire map with mini-map). Remember to grab the rubber duckies!

The Square Puzzle

Note that this is a partially visible puzzle in the dark, but is solved similarly to fully visible one

This variation may also seem empty at first, but the puzzle usually spawns in a corner or center of the dungeon. You will be able to tell it is a puzzle dungeon if you had paid attention to the brief note that pops up at the center of the bottom of your screen as it would tell you to solve the puzzle. It may take a bit of running around with your vision to find it. Steve suggests hugging the wall and simply run in one direction until you see the puzzle. Note that the puzzle may not be visible sometimes without vision, and even with vision the puzzle may only be partially visible. There are also variations where the puzzle is in a bright place and will be fully visible.

This puzzle requires you to turn all the orange colored rocks into green colored rocks. You can do this by interacting with the rocks, but do note that when you flip the color of one rock, the adjacent rocks also flip their colors as well. By adjacent, I mean the ones that are directly adjacent to the rock as in up, down, left, and right, but not diagonal. Although this puzzle may seem to be difficult to solve at first, once you figure out the trick or answer, it should be easy.

Steve is unsure if there are multiple variations of this puzzle, but Steve has only chanced upon the puzzle where you have to change ALL orange rocks to ALL green rocks. This one is very easy to solve as all you need to do is interact with the rocks at the four corners of the square one time each. This should be done in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion (it’s your choice but only choose one). Also, do make sure you know which corner you started at so that you don’t flip the same corner twice. After you flip all the corners, the result should be orange rocks in the shape of a plus sign. Simply go towards the rock in the center and interact with it to turn the orange plus sign to a green one. The puzzle is now complete and you will either get your reward on exit or a rubber ducky dice will spawn which you will need to interact with to get your reward. Do note that there is more than one way to solve this puzzle, so feel free to try it out.

The Dice Rolling Game

In the midst of your realm exploring, you might chance upon a small circular platform with 5 empty spots. There should be a crystal in the middle. This is the dice game. Although it doesn’t look like a dice game at first, after you interact with the crystal in the middle, an NPC named anonymous along with a dice will spawn. Now, you can talk to the NPC to roll the dice after you confirm the message that pops up. You have 5 chances total to roll the dice, and you can choose to stop quit the game anytime by choosing the second option (end on a good note) when talking to the NPC.

Every time you roll the dice, you have a chance of winning and losing obviously. If you lose, monsters would appear which you would have to defeat before you can move on to the next round. They are fairly easy so do not worry, and after you defeat them a chest will appear on the platform (but it’s one you can’t claim if you end on a good note) and you will also get some fragments from defeating the monsters. If you have a winning roll, then a chest will appear on one of the 5 spots on the platform (one you can claim if you end on a good note). Also, even if you end on a good note, you may not be able claim some of the chests you have won with winning roll because there’s a condition that requires you to roll a certain number for the following rolls to unlock the previous or next chests. Unfortunately, Steve is not completely clear on this rule at the moment because this realm variation is much too rare.

However, do note that you cannot claim any chests unless you end on a good note or roll the dice 5 times total. However, there is a risk if you roll for the 4th and 5th time as the dice may break, causing all the chests to disappear disregarding if it was a winning or losing chest. Basically, you may lose all the chests, but do note you can still get a win or loss for the 4th and 5th dice. If you were to win on the 5th dice, you can claim all chests.

There are multiple titles that can be achieved from this variation of the realm depending on whether you win or lose in addition to certain rolls that you make. These titles include but are not limited to Lucky E and Lucky A. Do note that as this variation is a gamble, you might end up leaving the realm with way below average amount of Rift Fragments, sometimes even none.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Nibelungen realm guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you happen to chance upon a new variation, feel free to comment below or tell Steve! In addition, if you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the hidden realm after all. Now, go out there and grind those realms!

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