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Dragon Raja Free Diamonds Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Free Diamonds Guide

Nothing is free, but your time is certainly worth diamonds.

— Steve

Looking for a way to gain free diamonds? Maybe you don’t want to top up, but have the time to grind? Well, you are at the right place! Steve will be listing the ways to gain free diamonds in Dragon Raja here!

Steve knows not everyone has the money to top-up in game, so Steve decided it’s about time to start the guide for earning free diamonds, or crystals, or whatever you would call the free to play special currency (not the coupons that you get from top-up). Steve is still fairly new to the business, but the guide will gradually build up over time in hopes of one day being a great goto guide for earning free diamonds! Of course, if you want your goto guide for top-up, simply head to Steve’s money making page instead for ways to make quick cash that you can use for topping up. On the other hand, this guide is for free-to-play ways for diamonds!

Although Steve is unsure if these methods will work for you as it some of them do require lots of time, Steve is sure it works for Steve. Also, do note that although the diamonds are free, it may not be the loads of free diamonds you are imagining, unless you put lots of time into it. Some of these methods are already known to many players, and you may be one of them. Although this may be the case, Steve just hopes Steve’s guide will help some unsuspecting player in some way while it can also serve as a reminder for those who already have the knowledge. You can also choose to skip certain sections if you believe that you already know the method.

Alas, Steve is still human and has not spent an infinite amount of time on the game nor is Steve a genius hardcore gamer. Hence, Steve does not know all the different ways to earn free diamonds so some may end up not showing up on this list. Steve also did not include the fact that reaching milestones in the gathering of anecdote points can also grant diamonds because you can find guides for anecdotes at the Dragon Raja Corner. Note that these methods do not require investment of diamonds to earn more diamonds, but feel free to use diamonds to make yourself stronger so you can have an easier time with these methods.

Feel free to supplement the list in the comments if you feel like sharing and giving back if the guide helped you! Well, let’s start searching through the list for ways to earn free diamonds!

Daily Activity

This is the most common and known way to earn free diamonds daily. Even those that do not know of it still can earn the diamonds from it! Simply from gaining activity points from all the events you participate in will net you diamonds every day, and plenty of it, too! You can get the bottom of your events menu to see how far off you are from earning the next gift box that can give you diamonds. Each of the diamond gift boxes can give 30, 50, 80, or 200 diamonds! Better yet, there is at least 4 of them that you can earn daily, and you don’t even have to max out your activity points for them!

Steve will drop some quick tips on earning activity points. Note that you only need to do Dragonslayer once to earn the full 18 activity points! You can also leave your car to drive and crash (not finishing the race) to earn the activity points from Fast and Furious. Running solo events like Ace Trip and Crazy Adventure will not take long and they will net you 15 and 10 activity points respectively. You can do Salon of INT (and Gossip Society on Mondays to Thursdays) for 5 activity even if you get all the answers wrong. You can also solo Dragon Hunting (although no recommended unless you really can’t find a party) so that will be another 24 points of activity if you spend some time on it (most likely on auto). DevilAwake can also be done solo as well (if you are strong enough) and with those 12 activity points along with the rest, you should already have enough to earn all the daily diamond chests. You may even be able to skip some solo events if you were to do party events (although it’s better to grind it all).

Bonus Menu Free Diamonds

If you don’t check the bonus menu daily, then you are ignoring a lot of free stuff. Even if you don’t check it daily, do make sure to check it on the weekends!

During the weekends, the bonus menu’s Wishing tab can give you free diamonds for doing pretty much nothing besides simply tapping a couple of times! On Saturday and Sunday, you can water your wishing tree 3 times (can be done one after another after a short delay) for a random amount of diamonds (on average 10 diamonds per watering). Then, on Monday you can harvest the tree for even more diamonds (depending on how many diamonds you earned, it’s basically like a double up). Do note that watering the tree does cost a small amount of gold coins.

Right below the Wishing tab is the feature tab and there are a couple of diamonds you can claim for free in there, too. Usually the game will direct you to claim them as you hit the specific level needed to claim them, but make sure you have them claimed if you haven’t.

On a side note, if you have your account bound with a email, you will get a free Account Pack every week (not sure if it’s a bug). This can be claimed in the Binding tab right under the Feature and Wishing tabs.

Selling Career Products Daily

This is one of those methods that does not take much time, yet many don’t do it! Although this is a common and many people should know about this way of earning diamonds, some players are still in the dark about it. Besides the products you craft to train your career skill levels, do note that you can also make products to sell to the mall! Although the daily amount that you can make to sell is restricted, if you were to sell them daily, it would rack up to a lot of diamonds!

To craft your products for sale to the mall, go to your career menu and select the career you want to create the products in (either cuisines or superstar at the moment).

For cuisines, you would go to the kitchen tab (located towards the bottom right side). After opening the kitchen tab, choose a known recipe on the list to the left (note that you can make recipes above your level!). Make sure you have sufficient ingredients (you can tap on ingredients in the recipe description then the ingredient shop button in the ingredient description to auto path to the shop) and then click the bell with the words backup on it in order to add the recipe to the processing section. You may add up to two recipes to be processed daily. Afterwards, hit the process button (bottom right) and you should be taken to the cooking area (in-game kitchen). Wait for the food to cook, and then all you have to do afterwards is wait for the food to be processed, which takes around 30 minutes per product (1 hour total in this case). You can claim a product once it finishes processing through the same kitchen menu. Then, you can open your bag, select the product, and select to list it for sale. Each piece of food can net you around 3-6 diamonds, and usually there is at least 2 pieces of food in one processing of the product (if you get lucky, you will get more!). With two packages processed, you will, on average, get at least 4 pieces of food for sale!

For superstars, you would choose the goods tab (located towards the bottom right side). After opening the goods tab, you can select a hypermarket product to create from the list on the left hand side. Note that you can only make one of these products daily. Make sure you have the required items to make the product. Then, press the add button to add the product to the processing section. Hit the product button afterwards to be taken to the studio where you will have to wait for the item to be made. Afterwards, you can collect your product in 30 minutes. Then open you bag and you can list your product for sale on the mall for an average of 6 diamonds per piece! You will get on average at least 2 products as well in this case (if you are lucky, you can get more!).

There is a third career where you can open a shop to sell stuff. You can also earn diamonds in this way (about the same amount as other careers on average and it is fairly stable), but it may require more vitality on your part as crafting the products to sell inside the store requires vitality, and you must craft products in order to earn more diamonds. This method does not sound as attractive, but do note that you can train your other career at the same time you are upgrading your shop career, so your vitality will not be wasted. Of course, with higher level careers, the products you sell will net you more diamonds.

Now here’s the real fact! Once you hit 60, you can unlock two careers which means that you can create products of two careers to sell daily! This is profit on both ends, and you don’t even need to level up both careers (of course having higher level means better products that can earn you more potentially). Of course, before you choose your products that you will process, it’s always a good idea to check the mall to see which products sell for a higher average first (usually check the current lowest price for each product).

Training Center

Have you heard about Eva’s training event? It’s not really out in the open on the events list, but it definitely exists! There are actually training dungeons that you can grind every day for extra exp! Not only that, you can also get random loot from them (although it is rare). The training program can be found near your profile or character image. It is next to the peace button. Tapping on the training button will open the training menu where you can select your training location. Note that you can only get drops from monsters near your level! Hence, you should only select the training location of your level (or higher), which is usually denoted in blue. After a small stream of text on the right section of the the menu, you will be teleported to the training area where you can turn on auto to grind.

Now what exactly are you grinding for? Well, Steve knows that one drop that you would want is the Simulation Reward. It is a fairly rare drop, but it contains a hidden surprise inside for you! Steve has gotten a Gold Secret Key (which can drop Eternal Heart Plans, Sakura Duckling, Lady Luck, Crushed Paper Ball, and more) from it before! Of course, what you end up getting in the end depends on luck. Although this is the case, this is still a good place to grind, especially since you can simply leave it on auto grind overnight! Do make sure you have some free inventory space though because you might also get other random junk like food, drinks, cosmetic transformations, and ally exp potions . Although most of the food and drinks are not marketable, if you are lucky, you may get a purple quality food that can actually be sold on the mall!

If you don’t believe this to be true, there is actually proof from the game itself! The game asks you to grind these training mobs for these food items when you do the Tick Tock Anxiety quest (with the other option as buying it which may cost some hefty amount of diamonds!). Do note that there is actually a limit on training, but Steve is unsure what the condition is at the moment.

Grind PVP Points for Gold Secret Keys

If you know what this is, then good for you. These PVP points is one of the many point currencies in the game, and you can’t earn them every day! You can grind these PVP points by doing the Dragonslayer event, and PVP points are the reward for the best ranking section. Steve believes you can also get these points during the Cassell college 1 vs. 1 training arena event on Wednesdays at 22:00-22:30 (in-game time). This is the perfect time to grind the points because you can fight as much as you want (winning/losing usually both gives points but winning gives more). Grinding these points will be worth your time, especially if you trade it for Gold Secret Keys. Although you can only open 3 Gold Secret Keys per week, you can simply save extras for the weeks after.

So why would you want to open Gold Secret Keys? If you didn’t know, Gold Secret Keys is where the real good loots drop. Not only that, its real good loot that can sell! If you hit the jackpot with this key, you may just have gotten at least 500 diamonds for free (on average the jackpot worth are around 900 diamonds, but you know RNG gives you loot worth 100 diamonds most of time). Of course, you can use the loot as well, but if you want those free diamonds for other purposes, you would sell it.

Ranking High on Dragonslayer Board

If you don’t pay attention to the Dragonslayer rewards, then you should! Based on the highest floor you complete in Dragonslayer (and the time you used to complete it if there is a tie), you will receive a ranking on the Dragonslayer board. Besides the PVP points that you can get for ranking high, you also get a set amount of diamonds that can be as high as 1000 for the highest rank! You also will get all the diamonds for each of the lower ranks too so that is a lot of diamonds waiting to be claimed! Alas, you only get two tries to get to your highest rank possible every day, so it may be a bit difficult if you are not strong enough. However, if getting a high rank is too hard for you, you may also get rewards for completing each dragonslayer level for the first time and these rewards include (but is not limited to) diamonds!

Grinding for Friend box

Helping others is always a great thing, and the game rewards you well for it through assist points that can trade for fairly decent rewards. However, what goes unnoticed by most is probably the friend box that you may get from helping friends that have 800 or more friendship points with you (just run enough dailies together as friends or club memebers to raise friendship points. At first glance the friend box only seems to give more friendship points, but note that it also says you might get other items! It is true that you can get other items for it and it is even possible to get loot such as pet skills to sell (albeit not always). Don’t look down on this little box as it may come with anything but little rewards (if you are lucky). Plus, there’s no harm in grinding these because you will be playing with your friends (in-game) as usual.

Sell All Loot

Sell! Sell! Sell! Steve says sell all the loot that you can! Don’t think about using the loot for yourself (unless you are rich) because it’s not worth it in the long run.

You will quickly or eventually out grow your current gear, so if you get a gear drop that you can list on the market, list it for sale! Although you may really want that draconic ability for yourself, note that you can grind for it in the future! You can trade 220 Lost Whispers for a free draconic gear anytime (although the draconic is random)! You get Lost Whispers by dismantling purple gear (2 per gear, usually of gear level 50 or higher). So, there is no need to keep those draconic that you can sell! Of course, there are cases where you get a bound draconic gear so you can keep those for yourself (another reason to sell the draconic ones that you can!).

As for other loot, cosmetic products can be sold! You don’t have to think twice as you will eventually get more cosmetics just from grinding events. Being leader for parties and assisting low level players will also give you points for cosmetics. World boss tokens can earn you cosmetics. There is so much other ways you can earn cosmetics, so there is no need for you to keep on that can earn you the diamonds to make you stronger (which will most likely help you earn more cosmetics in the future)!

Same goes for motor plans and items! Although you can make your own motor now, it’s better to sell it as you can simply keep the free motors that you get from the events (Like the tamer ones). They will be more than enough for you to slowly level up (evolution, refit, and spray all will costs lots of diamonds!)! You don’t need more unless you are rich! It’s best to sell what motor parts you can sell and use the diamonds to upgrade the ones you already own as that would give you more rating!

As for the Mirage Potion, the occasional Stabilized Shard that drops, sell them as well! Every diamond counts, and these are worth at least 10 diamonds each! If you want Stabilized Shard for your gear upgrade, you can wait for a bound one that drops (which occurs much more often than one that you can sell). You can also sell other loots you get like figurines from a claw machine!

Grind Daily PVP Events

This is still unconfirmed, but Steve thought it would be best for peeps to start grinding it. Daily PVP events like Snowmoon BG and Day of Liberty should be played as much as you can. Of course, besides the emblems you get that you can exchange for items, there is a specific series of items you should be grinding for!

If you are a free to play player, you should have noticed the Signed Foil Card that you may have gotten at the start of the game or maybe after you did a PVP event! Note that this series of items are the items you can grind the daily PVP events for! You need the Signed Foil Card, Cassette, Retro Console, and Ghost Car set in order to exchange for a roll in the special gacha machine that can drop extremely good (legendary) loot! Note that these loots are pretty much guaranteed, but it’s still a matter of luck of which exact loot you will get from the list. The list includes yellow loot (Nidhogg’s Wrath), red loots (Exotic Figurine, Source Light Evolution Stone, Pet Support Skill Manual, Pet Refactor Chip), and purple loot (Exotic Motor Plan). The worst loot you can get is purple, so you will win no matter what as even those plans are worth a fair amount of diamonds.

The reason Steve put this as unconfirmed is because Steve still hasn’t confirmed it completely. Many still believe this is a pay-to-win only tactic, and Steve has farmed real hard, but still has not gotten the required Ghost Car. Of course, Steve has already gotten multiple copies of the other 3 items in the series. Do note that the item drop rate is very low for these items, hence it may be even lower for the Ghost Car. It has confirmed that some have gotten Ghost Car as a drop, but it is so rare that it is hard to confirm.

On a side note, you can also get the series of items as drops from opening boxes in other events. For example, you may get a Yakuza peak box (not the Erii box) while doing the Yakuza Peak event and that may drop the item series as well.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja free diamonds guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the game after all. Now, go out there and grind those diamonds!

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