Dragon Raja Transportation Tips

Steve’s Dragon Raja Transportation Tips

Humans can’t beat machines in real life, but in Dragon Raja we can!

— Steve

Looking for tips on transportation in Dragon Raja? Does your motor feel too slow or useless for you? Well Steve can tell you that there are more than one way to travel and that your motor is not useless! Check out Steve’s tips on transportation in Dragon Raja here!

Although Steve is unsure if you already know these tips or have found them elsewhere, know that these tips come from Steve’s experiences in Dragon Raja. Also note that these tips may not help everyone as it doesn’t fit every situation you may be wanting tips for; however, Steve will still do Steve’s best to drop some handy tips that may help most new players and some old ones who didn’t take the time to explore all the different buttons Dragon Raja has to offer. If you need more in-depth assistant, it’s best you seek a guide like the system architect instead of Steve who only provides basic tips. Without further delay, let the ride begin!

Quick Guide on Mini-Map

Before we head into the tips for movement, let Steve give you a quick guide on the mini-map, the function that can allow your transportation to be so much easier, especially if you are looking for a specific NPC. If you believe you know how to use your mini-map well enough, feel free to skip this section. Otherwise, the basics will be mapped out in your brain once more.

To open your mini-map, tap the top-right corner of your screen, above the quest log and where the battery in addition to the WiFi symbols are. Don’t accidentally tap too far to the left as that would be the camera icon which would open the picture taking interface.

With the mini-map open, you should see a small map of your current location. To find yourself on the mini-map, look for the blinking yellow circle that has a ripple-like effect. To the top left is the weather and time data for your current map which could be handy for some time-related quest. Correct Steve if Steve is wrong, but Steve would assume that each 10 minutes in real life would represent 1 in-game hour. Hence, you can check the weather for next 4 hours or so (a day of in-game time) by tapping the weather report list which should reveal a list of weathers.

On the top right, you will notice the name of the map along with a pair of numbers which is your current location’s coordinates. Right below that is a switch with a selection list. This switch lets you switch between different channels of the maps (assuming there are open channels due to too many players on the map). Then you will notice a searh bar along with a section for all the NPCs along with scenarios that you can auto-path to on your current map. Most maps may only have a couple while some map like Cassell College will have a lot, hence the search bar will come in handy for those populated maps. You can tap on the names on this list to auto-path to the NPC or scenario on the map. Note that the NPC list and channel switch may not appear in most dungeons, but you may be able to switch channels in the world boss dungeon.

On the bottom right is a globe which you can tap to open the world map. This world map is where you can tap on different labels to open the mini-map for each of the maps. Then, tapping any spot on those mini-maps will teleport you to those maps (unless you are at a location, event, or interaction that prevents you from teleporting).

You can also tap on the mini-map and use it to navigate to different parts of the map on auto. The mini-map will also feature some noticeable landmarks such as a lighthouse or a building which will allow you to have an easier time to determine where you want to go.

As for the effect option in the bottom left corner, Steve has not figured out what it does yet as it doesn’t seem to have an effect on the mini-maps.

Dashing Instead of Riding

Did you know there is a faster way to travel besides riding your motor? Steve can tell you right now that dashing is definitely much faster than a motor! Of course, some motors will outperform dashing in certain maneuvers, but for most cases, dashing will be a much better choice! Most maps where riding your motor is allowed also allows dashing, and some maps, like Tokyo that doesn’t allow flying, still allows dashing which is essentially flying! Better yet, dashing allows you to climb buildings, as if you were running on them! How cool is that?

Now you may be wondering if dashing is truly faster than riding a motor. Well, the truth is that it is, by a whole lot, too. You will definitely be able to see the difference in speed when you compare dashing and a normal motor like the hover-board as the difference in speed is clear! Dashing can be used to run faster on land, flying faster in mid-air, and also climb straight up buildings. There is also the option to fly upwards in mid-air if you were to press the dash key a couple of times consecutively. Also, just like a motor, dashing does not require stamina so you can continuously dash nonstop. Dashing will also automatically help you get over obstacles and you just need to press the joystick in the direction you want to go. Unlike a flying motor where you have to use the rise button, dashing will automatically help you climb up buildings or jump over obstacles like benches or poles.

Also, when you use dash, you can actually queue a evade for when you land! In the midst of your dash before you land, simply tap the evade button which will cause nothing to happen, but once you land, the evade will automatically happen. Note that you can also switch from flying on your motor to dashing in the midst of your flight by simply tapping the walk button to cancel your motor and then using dash afterwards to continue your journey. You can also use dash for a quick burst in speed for a short distance by tapping the dash button and then tapping the fall right after . This will ensure that you would stay on the ground while speeding up a bit as if you are sprinting.

Of course, dashing also has its drawbacks. Dashing is better for traveling in straight lines. Although you can make turns fairly easily while dashing, you can’t make sharp turns like you would with a motor as easily. It is still possible if you simply practice a little. Another demerit about dashing is that you will gradually descend in height over time. It will be difficult to rise straight up into the air like you can on a motor as you will need to constantly raise your height manually by dashing again or you’ll end up back in walking state on the ground. This leads to our next demerit of dashing which is that you can’t use dash on auto-pathing. Dashing can only be done manually, and it is probably one of the reasons why dashing is much faster than a motor that you can ride on auto. Finally, to land while dashing, you will have to use a separate key called fall which will bring you to an abrupt drop. If you do not use the fall button, you may risk taking heavy fall damage.

Having More Motors is NOT Useless

Have you wondered if your motors that you aren’t using is actually going to waste? Or maybe you thought that motors were just decoration or just for transportation? Well, Steve can tell you they are not useless as they give stat buffs! The stat buffs from each motor are like a permanent passive, and having more motors mean more stats! Do notice how your rating actually goes up when you create a new motor and do note that you haven’t equipped it at this point! Also, when you change your motor, your rating will not change as the stat buffs were already applied.

Besides your main motor stats, refitting and spraying your motor can also give it more stats! The decorations are not just there for show as they actually give stats! These stats don’t come from actually equipping or displaying the decoration, but it comes from unlocking the decoration! Hence why some of the decoration that gives better stats actually require your motor to be evolved to a higher rank. Of course, evolving your motor causes it to give more stats as well.

Motors, such as flying ones, will allow you to get to places that would be difficult to reach otherwise. For example, you can fly straight up to reach the top of a curved building (like Cassell College Library) with a flying motor whereas you will never be able to jump or climb up the same building. Besides the assistance in getting to hard to reach places, motors may also help you pick up a partner. Most motors are two-person motors (with some rare 3 or 4-person motors) and allow you to have someone ride with you! This means you can pick up that cute girl or carry your newbie friend on adventures with you.

Of course, upgrading and building new motors is an extremely expensive ordeal. Besides the free ones you may get, it’s extremely expensive or difficult to get the other ones, especially the good ones that gives lots of stats. Do note however that your motor collection is an accumulation and you can take your time in collecting in addition to upgrading them. Of course, if you don’t want to wait, you can simply top-up, and if you don’t have the money for that, try heading over to Steve’s money making page and see if any of the tools there can help you make a quick buck for topping up. Although the motors do buff your speed, not all motors will give you a noticeable speed buff as you may seem just as slow as before. Finally, motors are split into flying and lands, and you will need to collect each individually for specific performances (for example land motor is faster than a flying one when running on flat land).

Where You Tap To Teleport To Map Matters

When you decide to head to another map, did you know that depending on where you tap, some maps will deliver you to different spawn points? For example in the Siberia Harbor map, if you were to tap near the north east corner, you will spawn near the orphanage. If you were to tap on the south west part of the map, you will spawn near the Christmas tree. Although this different spawn point doesn’t seem like a big deal as in the end you will get to where you want, do note that if you know how to control this, you will have an edge of getting to exactly where you want! For example, if you needed to go to the Christmas tree for a quest like Voice Bond, tapping on the Christmas tree location on the mini-map might spawn you in at the orphanage which would mean that you will have to travel an extra distance to get to the tree. However, if you were to tap on the lighthouse for example, you will spawn at the tree and you would simply need to control your character manually afterwards as you are already there! It is definitely worth it to figure out the different spawn points in a map!

Of course, not every map has different spawn points as usually only the big ones do. Also, unless the spawn point is your final destination, knowing the spawn points may not help you get to your location as efficiently as simply tapping at your location on the mini-map. Also, tapping on the mini-map may sometimes not get you to the right spawn point as your tap may be off by a little, and it’s difficult to tell. Also, not all spawn points have interesting quests that you need to go there to do as they might simply be a spawn point used to get to a NPC faster. Finally, it may take time to figure out the spawn points of every map, and it may not be worth the effort if you don’t use it often. This tip is only good for those that want to control where they spawn as the spawn point is their final destination (or extremely close to where they want to go for their quest).

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja transportation tips! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the game after all. Now, go out there and start getting to your final destination faster!

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