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Top 5 Worst Ways To Your Hands

Steve’s Top 5 Worst Ways To Your Hands

If you were to hand in your hand washing report, will you get an A+?

— Steve

You are washing your left hand, washing your right hand, but are you sure you are washing your hands right? Of course, some may argue that there is technically no right way to wash your hands because as long as the final result is clean hands, then that is a result you can hand in. Well, no worries! Steve here will not give you the correct ways to wash your hands! Instead, Steve will tell you what Steve believes to be the top 5 worst ways to wash your hands!

Although some may believe that washing your hands is a simple task, Steve can tell you that they are right. Washing your hands is a simple task, and there’s no arguments to that. Although washing your hands is a simple task, there are still many who fail to wash their hands correctly or cleanly. Bad hand washing habits are ingrained in most people’s habits. Even Steve has bad hand washing habits sometimes, and Steve can’t blame most for taking that quick rinse as Steve knows we are all busy people. Even so, Steve believes Steve should point out the worst ways to wash your hands in hopes of persuading some to avoid washing their hands the very wrong way.

Of course, you can find some of these ways to wash your hands to be very common or familiar. After all, most of them is something that we have already ingrained into our daily bad hand washing habits. Do not fret as maybe Steve can persuade you with Steve’s words to begin to avoid these hand washing habits of yours.

Before Steve begins, let Steve drop a disclaimer. Steve is not a medical professional in any way. Steve is just like every normal person out there, and Steve’s list was made using Steve’s common sense along with simple online searching. The most important part of this message is: don’t try these at all to prove them right or wrong. Although some of them seem to bring you no harm, it’s best to curb bad hand washing habits rather than practice them! If you want to learn about good hand washing habits, go find a credible source elsewhere!

Hence, without further suspense, let Steve’s top 5 list of the worst ways to wash your hands rinse this page.

1. Using Unclean Water

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Washing your hands is a good habit, but that is only if you wash it with water that is clean enough to actually clean your hands. On the other hand, if you use unclean water that may not necessarily clean your hands, Steve just wants to know if your hands are actually getting cleaner or more dirty. So what does Steve mean by unclean water? Steve means that the water is not suitable for washing! This may encompass lots of different types of water, and you can find Steve’s top 5 worst waters for washing your hands over at the other article. Honestly, it’s clear you should wash your hands with clean water, not any sort of water that would bring harm to your hands or cause your hands to be more dirty. Of course, if you don’t have access to unclean water, Steve can’t blame you, but you might want to consider if it’s actually worth it to wash your hands in unclean water rather than simply keeping them dirty. The final goal of washing your hands is to clean them, but if washing your hands in unclean water can cause them to get more dirty, you might want to find other sources of water.

2. Quick Rinse With Minimal Scrubbing

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Alright, Steve understands everyone is short on time and may have very busy schedules. Even Steve feels Steve doesn’t have enough time, especially when it comes to hand washing. Hence, the most common habit for most is a quick rinse or a quick wash of our hands. Okay, there are probably people out there who could do a fairly good job in cleaning their hands thoroughly very quickly; however, for the normal peeps like Steve, a quick rinse means a shorter time in washing our hands. This literally means a shorter time in washing our hands which usually results in a hand washing session that does not thoroughly clean our hands as we won’t have enough time to scrub our hands thoroughly. You must know that the washing of your hands truly depends on the constant friction that you make through scrubbing over time. If you don’t scrub long enough, you might not have scrubbed all the dirty particles off! There are plenty of online sources out there that tell you that you that proper hand washing technique requires you to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Honestly, this is not long at all! Yet, many still want to shorten this time to 10 seconds or maybe even 5 seconds! Steve doesn’t have to wonder to know what is going on in their minds because Steve also has such a habit, but Steve still says to try your best to curb this bad habit! A wash that is too short is basically like not washing at all.

3. Partial Hand Washing

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So you may want to shorten the time it takes to wash your hands and decided that it would be quicker to simply wash certain parts of the hands. Maybe you only believe that a certain part of your hand is dirty so you only wash that one part. Honestly, some may think that this will save water as you are only using enough to wash certain parts, but Steve says you’re wrong! You are still going to use the same amount of water to wash one part of your hands compared to the entire hand! After all, the volume of water flowing out of your faucet will be the same whether you wash one part of your hand or the entire part. The only difference between washing one part of your hand versus the whole hand is the minor insignificant difference in time. Do note that if you wash your whole hands, it still might be possible to finish within the same amount of time as washing one part of your hand. Not only that, washing your whole hands will ensure you that you won’t miss the part that you wanted to wash! There is not much benefit in washing your hand partially as you might miss out on other dirty parts of your hand and it might be more difficult to wash as you would try to not get the other parts of your hand wet! Not only that, if only one part of your hand is clean, it doesn’t mean your hands are clean, so you still risk having unclean hands in the end. After all, it is too difficult for our eyes to differentiate between which part of our hands is truly dirty and which is not because what we see as clean may not actually be clean when you zoom in.

4. Washing With Still Water

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Alright, some may believe that it is not necessary to have running water to cleanly wash your hands. After all, a bucket or tub of water should do the job, and it is clear that it works as it suffices for most cases. Honestly, there is no problem with washing your hand in still water as long as the water is clean and the pool of water is large enough. It should clean your hand just like under running water, except that you are probably missing out on some important points of hand washing whilst using still water. One clear thing you can’t do properly with still water is that you can’t use soap properly. If you have soap on your hands and you wash your hands in still water, the soap will end up contaminating the water. Now, you have soapy water and that is not something you would want to wash your hands in according to Steve’s top 5 worst waters for washing your hands. Assuming you don’t use soap, you will still end up with a pool of contaminated still water as whatever you are trying to wash off will end up in the water. Then, as you continue to scrub, you are actually using the now contaminated water to reapply what you are trying to scrub off back onto your hand. Wow, it’s like regular hand washing but with reduced positive results in many cases. Unless you are really trying to save every bit of water you have, you might as well poor the water from the container onto your hand to have a small, self-made stream of running water.

5. Not Using Soap

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Alright, many may believe that it is not always necessary to use soap to wash your hands. Or maybe it’s just a bad habit to not use soap as it is much faster to just rinse your hands. However, you must know that using soap is listed in the proper procedures of washing your hands for a good reason. Although a rinse with water may get rid of the dirt that you can see with your eyes, there are a vast amount of bacteria, particles, and other organisms your eyes cannot see that may still live on your hands. It is the soap that will be in charge of killing off some of these harmful organisms. So if you were to neglect the usage of soap, these organisms will continue to live on your hands until you deliver them elsewhere, like your mouth for example. Although having soap on your hand for long periods of time may cause some side effects, but the point of washing is to kill the harmful organisms with soap before rinsing them off with running water. This means the soap won’t be on your hands long enough to cause any major side effects, unless you have very special medical conditions like allergies to soap. You may think that the organisms may be scrubbed off with water alone, but do not that if the organism is living, it has a higher chance of clinging on to your hand even if you scrub hard, or maybe it’ll switch over to the other hand you are scrubbing with. Hence, don’t let the tiny organisms turn your hand washing into a soap opera, just wash them away with soap.

That is all for Steve’s top 5 worst ways to wash your hands. As always, if Steve thinks up of more to add to this list, Steve will update it! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve is not professional after all. Now, go out there and find credible sources for teaching you how to wash your hands properly!

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