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Top 5 Worst Water for Washing Your Hands

Steve’s Top 5 Worst Water for Washing Your Hands

If you can’t drink it, you might not want to wash with it.

— Steve

You stare at the water you have access to and you couldn’t help but wonder if you should stick your hand in it or not. There are lots of considerations to take into account, but as long as it cleans your hands, you think that it should be fine. Well, Steve is telling you to stop right there! Please make sure you’re not dipping your hands in these waters as they are what Steve believes to be the top 5 worst water for washing your hands!

Although some may believe that it is safe to wash your hands in any water or fluids, but Steve can tell you that it is common sense that there are water that you should not wash your hands in! Although it may seem like there won’t be any problems since you are not drinking the water but washing with it, do note that even your skin can not protect you from everything! Hence, Steve believes Steve should point out the worst water for washing your hands in hopes of persuading some to avoid washing their hands the very wrong way.

Of course, you can find some of these waters that are bad for washing your hands elsewhere as they are common sense. On the flip side, you can easily find lots of content on good ways to wash your hands online. Please don’t take this source as your good hand washing habit because it definitely isn’t. This is Steve’s worst water for washing your hands, and most of it includes water that you shouldn’t even think about washing your hands with.

Before Steve begins, let Steve drop a disclaimer. Steve is not a medical professional in any way. Steve is just like every normal person out there, and Steve’s list was made using Steve’s common sense along with simple online searching. The most important part of this message is: don’t try these at all to prove them right or wrong. Even if you think that it probably won’t bring you harm, Steve says to not risk it!

Hence, without further suspense, let Steve’s top 5 list of the worst water for washing your hands rinse this page.

1. Washing Your Hands with Dirty Water

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Steve understands that not everyone has access to clean water, and that some may not have the leisure to wash, but this is for those that do have access to clean water. If you still are using dirty water to wash your hand when you have clean water access, Steve is just wondering what is flowing through your mind. Dirty water has the adjective dirty in front of it for a good reason. Unless your hands are more dirty than the dirty water, dirty water can only be used to make your hands more dirty, not clean them! Even if your hands are more dirty than the dirty water, even if the hand is “cleaner” after the wash, the end result will still be a dirty hand! Although some may argue that there is a low risk in using dirty water to wash your hands as your skin would protect your hands, you never know when you might have a tiny unnoticed cut that would allow you to get infected by bacteria which may lead to an infection. Honestly, there’s not much of a risk in this as you may even consider your hose water to be dirty; however, the big takeaway is that dirty water is water that doesn’t clean your hands, but make it more dirty. Now why would you do that when the whole point of washing your hands is to clean them?

2. Washing Your Hands with Contaminated Water

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Alright, some may consider dirty water to be contaminated as well, but Steve denotes contaminated water as water that you shouldn’t even drink as they are dangerous. These may include water that has been contaminated by radiation, pollution, chemicals, blood, pathogens, feces, and more. It is clear why you shouldn’t drink these dangerous water, and you also shouldn’t wash your hands with them either! These water are the types you would probably wear personal protective equipments before engaging with, and they are not for washing your hands! Besides not cleaning your hand as water is supposed to, contaminated water can cause you to contract a disease or make you sick in one way or another! Although different sources of contaminated water has different degrees of risk, it’s best not to wash your hands in any of them and be risk free! Having a dirty hand may sometimes be better than a hand that is carrying a potentially deadly disease as a contaminated hand may not only just bring harm to you, but it may also bring harm to others. If you know you have contaminated water on your hands, you should rinse it off with clean water immediately, and in the worse cases such as irradiated water or if you have an open wound on your hand, you should go see a medical professional immediately!

3. Washing Your Hands with Bleach

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So you have access to bleach and you may have thought that it is a good idea to use bleach on your own hands instead of an item. Maybe you heard of people who drink bleach and ended up somewhat fine, so now you believe that washing your hands in bleach should be no problem as you consider it to be water. After all, you believe bleach will kill all the dirty pathogens and bacteria on your hands. Well, Steve can tell you that bleach is not water even if it may look or feel like water. You can simply head over to EnviroKlenz and read about some nasty effects of bleach on your hands. Did that convince you to not wash your hands with bleach yet? No? Well, the FDA is already warning people to not drink bleach, and you can read all about it over at sciencealert. Honestly, if it’s something you can drink, you might want to consider having any contact with it in the first place. Your skin can only protect you so much, and if you feel that killing your skin helps clean your hands, you might want to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. It’s pretty clear from many articles online that your hand doesn’t have only bad bacteria, but it also have good bacteria that helps to protect you, and if you use bleach to set off an indiscriminate massacre, those innocent defenders of yours will drown to death, leaving you vulnerable to future invasions. Steve says, “Keep bleach out of reach!”

4. Washing Your Hands with Boiling Water

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Steve understands washing your hands with hot water is a proper hand washing technique encouraged by most sources; however, that only includes hot water, not boiling water that can harm your hands. If your hands can survive through boiling water like those magicians, scientists, or kung fu masters, then good for you, but if you’re just a normal peep like Steve, please don’t try this at home. It’s clear why you shouldn’t wash your hands in boiling water as it’s common sense. Most even have an instinctual reaction when they touch something too hot for them. Although boiling water may kill most of those harmful bacteria, do note that it also kill your hands thoroughly, which may include both cells and nerves. Boiling water can cause third degree burns and you can find out about how serious that is over at MedicalNewsToday. Even a small drop of boiling water may have a fairly high chance of causing a painful burn to your hands, let alone washing your hands in it. That boiling water will cook your hands well done, and you definitely aren’t going to be eating your own hands, so what are you even washing your hands in boiling water for? In the first place, why do you even have a source of running, boiling water for you to wash your hands in? On the other hand, if you have boiling water in a pot, you should be running veggies or ramen through that boiling water, not your hands!

5. Washing Your Hands in Soapy Water

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Alright, there should be no problem with washing your hands in soapy water as this is a common requirement to wash off all the bacteria on your hands, but if you are washing your hands only with soapy water, then there’s a problem. Do note that the proper procedure is to rinse your hand with clean water after you wash your hands with soap! If you simply wash your hands with soapy water and leave your hands to dry like you do with hand sanitizer, you honestly need to rinse your hands with clean water before it’s too late. Soap is not hand sanitizer! Soap is a base, the opposite of acid. If you have base on your hands for too long, it can serve as an irritant that can cause your hands to be irritated and give birth to rashes or other skin conditions. Even worst is if you leave the base on your long term unattended as that may truly cause damage to your hands. Don’t think that only acid is dangerous because base can be just as dangerous. Honestly, if you simply wash your hands with soapy water, you will feel that slimy coating on your hands all the time, and why would you not bother rinsing that off? Of course, some may believe that it would be fine if the soapy water only contains a small percentage of soap; however, you must also consider the fact that the dried soap on your hands may have the chance of entering your stomach if you were to eat using that hand. Besides the unpleasant taste that it would bring to your food, it might cause you harm in the long term if you ingest too much over time.

That is all for Steve’s top 5 worst waters for washing your hands. As always, if Steve thinks up of more to add to this list, Steve will update it! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve is not professional after all. Now, go out there and find credible sources for teaching you how to wash your hands properly!

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