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Dragon Raja Short Anecdotes Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Short Anecdotes Guide

Quench your points thirst, clear those quests quickly!

— Steve

Looking for a list of hidden anecdotes to do? One with many different hidden anecdotes that you can complete separately? Well, you are at the right place! Steve has made a compilation of all the hidden, short anecdotes that Steve has knowledge of.

Welcome to Steve’s compilation of hidden anecdotes. These anecdotes usually do not require much time to complete as they are rather short. Some may require only one simply action while others may require talking to a couple of individuals, but they are all simple. However, there are lots of them and will be more in the future! Note that more guides will be supplemented over time (or maybe another post will be started).

Although this list may contain a lot of anecdotes, do note that Steve does not know all of them as Steve is still finding them. Additionally, Steve is unsure on the exact conditions on triggering them regarding personalities or level, but Steve does know that some sort of hint should pop up in your tales quest list (with the quest shown as ???) if you have met conditions to trigger the quest. Also, even if Steve knows about one, Steve won’t be posting it until Steve knows Steve can complete it (or else how will Steve guide you through it!). Do note that many of the anecdotes found on this list can also be found elsewhere, but Steve will write about them based on Steve’s experiences. With this rather short introduction, let’s start our short anecdotes guide!

Money Maker, Blossoms Rain, Reticent

This is a simple one where you only have to enter some words. You should be able to do this at any computer terminal (but suggested Principal’s office as others are not confirmed to give title). Computer terminals are in Principal’s office chair, Tokyo Tower by the elevators, and the large computer in Icy Lair. Simply interact with any of the objects and choose to enter command. Commands should be all lowercase letters without quotes. Note that these commands can be done everyday!

Enter “show me the money” to complete Money Maker. If you have the ripped page from Enxi, you may also get 10k gold coins.

Enter “show me the flower” to complete Blossoms Rain.

Enter “no glues” to complete Reticent.

Leader’s Query

This can also be done in the Principal’s chair. Choose the look around option when interacting with the Principal’s chair. Keep doing this until a message pops up (not Eva) of a male talking to you about the Principal being a collector. After going through the dialogue, Leader’s Query should be complete. Note that you can only sit in the chair and look around a total of three times per day (real-time) as after that no random events will pop up. Hence, although this quest is short, it may take more than one day to do depending on how lucky you are.

Strange Mark

In the Principal’s office, you can interact with the globe. Interacting the globe should trigger a monologue where you notice a strange green mark on the globe.Talk to the Principal nearby, and the rest of the quest should have an auto-path using the quest log.

Waiter Adams

If you talk to Eva (in Principal’s office), there should be an option to greet her (if you don’t see it, you probably don’t meet some requirement). This can be done once a day. Usually, nothing will happen after the greeting, but there is a random chance that this anecdote’s quest will pop up. You will know it has triggered if the quest to talk to Eva pops up in your quest log along with Eva having a quest mark above her head. Talk to Eva and she will tell you to try Adam’s food. Interact with the food on the ground nearby. Then, talk to Adam and choose to pay him the highest tip (500). Then, talk to Eva again to complete the anecdote Waiter Adams.

The “Chosen”

This one requires you to be struck by lightning at a specific spot. Although a bit of luck is involved, usually the lightning will strike you fairly often if you stand at certain spots. Right in front of the Principal’s statue in Cassell College works pretty well in stormy weather. Steve was able to get the title standing next to (not on) the billboard on the tallest building in Chizuru.


This quest is also known as Lovers and Floriography. Note that this quest might require a fair bit of waiting. To trigger this quest, head to the back of the Principal’s Office building in Cassell College at a time that is at least after 2am (in-game time) but before 6am. You should find a couple hidden in the boxy area in the garden (towards the middle of the garden). Talk to the male NPC Rauss and it will trigger the quest.

Now you must wait until at least 3 different sets of dialogues occur between the couple (repeated dialogues don’t count). This may take a while so it’s best to go earlier (3am) because the couple will disappear in the morning (leaving map may reset dialogue to start). Once 3 different sets of dialogues occur, a question mark (quest icon) should appear above the male NPC Rauss. Talk with Rauss and he will tell you go to buy some flowers.

Go to the flower girl in Cassell College by the claw machines to get some free flower (you will make a choice probably). Bring the flower back using the quest auto-path and the quest will be complete (Note that this part can be done even when couple disappears). In addition to the anecdote point, you will earn two titles, Third Wheel and Well-fed for Today. (Congrats on being fed dog food!)

Universal Quiz

Go the the library and interact with the telescope. Keep interacting until a guy pops up telling you to head over to him to take a quiz (this is based on chance). Go take the quiz and Universal Quiz should complete (regardless of answers?). Do note that you can only interact with the telescope 3 times per day and further interaction will not trigger quest.

Thither Line

When you interact with a phone booth, you may have a chance at receiving a random phone call from unknown. Simply do not pick up the call and Thither Line should be completed. Note this quest completely relies on chance, and if you broke your phone booth (denied access) like Steve (fortunately after Steve completed this quest), then you may not be able to trigger it.

Steve was also able to get this medal from refusing to pay the fee to the random caller that asks you to pay for your bills in Cassell College. So Steve is unsure if there is only one way to get this medal or if it is possible multiple ways.

Sanitation Mode

This one will take a short amount of your time everyday, depending on luck. Steve suggests picking up trash in the central square near the news society girl. Keep picking up trash on the ground until you get a message from the news reporter girl for an interview (note that there is a limit to the number of trash you can pick up per day). Head over and talk to the girl for a brief interview, then pick up another piece of trash to complete Sanitation Mode.

Mysterious Place

You can find the happy go lucky girl by the wishing fountain (center of the map) in Cassell College when the Club 95 entrance opens (not sure if you can find her if the entrance is not open). Simply talk to the girl and go through the dialogue to get both the password to Club 95 and the completion for the anecdote Mysterious Place.

Scattered File

This one also involves picking up trash. Whilst picking up trash, you might chance upon a secret file. Simply choose to read the file and if you found something good from it, you will complete Scattered File. Usually it should complete on your first read, but Steve doesn’t know if that is based on luck or not.

Resonant Cypher

This is a further branch of the above trash picking anecdotes. When picking up trash (or throwing away trash in bin), you might chance upon a note fragment. Collect 3 note fragments in order to combine them into an assembled sheet. This assembled sheet will give you a random trash pickup note. There is a random chance that you will get the Someone’s Note needed for this anecdote. Once you get the notes, use it and you will be given two choices. Choose to read it carefully (not sure about other option) in order to complete the anecdote Resonant Cypher.

Mystery Drink

Head over to a group of vending machines (Steve suggests the ones at the cafe). Simply interact with a vending machine and continuously buy the whatever drink (Steve suggests buying one at a time and exiting from the interaction to check if anything happened). Eventually, you will get a Mystery Drink that allows you to feign death and Mystery Drink should be completed regardless of your choice in the dialogue.

Broken Machine

There should be a moving vending machine robot roaming near the cafe or basketball courts. You can interact with it up to 3 times per day for 3 drinks. There is a chance that the machine will break down once in a while. Simply bring it to Eva (for justice) or try to fix it yourself (with a shake maybe?) to complete Broken Machine.

College’s Voice

Head over to Tia by the basketball courts in Cassell College. Make sure the NPC Pablo is next to her (as the NPCs sometimes don’t spawn when he’s not there). Then, continuously have Tia play her songs (you can play all 3 songs at once). It may take multiple rounds of paying and waiting (each round is 3 songs) before two NPCs (Finn and Grainne) will spawn nearby. You do not need to interact with them. Simply wait for them to walk away and you should complete College’s Voice.

Walking Machine

This one is one based on chance and it is a fairly rare one, even giving a silver medal! You do need to be in a club to trigger this quest. Simply interact with the walking vending machines like normal and you might have a chance at getting an Urgent Letter. Using the letter will tell you to deliver it to your club butler. The club butler can be found on the right side of your club base near the buildings.

Simply talk the the club butler to turn in the Urgent Letter and complete the quest.

No. 7 Pitcher

This is part of the basketball quest and you can head over to Steve’s hard working anecdotes post for details on the basketball quest. Simply score exactly 7 out of 10 shots in one test to complete No.7 Pitcher for a cosmetic free logo for your shirt.

Rhythm Master

All you have to do is interact with a guitar and wait until completion. Steve suggests the guitar in your orphanage home (inside your room with the bed in Siberia Harbor) because that is the true solo performance.


Simply head to Siberia Harbor’s orphanage and go to your room with the bed. Interact with the bed to sleep in it until Z appears to chat with you. Z should appear instantly so there is no need to lie in bed and wait. Regardless of your choices in the dialogue, Steve believes Dreamiover should be finished.

Love you 3000

If you had discover the Love you 3000 note in your orphanage home’s bedside table and thought it was a simple reference to a certain Marvel movie, then you are so wrong. There is actually a hidden quest to this. After reading the note, head out of the orphanage gates and head straight left as soon as you step out. Walk past the Siberia Harbor Specialty merchant Igor and you will find Morgan by the two rocks up ahead. Talk to her and select about your note option to complete Love you 3000. Note that if the girl doesn’t show up, check to make sure you actually have met the conditions (through the tales interface, there should be a hint about the note in orphanage).

Harbor Guardian

This anecdote may take a while to complete and may span weeks if you are unlucky. This is a daily collection type anecdote. Every day (once per reset day), you can talk to the manager NPC in the orphanage of Siberia Harbor and you will have a chance of getting a random short quest (sometimes you won’t get any). The quests include carrying a box into the house (pick up box nearby and walk into house), cleaning up the yard (walk around yard and interact with a couple of objects), making the bed (interact with bed), finding the lost dog (you must choose option to search for dog with everyone else, the dog can be found by Carne NPC), and gossip about Nark. Do note that you may get a quest again even after you completed it. Simply go through all the quests in order to complete the anecdote Harbor Guardian.

The Diary

Simply go to Tsukuyomi Prison and head inside the house. You should find Eri’s diary under the table. Interact with it and you will need to enter the password 214. Reading the diary should complete the The Diary quest (If you can’t read diary or unlock, try playing with rubber duck in the pond).

Eternal Ally

Head to the Hot Spring Resort and find the book lying on the ground next to the table. Keep interacting with it by tapping on it (as an interaction symbol may not appear) until some dialogue options pop up. Select the Luminous route (Never tell Nono that he loves her and will bless her on her wedding with Caesar) and you will be contacted by Luminous who will tell you to get some drinks. Luminous can be found in Chizuru to the right (with an exclamation mark so you can’t miss him). You can talk to him to find out what drinks to get (Steve can tell you it’s Oolong tea, Cola, or Orange Juice so you can grab them before you talk to him). Deliver the drinks and Eternal Ally shall be completed.

Jam Maker, Road Buster

Simply head to Tokyo and stop one moving car on the streets. Keep standing there to cause a traffic jam after which a dialogue will pop up. Choosing any dialogue should complete Jam Maker. Simply jam the traffic once more. Then, choosing to not listen and stay will get you arrested which will complete Road Buster.


Head to Tokyo and go to one of the allies where you will find a trash can with cat meows coming from it. Turn on vision (as nothing happens otherwise) and interact with the trash can. A dog should appear besides you. Interact with the dog to feed the dog. There will be different options each day/week, but it mostly consists of Warm Rice Ball (Hydras Specialty Merchant), Dog Food (Siberia Harbor Specialty Merchant), Pure Water (Vending Machine), or Burnt Steak. Note that you can feed the dog once per week to gain some personality points.

Dark Alley

Head to Tokyo (probably at night) and go into one of the alleys. There should be gangsters or bullies of some sort standing around. Simply talk to one of them (or the victim) and it will trigger the quest. In order to fight the enemy, you will need either 20 justice or chaos points (otherwise there will only be an exit option). Note that you can grind justice points easily by beating up the bully in the random event for fishing (choose the first option to fight back both times in choice dialogue). After defeating the enemies (for justice as far as Steve knows), talk to the nearby NPC (with a question mark above their head) to complete the quest. Simply complete any one of these dark alley quests to gain the anecdote medal (there is more than one and probably can be completed more than once).

Era of Idols

This quest can be triggered by using a payphone repeatedly in Tokyo (preferably the payphone near a road and not dark alley?). It triggers randomly, but you will know it has triggered when a mysterious man pops. The man will tell you he can help you become an idol and follows up with a couple of questions. Don’t hang up on the man, choose to be an idol, and choose the options to pay him (you will need a fair bit amount of gold coins to do this quest (at least 8000).

After the man sends a truck to pick you up, you will appear in a secret dark room. Talk to the man again, but this time don’t pay him anymore. This will spawn mobsters that you have to defeat. After defeating them, you can choose between dialogue options that will affect your personality trait (for example reporting to police will grant you justice).

The Graffiti

Head over to the pizza shop in the upper central part of the Tokyo map (by the giant square park area), and you will pass by a phone booth that says that there may be something on the wall nearby. Turn on your vision to reveal a graffiti on the wall. Interact with the graffiti and it will tell you to get pizza (with sausage?). Simply head over to the nearby female NPC Mori Ayase (now with a question mark above her head) and talk to her. Purchase a pizza salami from her and the quest should be complete.

No More Yesterday

Head over to the large square park in the upper left corner of the Tokyo map after midnight and you will find a homeless man on a bench near the upper right corner of the park. Talk to the homeless man to trigger the quest. You will be given two dialogue option (with one option locked). Steve chose the locked option (after it unlocks) to complete the quest (so Steve is unsure for other options). You will probably need healing personality (most likely but not sure, Steve has over 100) to unlock the option. Going through the dialogue will complete the quest.

Extermination, Evil Nemesis, Fatality, Cleaning Job, Good Neighbor

When you see a Tokyo news notification pop up regarding chaos, rampagers, cosplayers, or monsters, you will have the chance to complete these anecdotes. There are many variations for these easy anecdotes and the guide can be found over at the Tokyo News Guide page.

Lost Report

Simply head to the big computer terminal in Icy Lair and interact with it. Choose look around until you trigger a quest where you get a top secret file that you need to deliver. The quest should pop up in your quest log and you simply need to auto-path to the Ex guy in front of the library in Cassell College. Whether you deliver the file on time or not will only affect your personality, not the quest.

Lonely Monster, Pupil Master, Final Blessing

For each of the respective titles, all you need to do is get the Erii – Duckling, Johann – Sword Swing, or Chisei Gen – Guard figurine from the claw machine once. This is based partially on luck and on how you aim your claw. You need to claw tokens to have one go at the claw machine (claw tokens usually drop randomly from some events). Remember that the claw machine has two different camera angles you can use and it’s best to aim at figurines on edges as they are easier to align. Successfully grabbing the figurine will give you the figurine for your collection in addition to the respective anecdote medals of Lonely Monster, Pupil Master, and Final Blessing.

Home Party Lover

Steve is unsure of exact conditions to get this, but Steve simply got it from participating in multiple parties held by other players in a single day. Perhaps you simply need to participate in a sufficient amount of parties (and max out daily free stuff quota) to complete Home Party Lover. Participation is free on your part, and you will get free stuff (it’s throwing the party that requires diamonds).

The Educated Party-goer

To get this, all you have to do is read 3 specific books within the party environment. It is unnecessary for the party to be on-going in order to get this anecdote done. All you need is to get inside the party room somehow. The 3 books you have to read are the one by the entrance, one on a book shelf (try other shelf if the one you read doesn’t work, any book on the shelf should work), and the one of the table).


Although they don’t give medals, did you know that some interactions will grant you an anecdote point on the first time you do it? Here is a small list of such interactions.

Bathing in the hot spring/bath in Hot Spring Resort.

Playing the piano in Tokyo Tower.

Riding the helicopter in Cassell College (Found on a platform by lonely building).

Riding the dog sled in Siberia Harbor (can be found in orphanage or in midst of driving).

Bonus Gold – Lover’s Tears

Wondering what to do with that random Lover’s Tears item that you get from the moving vending machine? Simply bring it to Seto Matsushima in Hydras, located behind the house of the ingredient shop, and you will be able to sell it for 25,000 gold!

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja short anecdotes guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve at the Dragon Raja Corner! If you happen to chance upon a hidden anecdote not on the list, feel free to comment below or tell Steve! In addition, if you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the hidden quests after all. Now, go out there and grind those anecdotes!

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Short Anecdotes Guide

  1. Anecdotes Eternal Ally
    I already took Johan cuu route, can I trigger the it again?

    From what I remember it need some conditions but I forgot what the condition is, so I can check it my self


    1. You should still be able to do luminous even if you did johann chu I believe. The trigger is random so keep trying. I don’t believe friendship points with Luminous is required because I triggered it even with low friendship points.


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