Dragon Raja Music Box Tale Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Music Box Tale Guide

Memorize this tale’s memory before others do!

β€” Steve

Looking for a hidden tale guide? Not a small one, but one of the six unknown ones on the tales page in-game? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon a gold medal hidden anecdote called Music Box!

Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger this quest, Steve has most of Steve’s point in healing. Do note that since Steve has completed the quest already, most pictures will be of the locations only. To trigger this quest, simply head over to the dorms area (near the dorm manager). Once you are outside of the giant door, a text will pop up in nearby chat as someone is calling for help in unlocking the dorm door (near the coordinates 215,470).

Eva will then tell you to check the book in the library (for lockpicking tip) and go to the Gear department to see if there are any tools to open the door. You can then head up the stairs on the left to see the Gear department NPC (near the coordinates 272,392) who will sell the Universal Key for 10k gold coins. You don’t actually have to go to the library to read the book if you took this route as you can head back down the stairs and go open the door by interacting with the door (a key icon should pop up).

On the other hand, reading the book will teach you the lock picking skill. The book, Unlocking your Unlocking Skills, is located on the book shelf that is two shelves over to the right of the shelf with the red magic circle (near the coordinates 52,45). You must read the book after you trigger the quest or it won’t count. Afterwards, head back to the door and a book icon should appear for interaction which you can use to open to the door (if you read the book correctly, Steve simply flipped through all the pages). Note that you can only either buy the key or learn the lock-picking skill.

After interacting with the door, Arnoia is released. He should appear nearby, so simply go talk to him after which the execution department NPC nearby will turn hostile (after you talk to the one with an exclamation mark). Simply defeat them and talk to Arnoia once more. Arnoia will now run off to who knows where and you must find him again. Eva will not help you as she basically tell you to search the entire school from one corner to the other. Steve will simply tell you that Arnoia should be near a tall tree in the garden behind the principle’s office (near the Church Warden label on mini-map) around the coordinates of 224,165.

Note Arnoia will show up around where Steve is standing.

Talk to Arnoia who will tell you that he is missing his music box. He will then run off once more to find his music box. You can now head to the Cassell Library once more to find the music box lying on the ground. You should be able to find it by a bookshelf with a ladder next to it (not the telescope one but the one near the coordinates 65,65). It should be to the left of the (glass?) window. Before you can grab the music box, you should read the missing persons book on the bookshelf (the one behind the ladder) as Eva is telling you to research on the missing person. You will find out that both Arnoia and Lisha are dead. The end. Oh wait, you still have to resolve Arnoia’s memories and put him to rest. So go interact with the music box to the left.

A memory should pop up showing a dialogue scene between the two lovebirds. Afterwards, a disciplinary teacher NPC Manstein will appear nearby. Talk to him and he will tell you to not break the rules. He may seem random now, but he will tell you the story of Arnoia later.

Now Eva will tell you to find more memories of the lovebird on campus. Simply head to the cafe in Cassell College near the coordinates 210,419. You will have to wait for two NPCs to appear who talk about how the cafe reminds them of Lisha due to the Aurora drink. If they don’t appear, come back another time. Then, go to the table in the middle by the waiter (not the shop keeper guy) and sit down on a chair. Now you will have to be served, which could be one of the hardest parts of this quest. Steve got it to work at around noon (on a sunny day), and the tips from Steve are to make sure you have talked to the waiter before sitting down, and sit down before the two NPCs are done talking. There are other proofs online for other times, but Steve is unsure.

Note this picture is for posing purposes only and does not reflect correct time to sit at chair.

After the waiter serve you the Aurora, another memory should appear where the lovebirds talk about seeing a real aurora together. After viewing this dialogue, you can now go and return the music box item to Arnoia. Arnoia can now be found in front of the building sitting by itself. Simply head down the stairs from the cafe and go straight until you reach a curved pathway. Follow the path and you should see Arnoia near the coordinates 357,315 .

Arnoia does not show up in this pic, but should show up about where Steve is standing.

Talk to Arnoia and after a dialogue of disbelief, Manstein should appear once more. Talk to Manstein who will explain everything (about the story of Arnoia). There should be an interaction symbol nearby that pops up (if you don’t see it, simply walk away from the duo and walk back). After the interaction, a note of some sort should pop up. After reading it, talk to Arnoia who will run off once more. Talk to Manstein afterwards who basically pushes the problem off to you. Eva will then tell you that Arnoia is in the library so head over to the library where you will find Arnoia by the bookshel you found the missing people books in.

Talk to Arnoia until you get dialogue choices. As you probably don’t want him go out of control, choose the friendly ones (Steve has no guarantees on completing the quest if you choose the other mean ones, but it probably will end up the same route) or the ones where “Lisha likes Arnoia” and “remember your promise” (Steve chose these). Arnoia will then run off to see the aurora in Siberia Harbor.

Now you must constantly check the weather reports for Siberia Harbor and wait for a time where there is an aurora (which can be both day or night). Then, during the aurora, head over to the lighthouse and you should see Arnoia off to the right side of the lighthouse near the coordinates of 218,121. Talk to him to complete the quest after which a music box should appear on the ground as a memory of the lovebirds.

This tale was fairly easy tale besides the fact that you have to wait to be served and for an aurora, but it’s one good tale to keep in your memories of 6 unknown tales. The final rewards include anecdote points along with the title Guardian of the Star Rays.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Music Box hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and find that missing memory!

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Music Box Tale Guide

  1. Brooo Idk if anyone have said it b4 but u instead of waiting for aurora, yall can go to camera and change the weather to aurora and he will appear. Th en without exiting, click on him

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  2. I got the waiter to serve the aurora drink a different way.
    It was raining and the girl was talking to the waiter about getting some coffee on this rainy weather, before they start talking about Lisha. I talked to the waiter before sitting down and around the time I was served, the rain cleared up and left a starry sky.


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