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Review on Pure Reiki Healing

Here is Steve’s review on the product, Pure Reiki Healing. Pure Reiki Healing is a training arts manual that claims to help you in preventing yourself from falling ill.

First of all, a disclaimer: Steve has not purchased nor read Pure Reiki Healing, hence all opinions are based off of Steve’s first impression of the Pure Reiki Healing advertisement and the provided info on its affiliate page. Basically, this is not Steve’s book review, but Steve’s ad review as an independent affiliate of the product!

So, some pure explanation on the product by Steve will commence. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that actually exists, but that does not mean that this manual is completely based on that. Even if the manual were completely based on that, some may still be skeptical of the ancient healing art of Reiki itself as it honestly sounds like a massage. However, Steve is not here to talk about Reiki, but the fact that this product claims to be a form of Reiki healing art. As for whether this is a truly credible art, it is still difficult to figure out as the Reiki healing art itself is a spiritual healing art, and when it comes to the topic of spirituality, there are lots one can argue about. Well, shifting away from that spiritual topic, Steve will now guide you through the Pure Reiki Healing ad with all of Steve’s spirit!

Moving on to first impressions, Steve notices that there is both a video and a text page ad! That’s double the marketing effort on the Pure Reiki Healing‘s owners part. Although Steve loves reading, Steve still wants to avoid long blocks of text until the end. Hence, Steve will start with the video first as that is easier to Steve’s spiritual eyes.

Beginning with the video ad, Steve can hear a person providing background information on Reiki, which is a good way to start a documentary. Well, it would be a credible documentary if not for the shocking information that was provided about Reiki. Based on the video, Reiki simply sounds like some godly healing art, just like those in the wuxia novels that Steve reads. Although Steve really does want those awesome wuxia arts to exist in real life, Steve doubt they actually exist, at least not where the public eyes can see. Hence, Steve already doubts the credibility of Reiki itself as there are claims with no scientific proof, but as this is a spiritual product, Steve will let it slide. “Believe what you want to believe in,” Steve says.

Steve then sees the video’s narrator introduce himself, yet Steve has no idea who the narrator is as there was no background on the narrator. Then, the video also claims that the manual can teach you how to become that Reiki master healer! Okay, Steve really doubt how long that will take, and Steve wonders if that is spiritual or not. There is something called a placebo effect, and Steve wonders if this comes into play or Reiki is actually real. Steve doesn’t know, just like how Steve doesn’t know this random person. When Steve doesn’t know the narrator, then the stories won’t sound credible to Steve. It will simply be another random block of text, just like the samples over on the Reiki sample page.

Steve is then shocked when the video claimed that there are scientists already researching this Reiki. Could this mean that superpowers will soon be coming to the world? Yeah, that’s debatable. Of course, Steve would be amazed if it is true as Steve is an avid gamer that would truly want game elements, like life force transferring, be true in reality. Unfortunately, Steve discovered the video droned on with more examples and how powerful Reiki is without providing us info about how credible it is, scientifically. Instead, the narrator claimed that Reiki classes are there to rob your money, yet here the narrator is also claiming that Pure Reiki Healing is not here to rob your money even though it is a class itself! Steve thinks this sounds very contradicting, especially if all the narrator does is make empty claims.

In the latter part of the video, Steve discovered that some of the information began to overlap with the page of text that was provided. Hence, Steve will jump over to the blocks of text with the long scroll bar now. On this page, besides testimonials from unknown people, there was also a bunch of text to persuade you that the deal is a bargain! Wait just one moment, before you try convincing us that it’s a bargain to buy the product, why not give us scientific proof that the product works first? Oh yeah, this is a spiritual product so science will not help us. By the time that science does prove it works, it would already be available to the public probably or be in the grasp of the elites.

Then, there is the awesome marketing strategy of slashing the price of the product. Honestly, it is clear that the final price is decided by the seller and the seller can simply set the price at any value before slashing it in half. This is an attempt to target your money grubbing spirit, but Steve will not fall for such a trick.

Then, there is the section that says you can no nothing where you can risk getting an illness. Honestly, even if you learn Reiki, you are still at the risk of getting an illness. The organisms that causes illnesses are always evolving, and if everyone learns Reiki, there will eventually be an illness that Reiki can’t cure. Now, even if not everyone learn Reiki and you are the special few, it doesn’t mean that Reiki can heal everything as even the narrator already claimed that Reiki doesn’t always work. The narrator also claims towards the end of the video that Pure Reiki Healing will keep you completely safe from illnesses, and Steve can only shake Steve’s head as Steve believes this is just a spiritual treatment, but Steve can’t make the conclusion as Steve hasn’t tried the product. Even if Steve has tried the product, there is no perfect complete safety from illnesses unless you become some omnipotent being.

Finally, there is a bunch of freebies thrown into the deal along with a money back guaranteed. Steve knows they are common marketing strategies. Just know that the seller always make a profit no matter how many freebies you get. Also, there is no fast or instant solutions to most situations, especially if it’s regarding some unknown power that we still do not completely understanding. Know that hard work is still needed even if the seller claims otherwise.

That is all Steve has to comment on for the ad for Pure Reiki Healing. As for Steve’s current verdict for this product, it is still being determined with the help of everyone one of you out there. Like always, Steve shall update this post if Steve finds more aspects to criticize, or maybe when Steve tries the product as Steve does want to have the power of Reiki as well. Now go here and pick faults with this product now or try it out~

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