Dragon Raja Club 95 Guide

Steve’s Dragon Club 95 Guide

Get in the secret club before others do!

— Steve

Looking for a Club 95 guide? Having trouble getting into Club 95? Well, you are at the right place! Steve has compiled a simple guide with brief knowledge on Club 95!

Although Steve is unsure if you must be of a certain level or have certain personality points to get into the club (Steve doesn’t believe there is but who knows), Steve does know that the trigger condition to get inside Club 95 is the announcement that pops up when the club is open. Steve is still currently unsure of the specific times for the club opening (or if it’s simply random), but Steve usually sees the announcement pop up around 14:30 and 22:30 (in-game times, may vary due to server) during the weekends (not sure about weekdays). If you fear that you miss the announcement, you can also head over to the location where the Club 95 entrance is and simply wait there. The entrance to Club 95 can be found near the top right corner of the Highway 95 map near the coordinates 755,770. You will see a matrix looking entrance with a bouncer NPC nearby.

Beginning from the announcement of the Club 95 opening, you will have 10 minutes to get into the club before the entrance will close (limited to first 100 players). Besides entering Club 95 at this time, you can also complete the anecdote Mysterious Place (which can be found in the Short short anecdotes list) to get the password for the club (if you haven’t). Once you go the the entrance of the club, talking to the bouncer NPC will simply have him keep asking if you know the password. The password to enter Club 95 was announced to be “Janus leads my way”. Simply enter this password in the current chat then talk to the bouncer NPC Vidal. The bouncer NPC will now have a dialogue option for you to enter the club.

Entering the club will bring you to a Takamagahara look-alike with different NPCs. You can talk to the guide NPC at the entrance of the club area to get a description of all the events. These may include but are not limited to finger guessing game, midnight racing, mini-game battle, and dancing.

Each of these events may give different rewards (or similar ones) and can be found at different locations of the map. There are solo queue games and duo (couple) games. The finger guessing game can be found on the couch and racing along with mini-game battle at the back right corner. The duo dancing game can be found at the stage area. Steve still hasn’t played all the games yet and Steve will update the guide when Steve does.

Note that all these games usually require there to be other players in Club 95 in order for you to play! This means that if there is no one in the club, you will not be able to play any of them (as far as Steve knows, there are no bots). Although you can sit and keep matching in hopes of another player joining, you will not know when that will happen and there is actually a time limit to your entry to the club (shown at bottom of screen).

Besides the basics of games in Club 95, you can also book the club through block booking. It will be similar to holding a bond party but inside the club instead. Also, there will be different events obviously (Steve is not rich enough to try booking the block yet unfortunately).

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Club 95 guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve or head over to the Dragon Raja Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the club after all. Now, go out there and find that secret club!

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