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Dragon Raja Story of Yesterday Guide

Steve’s Dragon Story of Yesterday Guide

Let the story of yesterday be yours today!

— Steve

Looking for a hidden tale guide? One of the 12 hidden world anecdotes? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon a gold medal hidden anecdote called the Story of Yesterday!

Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger this quest, Steve has most of Steve’s point in healing. Your server does need to be above the level 90 server level for sure as Steve noticed the quest trigger showing up in server before the server level up, but Steve was not able to trigger it until Steve was level 90 and server leveled up (being level 90 alone was not enough). Steve is unsure if a certain amount of Nibelungen realms have to be completed to trigger this quest, but Steve has completed plenty. To trigger this quest, you have to go to the Fortune Teller NPC in Tokyo. Near the Fortune Teller, there will be an interaction symbol popping up. Read the letter on the ground to trigger the quest.

You will get a postcard after which you will be required to go find teacher Masashi Toyama. If you were to talk to Eva, she will tell you to talk to passerby nearby. If you look around, you will notice the passerby by the nearby corner with a quest mark.

Talk to the passerby (with the quest mark). Then, talk to the other passerby (with a quest mark popping up). You will then end up with an empty lead as fate pushes you forward to go eat Taiyaki. Head over to the NPC Tomodachi Misaka (Moon realm NPC). Nearby at the corner, you will find a Taiyaki Stall vendor (with a quest mark) by a stall.

Talk to the Taiyaki Stall vendor and go through the dialogue (you may need to talk to him again for all dialogue).

Now head over to the ally where the hungry dog can be found. An interaction symbol should pop up when you walk near the stanchion (line divider things) by the building. Read the letter on the ground to trigger the next part of the quest.

After reading the letter you will get another postcard and be told to find clues nearby. Now go around the scene to interact with different objects (box by two plastic chairs and box by the garbage can).

You should get a Shiba Inu Pendant (not sure of the importance of this item). Now head over to a bus stop towards the middle of the south side of the Tokyo map (beneath the Tokyo Estate and near the Moon Realm NPC) near the coordinates 350, 520. You should find a Letter Writing Girl NPC waiting at the bus stop.

Talk to the girl and go through the dialogue options. You should get another postcard as you learn about another tragic love story (as expected of Dragon Raja). Go through all the dialogue choices (choice shouldn’t matter). A weird text message should pop up after. After closing it, keep talking to the girl. You will then need to activate your vision to find a Nibelungen realm entrance nearby. Interact with the entrance to enter the realm.

You will then be taken into a sunny place. Talk to the girl (now named Sunny) nearby. Sunny will now run off. A dialogue option should pop up (choice shouldn’t matter?). Keep running ahead and talk to Sunny again.

Afterwards, Sunny will run off again. You should be able to find the NPC Suzuki Kishi nearby. After talking to him, you will be brought back to a bus stop look-alike but in a memory. Talk to Suzuki Kishi nearby and go through the dialogue.

More text messages should pop up. Afterwards, you will need to find Sunny again. You should be able to find her by a house (where repairman shows up during Breadwinner anecdote) in Chizuru on a rainy day (thunderstorm should work).

You will not be able to talk to Sunny until you interact with the electromagnetic traces nearby (on the trash can side, to right of Sunny). You will need to have vision on to have the interaction symbol pop up.

More dialogue will pop up as more text messages pop up (no need to talk to Sunny). Go through them. Afterwards, head over to the bus stop (or the cafe) near the building where you can go up to the rooftop of (during the Rainy Night anecdote) near the coordinates 535,495 on a rainy day. You should be able to find Sunny once again. Activate your vision to interact with the electromagnetic traces near Sunny in order to get even more dialogue and text messages.

Now head over to the cafe in Tokyo owned by Eijii Kajiura (should be around the corner facing the empty streets with no buildings) near the coordinates 500,580 on a rainy day. You should be able to find the Sunny with a Dating Man. Activate your vision once again to interact with the electromagnetic traces nearby. Of course, more dialogue and text appears.

Now return to the bus stop (where the Nibelungen entrance was near the coordinates 355,525) and enter the realm again (use vision if you can’t see it). Go talk to Suzuki Kishi inside the realm (if you can’t talk to him, make sure your quest log says to return to the realm after turning it in before re-entering the realm). Afterwards Suzuki will follow you, and you will need to go find Sunny inside the realm. You should be able to find her nearby hidden in the shadows of the building.

Talk to Sunny then talk to Suzuki nearby. You will be given a choice to either tell everything to Fitch or tell everything to Sunny. Select a choice and you will have completed the anecdote Story of Yesterday. Completing this anecdote will grant you rewards that include but are not limited to 10 anecdote points, a moments medal Cassette, a gold anecdote medal, and the title Peaceful Times – Be With You.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Story of Yesterday hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve or head over to the Dragon Raja Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and find the story today!

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Story of Yesterday Guide

    1. I believe it should be given to the girl at the bus stop. Go back and see if she pops up for you to give it to her. If she doesn’t and you can’t sell it, then you might have to report to dev as a bug (assuming you completed anecdote already).


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