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Dragon Raja Blossom Guide

Steve’s Dragon Blossom Guide

Let your anecdote points blossom with this tale!

ā€” Steve

Looking for a hidden tale guide? One of the 12 hidden world anecdotes? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon a gold medal hidden anecdote called the Blossom!

Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger this quest, Steve has most of Steve’s point in healing. Do note that this quest can be time consuming (must allocate at least one hour). Also do note there are multiple scenes where you have to follow NPCs, but you may be able to speed them up by dashing. To trigger this quest, head to the car park in Tokyo near the coordinates 275,340. You should be able to find the NPC Ura Matsuyama there (if not, then your server might need to level up). Talk to Ura Matsuyama to trigger the quest.

After going through the dialogue, head over to the shrine area in Tokyo (to the east). You should be able to find Young Girl NPC (with quest mark) standing by the arch (or gate).

After going through the dialogue, follow the NPCs through the arch and head straight forward until you see the group of NPCs again (standing by shrine gates?). Walk near to the group and an interaction symbol should pop up. Choose to interact to listen in on the dialogue of the group. Keep interacting until all the dialogues are gone.

Then, walk on up to the shrine gate (where Monk NPC is standing) to enter the next area (it should teleport you with no interaction if you had interacted with all the previous dialogue). You will be teleported to a Takamagahara look-alike where you will find Shimizu Ayase standing by the entrance. Talk to Shimizu and then follow her into the shrine (the house).

You will then meet a monk (with a quest mark). If there is no quest mark, you will not be able to talk to him (simply walk around where Shimizu stands until quest mark appears). After talking to the monk, follow Shimizu back to the entrance and exit the map. You will have to wait for Shimizu to say her final lines of dialogue in the shrine before you can exit.

Now talk to Shimizu (with a quest mark). You will then need to escort (follow) her to the entrance (arch/gate). The Celebrity Assistance NPC Shin Kohana will be waiting there. Talk to the Shin Kohana and go through the dialogue.

The group of NPCs will then leave. Now go talk to the detective Ura Matsuyama nearby. He will tell you to go to his detective office, which can be found near the coordinates 430,325 (corner of street). There should be an interaction symbol to enter.

Entering the detective office will bring you to a small room (similar to one in Night of Asao Fish anecdote). Talk to the detective Ura standing towards the back of the room. He will give you tracers and tell you to go get rid of the evidence at the crime scene for Taki Nakamura. You can use the tracers (to get location of crime scene) and the computer (to search for the evidence that needs to be removed) albeit unnecessary.

Now head over to the crime scene over at the coordinates 256,417. You should find Police NPCs (with quest mark) standing in front of a building. Talk to the Police before entering the building nearby (through interaction).

Inside the crime scene (Colby room lookalike), you can simply remove all the evidence as it will work. These include the footprints on the ground, the book by the television, the box in the corner to the left of the bed, the stick on a small table at the foot of the bed, and the note hidden in the drawer with the Adam on top. It is not necessary to remove all the evidence (as leaving out evidence such as the note in the drawer will still state that there is insufficient evidence to arrest Taki).

After exiting the room (you can’t go back), go talk to the detective back in the office. Afterwards, head to the phone booth in the office and call (dial freely) Shimizu with the phone number found in book (06710). Shimizu will pick up and give you dialogue options (Steve doesn’t think these options matter).

Afterwards you will have to wait one hour of online time (real-time, not in-game timer). You will have to be online for the entire hour and preferably waiting ahead of time inside the Boutique map (Steve is unsure of what happens if you are late). Simply wait for Shimizu by the entrance of the Boutique and she should show up. Talk to Shimizu and you will then play a dress up game (like you did with Erii in the main quest). The combinations give different ratings (Steve is unsure of all the combos and ratings but choosing 2nd dress, 3rd hair gave S).

Talk to Shimizu afterwards then follow Shimizu to the exit (wait for the automatic teleport instead of exiting the door; if it’s not happening, tap on the quest to align your character). You be teleported to a bond party room look-alike where you will have to operate a claw machine. Simply grab any bag for a Sakura Bear (it’s actually rigged for you to win for once!).

Talk to Shimizu afterwards and follow her to the dance floor to dance with her (interact option). Afterwards, Shimizu will run to the rooftop (balcony) and you will be able to talk to her (when she has quest mark; align yourself by tapping quest in quest log if not).

Now head back to the detective office as the detective is calling you to go back. Talk to the detective who will tell you Shimizu’s date with you is on the news and you can view it by typing the command “news” (with no quotes) in the computer. After using the computer, talk to the detective (now with quest mark) again. A phone call will come in after which you will need to talk to the detective again. You will then be granted access to the clue wall (like in Night of Asao Fish anecdote).

You will first need to call (dial freely) both suspects, Shimizu (06710) and Shin Kohana (05050). Afterwards, talk to the detective again who will now tell you to hack with the computer using the command “intercept01234” (no quotes, very original 01234). Tatsumi’s motto is Justice. You will then see a recording of a secret dialogue with a meeting in room 304.

Talk to the detective again afterwards and go through all the dialogue options. You will now have to do three things (hiring substitute, swap the rooms, bugging the room). These can be done in any order.

For hiring a substitute, head across the street from the detective office and there should be an interaction symbol to enter a hiring market (blue glow building to the right of car display spawn area by the Tokyo Real Estate NPC Kelly).

You will be teleported to a career shop look-alike. You can buy a nametag from the Middleman for each specific talent. Simply look inside the building for a look-alike of Shin Kohana (where the photos are sold) and buy the corresponding nametag to hire her (V1).

For swapping the room, head around the corner of the detective office. There should be an interaction symbol to enter the building (elevator shaft). Interact with the back of the elevator to trigger a mini-game (guess the 3 objects). After beating the mini-game, you will be able to control the room number. Go to room 404 (top switch in elevator), interact with the door (top interaction) to leave but choose to change room number, and type 304 into the command.

For bugging the room, simply head into the room 304 (bottom switch in elevator) and plant a bug near the television.

Afterwards, head back to the elevator shaft and enter the room 404 again. Talk to Shin Kohana (with a quest mark) by the table. This will trigger a question answer session. The answers to the questions are below as answering wrong will make you start over.

When did you finish recording the album?I have told you

After answering the first question, you will be given a dialogue option and you will have to choose the right one which is “When did you start recording it?”

Were you the one controlling the recording equipment at the time?Yes

After answering this question, you will need to choose the dialogue option “Where did you go after that?”

After you have gotten the answers you need, the quest will progress and tell you to leave. Now simply open the clue wall and connect clues. Connect the “after the end of the recording” clue and “Ayase has been recording” clue to generate a new clue “the record must be replaced during the recording session”.

Talk to the detective again before going to the phone to call Shimizu (06710) to get the coordinates 448,488 (or simply head over). Simply head over to the building (yellow door glow between neon buildings) and enter the recording studio.

Talk to Shimizu (with quest mark) inside the studio and go through the dialogue. Then, talk to Shimizu again and ask her about the surveillance cameras (unnecessary to investigate). Then, talk to detective Ura nearby (with quest mark). Afterwards, talk to everyone (with a quest mark) to film a music video (dialogue option shouldn’t matter).

Then head over to the studio area and take three different photos (initial, midway, end) when the quest tells you to (tap on quest to move on to next photo take). You should get three photo items total (you will only need midway one). Bring the photos to Ura (by talking to him) who will then tell you to check the recording machine. Interact with the recording machine to get the final clue.

Then open the clue wall and drag Shin Kohana’s portrait along with the clues to the board. Connect the pins of all the clues (except dislike and shooting MV) to Shin Kohana and click confirm evidence to set her as the criminal.

Now talk to Shin Kohana nearby then talk to Shimizu Ayase. The choice in the dialogue option shouldn’t matter (you basically get tossed away after you solve the case, no more dates). Afterwards, talk to Sakurai Tatsumi who shows up by the doorway and go through the dialogue to complete the quest.

This anecdote was fairly long and you deserve your gold medal if you arduously completed it. Completing this anecdote will grant you rewards that include but are not limited to 10 anecdote points, a moments medal Glow Stick, a gold anecdote medal, and the title Cunning Detective.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Blossom hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve or head over to the Dragon Raja Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and find the story today!

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