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Dragon Raja Cup of Time Guide

Steve’s Dragon Cup of Time Guide

Only time will tell if you will finish this anecdote.

— Steve

Looking for a hidden tale guide? One of the 12 hidden world anecdotes? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon a gold medal hidden anecdote called the Cup of Time!

Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger this quest, Steve has most of Steve’s point in healing. To trigger this quest, head over to the Icy Lair map near the coordinates 220,145. You should be able to find an interaction symbol popping up (no vision required) on top of the rock (where there is a tiny spark). Investigate the glamorous cup to trigger the quest.

Afterwards, the NPC Adela (aka Adele, game mixes up name in dialogue vs display) should spawn nearby. Talk to Adela and choose a dialogue option.

Choosing to sneak away will spawn an Alchemy Puppet (Adams) that you will have to defeat before moving on to the next part of the quest. Steve is unsure about the option of “so little money” because it requires 50,000,000 gold coins (it might let you skip quest or maybe another story line). Choosing the option “I just wanna find the owner” will lead you to the next part of the quest where Adela requests a favor from you (requires 100 points in healing personality). Talking to Adela and asking her what you can do for her will tell you what you need to do (it may bug out and not show anything, use Eva in this case).

You will need to find and talk to Adela again. Head over to Siberia Harbor near the coordinates 165,235 at around 6am (in-game time) to find Adela in the forest.

Talk to Adela and go through the dialogue until the start option appears. Choose to start and you will be brought into a time warped (Steve found the display effect very funky and dizzyness inducing) dimension which will be a look-alike of the Icy Lair. You will have to go around and interact with multiple objects (found on mini-map marked with a tiny cup icon). They are not difficult to locate as there will be a blank copy of certain NPCs standing at most of the locations (some do not have them). Note that there is a time limit (show on quest log).

You can find one object between two blank NPCs, one by the computer with a blank NPC, and one by the pair of machines near the two blank NPCs.

Then, head over to the area between the computer and the two blank NPCs and there should be the main time anchor.

After interacting with the objects, you will be brought back out of the dimension. Talk to Adela to get Bell’s Record. Then use the Bell’s Record before talking to Adela again before heading over to Icy Lair near the coordinates 100,130 (where time anchor was). An interaction symbol of a cup should pop up.

Use the cup of time to enter an icy Lair look-alike. Now, you should go interact with the objects that you interacted with in the time warped dimension. Talk to the NPC Ryan (with quest mark) nearby. Talk to NPC Bell (with quest mark) at the computers. Then, interact with Bell’s mobile phone next to him and go through the dialogue (you will need to tap and choose to reply). Interact with the pair of machines that you found in the mini-game dungeon. You will see Bell be killed afterwards (by monster).

Interact with Bell’s dead body and you will be asked a question.

How did Bel die?Someone unleashed the experimental animal on Bel.

Now you will need to go find Alfred in the forest of Siberia Harbor near where you found Adela (coordinates 165,235).

Go through the dialogue with Alfred and he will leave. Now wait for Adela to show up (it should not take long, a minute or two).

Talk to Adela and go through the dialogue until the “I’m Ready” option shows up. Choose the option to be brought into a time warped dimension (Siberia Harbor look-alike). You will need to find objects to interact with once again (note that the locations are marked on the mini-map).

You should be able to find 3 blank NPCs near the coordinates 220,255. You can also interact with the keyhole near the coordinates 150,200. You should also be able to find a blank NPC near the coordinates 130,90 (by ocean to left side of map).

The main time anchor can be found on the a rock (by the forest) near the coordinates 185,205.

Afterwards, you will be brought out of the dimension. Talk to Adela (or Alfred) and then head over to the time anchor rock (right outside the forest). A interaction symbol of a cup should pop up.

Use the cup of time and you will be brought to a Siberia Harbor look-alike. Go to the key locations you found before. Talk to NPC Kerry near the coordinates 220,255. Interact with the keyhole near the coordinates 150,200. Then talk to the NPC Sneaky man near the coordinates 130,90.

You will then see a mysterious shadow killing the sneaky man. Interact with the sneaky man’s dead body and answer the question.

From what you saw, the one who committed murder is:The Mysterious Man on the beach

You will be brought out of the dungeon afterwards. Go talk to Adela (with quest mark) in the forest once more. Go through the dialogue, then talk to Alfred (with a quest mark). Then, talk to Adela again to be brought into another time warped dimension (Cassel College look-alike).

You will be able to find a blank NPC sitting by a tree (between principal’s office and the helipad) near the coordinates 300,245. You can also find two blank standing NPCs between helipad and principal’s office near the coordinates 300,260. Head onto the helipad where there will be two blank NPCs and interact with the sparks at the center of the helipad near the coordinates 330,310. You can fly down to the train station area below to find two blank NPCs near the coordinates 330,405. The final time anchor can be found on the helipad afterwards.

After leaving the dimension, talk to Adela again. Then, head over to Cassel College and go onto the helipad to activate the cup of time. You will be brought into a Cassel College look-alike where you will have to revisit the locations you visited in the time warped dimension.

Talk to Adela (with a quest mark) nearby. Then, head down to the train station to talk to Alfred. Then, head towards the principal’s office and talk to Adela (with quest mark) on the way there. Then, check Bell’s files by the tree.

Then, you may interact with the ground near Bell (by tree) and answer a question (if you did this out of order, you can interact with the floor near the other spots as well).

The reason Bel met Adele is:Bel set it up

After leaving the dimension, head back to Siberia Harbor and talk to Adela in the forest to complete the quest (you can choose to forgive/expel poor Alfred).

This anecdote was fairly easy but you deserve your gold medal if you completed it. Completing this anecdote will grant you rewards that include but are not limited to 10 anecdote points, a moments medal Dream of Mr. Rabbit, a gold anecdote medal, and the title TimeTravelWitness.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Cup of Time hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve or head over to the Dragon Raja Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and take a sip from the cup of time!

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7 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Cup of Time Guide

    1. Make sure you are entering the gray scale realm and not the equivalent map (this is through Adela). If you still don’t see the blank NPC, try turning your graphics up? (I was able to see them with lowest graphic, so this is probably not the issue but worth a try). Also make sure you haven’t already interacted with the blank NPCs as they will disappear after you interact with them. If you don’t see any NPC around, you may have already found all of them. The next step is the time anchor (that does not have a blank NPC marking it’s location so you will have to find the interaction symbol on the ground). If none of these help, I’m sorry as you may need to contact the devs (to report bug) or someone with more experience (with this part of the quest).


  1. The interaction with the murdered man never came up for me, now there is a Quest to “Sort your ideas based on the clue you find” but when i tap on it says “Tap the interaction icon near the key point and then collect your thoughts” only, there is no interaction icon.


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