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Perfect World Mobile Harshlands Hidden Quests

Steve’s Perfect World Mobile Harshlands Hidden Quests Guide

Finish those harsh quests and let some free loot land on you!

— Steve

Looking for a PWM hidden quest guide? Looking for a list of hidden quests in the Harshland map? Well, you are at the right place! Steve has compiled a list of Perfect World Mobile hidden quests that Steve has chanced upon on the Harshlands map!

Although Steve is unsure if you must meet certain conditions to trigger the quest (besides the fact that you must have the Harshlands map unlocked), Steve has compiled list of where to find the quest starters for the hidden quests. If you can’t find them, well Steve can only feel sorry for you and wish you luck in the future.

Mr. Martin

You should be able to find the NPC Mr. Martin in the Harshlands near the midpoint of the isthmus toward the right side of the map (the second one away from the edge of the map).

Talk to Mr.Martin to trigger the quest. Mr. Martin is writing a novel and requires your help in visiting some places on the map. Most of the quest can be done on auto (by tapping the quest in the quest log). Completing the quest will grant you a Euphoria Shard.

Poor Young Man

You should be able to find the NPC Poor Young Man in the Harshlands on the frozen river area (where the Glacier Virgin mobs roam) near Broken Ice Village. Use the greet action near the poor young man on the ground to trigger the quest. Talk to the young man to start the quest. Most of the beginning of the quest can be done on auto-path.

Once you completed the part of setting up the traps, talk to the NPC to be taken into the bird catching dungeon. You are required to manually catch 5 flocks of orioles (even though it may say 4) inside the mini-game dungeon. Pay attention to the instructions given by the NPC (the dialogue that shows up under the “leave” button). The NPC shall tell you which specific flock of bird to catch (in order) and you must quickly go over to the specific flock and interact with it. The flocks are labeled and lined up in a clear line of sight. After interacting with one flock, you will have a time interval to move on to the next flock so this should not be difficult.

After beating the mini-game, use the quest to auto-path back to the NPC to complete the quest (after talking to him). Completing the quest will grant you one bound Uniden. Love Mirror.

Snow Village Villager

You should be able to find the Snow Village Villager NPC by the spawn point of the Harshlands map (in Snow Village) in daytime. Talk to the girl to start the quest.

Then you need to find the shadow Charlena NPC on top of the bridge in the ruins towards the bottom left corner of the map (you may need to fly up and pierce through the layer of clouds to see this area). Do note that there are many similar looking bridges in the area, and you just have to find the right one (its one of the ones on top of the mountain). Talk to the NPC to continue the quest.

Now head to the top left corner of the map where you will be able to find a goddess statue on a mountain ledge. Walk over to the quest marker on the ground to trigger the next part of the quest. Simply tap on the quest to meditate at the spot after which the goddess shall appear.

After talking to the goddess, go back and talk to Charlena after which you will enter a mini-game dungeon. In this dungeon, simply click the magic push interaction button repeatedly on Charlena to cause blue orbs to spawn. When that button disappears, look for the blue orbs that spawn nearby and interact with them to gather them. The blue orbs can spawn on the bridge, on the roofs of the buildings that the bridge connects, or in mid-air (the hardest ones to collect because you will have to align your character mid-air or interaction button won’t pop up). You will need to collect all the blue orbs (usually fixed location) to complete the mini-game.

Talk to Charlena again. Then head back to the goddess and talk to her to complete the quest. Completing the quest should grant a bound Blessing Stone.

Speaking Snowman

You should be able to find the NPC Speaking Snowman towards the north central part of the Harshland map near where you can harvest a resource.

Talk with the Speaking Snowman to trigger the quest. Keep talking to the snowman until it tells you to go get it some items. This part of the quest can be done on auto-path along with the next part where you will have to defeat some mobs. Afterwards, talking to the snowman will bring you into a mini-game dungeon where you must tap a button continuously to make the snowman bigger. Simply tap the button quickly until you beat the dungeon (try again if you fail, there’s not much strategy to simple tapping of one button).

After beating the mini-game dungeon, talk to the now big snowman to complete the quest. Completing the quest will grant you a Euphoria Shard.

That is all for Steve’s Perfect World Mobile Harshlands hidden quest guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve’s PWM Corner! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and clear the harsh quests!

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