SPA Chapter 109

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Journey To New Continent

Now, I changed my view on the handy cleaning spell. I was glad it was invented. As for why I am glad? Oh, no particular reason. Certainly, nothing happened to me that needed to be cleaned off. Instead it’s my memory that has been cleaned, or at least I’m persuading myself it’s been cleaned- alright let’s stop this train of thought.

Right now I have more important things to worry about. I am finally entering the big leagues of my story, the new continent. There will probably be lots of OP characters and I will have to strive to get way stronger. Well, technically the opportunities to get stronger will just come my way since I’m the protagonist, but I swear, I will work hard! I won’t just slack away and not collect skills! I promise~ Oh, Ling’er is just too cute~ Maybe I can relax a bit with her first … cough

I am a Pro, I must not be distracted. Seriously though, how do all those dense protagonist in harem stories do it?! Here I am not even able to ignore one cute girl, yet they somehow is able to be like a cold ice block when it comes to relationships and only goes for that fan service peak once in a while. Seriously, I’m a protagonist too, where be my act dense skill?!

My internal monologue was interrupted by the old man as he stated, “Hmm, it seems this clearing is large enough.”

Before I noticed it, we had already walked to some unknown circular clearing in the forest. I don’t understand how there be so many circular clearings in a forest, but I guess that’s just the author being lazy.

As I was about to question why we were here, the old man waved his hands. At first, nothing happened as if there was lag, but then I could began to faintly see traces of dark brown wood materializing in the air. Gradually, a large wooden boat with a imprinted “Chai” in Chinese materialized on the ground of the clearing.

The boat looked like the Chinese sailing ship called Junk. Seriously, ask that convenient search engine if you don’t believe it exists. Except, that ship sails on water, and here we are, spawning that ship on land in the middle of a forest. Did this old man grow senile from old age?

The old man crossed his hands behind his back to appreciate the ship before turning around. With a wave of his hands, a wooden ladder rolled down the side of the ship. He then stated proudly with a smile, “This is a unknown ship I personally found in a ancient relic site, and I added a few interesting fixes to it throughout my years of journeying. Although part of its name was lost, just based on the Chai that took this old man many years to decipher, it must be a good luck charm so I could not bear to part with it. You two will certainly need it. Alright, get on and we can begin our journey. You can use the ladder if you need.”

After that, he turned around and with a light tap on the ground with his foot, he gracefully floated up onto the ship. Oi, then what’s the point of the ladder?!

I turned to look at Ling’er who smiled gently at me before also tapping the ground and jumping onto the ship. Then she gracefully looks back at me as she waited for me to get on.

Alrighty, my turn. I kick the ground with one of my foot, and took a leap towards the ship … and landed back on the ground as I stretched out my hands to stop myself from crashing into the walls of the ship.

It was then I realized that I could not jump high enough. Although I had a myriad of skills that let me pass through walls or climb with clones and a decent cultivation, I didn’t actually have any lightness or so called Qingong skills. In other words, I can’t even float yet, let alone f**king fly. I awkwardly stared over at the ladder. “Boy, hurry up and get on here. This will be a fairly long journey, we won’t want to dilly dally. If the entrance ends up closing when we get there, it will be too late to even regret,” the old man humphed as he hurried me.

I had no choice but to struggle up the wooden ladder quickly. Ling’er glanced at me when I got up before whispering, “I will teach you some Qingong later.”

Ah, my waifu knows me well. It’s about time I picked up some Qingong skills. After all, even if I use {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}, it will at most help me avoid damage, not run away from the enemy. As a protagonist, any skills that have to do with running away is a must have to enhance my ability to survive!

“Uh hum, it’s time for us to set off. Quit messing around and hold onto something if you don’t want to fall off,” the old grandpa interrupted as he turned what seems to be a gear on a pedestal.

I’m certain that’s not part of the Junk ship and probably something that was invented in this magical world. Not long after the gear was turned, some cranking sounds was heard in the background as the pedestal lit up with energy. A faint glowing barrier lit up for a bit, showing that it has the ship surrounded, before fading away into hiding again. Then, the entire ship began to vibrate lightly as I noticed the trees of the forest began to grow shorter. No, it’s not the trees growing shorter, but the ship that’s floating upwards! Lord and behold, it’s a f**king fantasy airship, except there’s no hot air or balloon of any sort. No clue how this ship is flying at all, it doesn’t logically make sense, but I guess it has something to do with the pedestal and gears in the background. I am pretty sure the author is too lazy to describe all that stuff, so let’s just say it’s a flying piece of junk for the sake of moving on the story.

After the ship flew way above the forest of trees, it halted for a bit in midair. Then, the ship began to glide forward slowly. Ok, now I understand why the journey would take a while. With the pace this ship is going, it would be a surprise it won’t!

As if the old man understood my thoughts, he humphed as he stated, “Do you really think my ship is this mediocre? Pei!”

Then, the old man turned the gear once again as another clunk sound resounded. Then, as if the the engine had been turned on, the ship gradually began to speed up. It went from walking pace, to running, then to biking, then normal driving, then etc. You get the point. I am glad I did not lurch forward and fall as Qingong is not needed to stand stably. Eventually, the ship reached what seems to be it’s sailing speed as the clouds drifted pass the quickly flying ship, yet they glided around what seems to be an invisible barrier. Walking over to the side of the ship, I noticed the land gradually growing further away already as we seemed to have already reached the ocean.

“Alright, this old man will go inside to meditate. You two can explore the ship on your own, and choose your own rooms when you need to rest. The rooms are just downstairs, and food can be found in the spatial barrels in a room downstairs if you need to eat. Also, you can practice up here on deck with no worries of falling off as long as the barrier stands. Like this, we will fly all the way to-” the old grandpa stated, but was interrupted by some engine faltering noise.

The gliding ship trembled in the air for a bit before it began to plummet down to the ocean. Fortunately, the old grandpa reacted in time and slowed down our fall with a wave of his hands, allowing us to gradually glide onto the water. The grandpa’s eyebrows twitched as he gave me a glare as if it was my fault that his junk ship broke down before he stated, “It seems like we will be saving some energy by sailing on the water. Humph!”

Then, he waved his hands causing a trapdoor to open up on the deck, revealing stairs. He then strolled down with his hands crossed behind his back while grumbling to himself.

After the old grandpa left, I glanced over to Ling’er with hope in my eyes. She then glances at me before stating, “I can start teaching you now.”

As expected of my Ling’er! She understood that I wanted to learn Qingong. Ling’er began to explain to me the principles behind the lightness skill which was too hard for the author to describe as he doesn’t understand it; however, I found it fairly easy to understand, but the system gave me no notifications of gaining a new skill. Hence, I began to practice upon those principles with Ling’er demonstrating for me. I learned that practicing Qingong on a sailing ship was a bad idea not long after as lord and behold, the system gave me a notification.

[Host has acquired {Seasickness} condition.]
[Host has gained progress in {Seasickness Resistance} ability.]

Ling’er had to support me to a room to rest not long after. She even spoon fed me my dinner. Just watching her say “Ahh~” placed me in pure bliss! Although this was the case, I did promise to work hard and the journey was long. So after a couple of days, my {Seasickness Resistance} ability leveled up by one and my {Seasickness} condition was resisted, I finally learned the Qingong skill after a long practice.

[Host has acquired {Basic Qing Gong} skill.]

[Basic Qing Gong] Level : 1 {5%}
This ability’s progress to the next level can be increased by using the skill successfully. This ability allows the host to infuse Qi into the host’s foot to enhance the host’s next step to travel a further distance by a certain percentage depending on the skill level and the amount of Qi inserted. Each level in this ability will grant host +10% movement capability boost per 100 Qi.
Current Boost in Movement Capability per 100 Qi : 10%

Wow, I bet the author had to wrack his mind to come up with some description for the skill, but not my problem. With this skill, this Pro will be a Pro of running away! Oh, maybe not yet as the boost is still low, but I shall now grind this skill up!

I was about to go back up to the deck to grind my skill as I was no longer afflicted with seasickness; however, the ship suddenly shook as it seemed to crash into something. Maybe it’s just some debris was what I wanted to think, but a roar resounded loudly outside the ship, shattering my thoughts of an easy life as the ship shook even more violently this time as whatever gave that roar slammed the barrier of the ship with a boom.

Well oh my f**king god! Who would have thought?! Mr. Aura probably thought this journey to a new continent was too smooth sailing so far didn’t he?! He had to throw something at us and make it a journey to a new continent of misfortune!

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