SPA Chapter 108

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Final Decision

As expected, the battle was one-sided as the level difference was too enormous … was what I wanted to say, but before the battle even began, the tension was dispelled as the old monk interrupted once more, “Do not worry. If you truly want to bring him along after listening to what I have to say, I have no qualms of bringing him along. I just wanted you to listen, and after listening, I hope you don’t make a decision you would regret.”

Ling’er took a glance at me before she reached out her hand to give my hand a firm squeeze as if assuring me. Then, she strolled over to the old monk.

The old monk nodded before giving a grand wave with his hands. Distortions formed in the air as if the monk’s hand had passed through water, causing ripples to grow out, distorting the images of the old man along with Ling’er. When the ripples had stilled once more, both the old monk and Ling’er had vanished, leaving me all alone, once again.

Although I felt uneasy as this situation raises the “never come back” flag, I convinced myself that they won’t just leave me here. In the meantime, I struggled to find a way to unbind myself.

After what seems to be a long time, I began to become anxious as I wondered what the hell they were talking about to take this long. I began frantically struggle more, but to no avail.

I began to panic. Curse this mofo! Why did restriction spells have to be invented!? I struggled even more frantically for what seems to be a long time before falling into despair. What the actual f**k?! Isn’t the protagonist supposed to gain some epic power-up as they break free from all restrictions while they yell and howl as if they are sh*ting?! How come I don’t get any of that BS?! I glared up at the sky with my eyes. I’m glad that restrictions don’t restrict eye movement or breathing at least because if they did, I would be dead. Still, F**king Mr. Aura, do yo job! Please, give me the power to break through this restriction already!

Then, as if my hopes were finally answered for once, I saw a tiny white glob falling from the heavens, slowly growing larger and larger as it nears my face. OMG! Here it is! My heavenly power-up!


Eh? I felt something sticky land on one side of my face as it slowly slid down. It felt weird and the aim was a bit off, but I had no time to worry about that because I actually felt my restrictions slowly being released! Whatever it is, it worked!

I began to struggle frantically as I could begin to feel my movement once more. Not long after, as if I broke through a barrier, my entire body jerked forward and I landed right onto the ground face first.

Banzai! Of course Mr. Aura will help me through this! After all, I’m the protagonist! Thanks so much Mr. Aura! With this power-up, nothing can stop me! It’s weird how the system didn’t give me any alerts though nor did I feel any stronger, but I had no time to worry about that. It’s time to go save Ling’er from the clutches of the evil sect elder!

I stretched out my hands to push myself up in preparation of chasing Ling’er; however, I was a bit shocked to notice two sets of shoes in front of my eyes. I slowly looked up to see Ling’er and the old grandpa staring down at me with a queer look. Errr … this is awkward.

Before Ling’er could bend down to offer assistance, I hurriedly scrambled up and quickly dusted myself off. I cheekily smiled as if nothing had happened while stating, “Ling’er, you’re back!”

I saw Ling’er look at me as she tilts her head. She then calmly says in a questioning tone, “I’m back?”

The old man then glares at me before saying, “Humph, did you think this old man would really break his own words to take her away? I’m an honest priest I tell you. Such disrespectful thoughts towards the elderly, maybe I should have really taken her away!”

“AH?! No, no, no! Grandpa is of course the most respectful person and holds true to his words! I would never doubt you!” I hurriedly claimed as I patted myself on the chest with confidence.

“Humph, and why were you on the ground then? You think I couldn’t tell?” the grandpa cheekily glares back at me.

“Ahahaha! That was … me training to break free of restrictions! Yep! And I am proud to claim that I succeeded!” I shamelessly claimed.

“Ohoh? You succeeded? PEI! Do you think this old man’s restriction is that easy to break?! If this old man didn’t release you from the restriction, even if you tried till next year, you won’t break it! Do you think it’s that easy to bridge the difference in realm with the mediocre skills you have?!” the old man hollered back as he huffed angrily.

Ehhh?! He released the restrictions?! So, Mr. Aura didn’t help me?! F**k! I thanked Mr. Aura for nothing! Arrgggh! I awkwardly looked over to Ling’er and noticed she was staring back at me with her head still tilted a bit to one side, as if she was curious about something but was afraid to ask. Hmmm, could she be missing me so much from not seeing me for a moment and now wants to stare at my handsome face all day?

Unfortunately, my fantasies were interrupted with a nasty humph from the old man, “Oi, it’s time to get coming. This darling of mines decided to not listen to me and still chose to be with you. *sigh* So, I think it’s time for us to go. As for what your future holds together … sigh, it’s best you find out yourself.”

The old man then took a glance at my face, shook his head dejectedly, and strolls off while mumbling, “Young people, they have to experience it in order to learn to regret sigh.”

Oi, old man, why the hell do you make it sound like our future is so dark?! Heh, but it doesn’t matter as the final decision has already been made by Ling’er, and it was to stay with the handsome me! I excitedly glanced over to Ling’er who is still staring at my face. I approached Ling’er and secretly grabbed Ling’er’s hand as I snickered,”Ohoh? Ling’er still can’t get enough of my handsome face?”

Ling’er looks back at me queerly as she began to frown, “No, I was just wondering what is that on your face. It smells.”

Huh? I let go of Ling’er’s hand as I reached out my hand to wipe the sticky spot on my face where I thought the heaven’s gift was. I looked down on my hands at the gift from Mr. Aura. It was a piece of gooey, white fluid, mixed with a bit of dirt from my fall, that radiated a faint smell, yet the smell was clear as day to most cultivators who focus on it as they had enhanced smelling abilities.

This familiar gooey, white substance, that I am pretty sure is NOT the one that they put on salads nor is it the one that comes out of a certain part of a male human’s body! Instead, it’s the one that comes out of a certain part of a bird’s body! Cawing resounds in the background as if to remind me of the harsh reality. I wished that cawing was just the sound from an anime for awkward moments, but nope, it’s a real bird. What does that mean? …. well Mr. Aura, you m*therf**king piece of sh*t!

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