SPA Chapter 110

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Monster King Party

Rushing out onto the deck of the ship, I noticed the old grandpa and Ling’er were already there. Not only that, they were already engaged in combat with what seemed to be sea monsters of all sorts. I can’t be that late now can I? Well, all I gotta say, the protagonist’s gotta be fashionably late right?

These monsters were only about the size of a human or smaller. There were some with the form of snakes, others with forms of crabs or lobsters, and there’s also tentacle h*nt*i octopus. Although they were not too big, there were waves of them, cause you know, they came from the sea after all. Of course there will be waves.

Fortunately, the ship’s barrier was functioning fine in keeping them out. All they could do was crawl all over the barrier trying to bash their way in. Ling’er and the old grandpas was dicing away at them, sending them back into the ocean in pieces. I watched as Ling’er’s graceful figure glided around using her qing gong while she sliced cleanly through monsters as if they were fish on a chopping board. I could probably stand here all day admiring my sweet Ling’er, but the old grandpa interrupted me with a growl.

“Brat, quit standing idly there and help us clear these mobs! Although this barrier can hold them off, its energy is not infinite. If they manage to attack it for a day or two, the barrier will run out of energy and be gone.”

“Eh~ We’ll probably be fine, just this amount won’t faze me,” I replied as I pulled out my sword from my storage with a smirk.

Then, K*GEB*NS**N no J*ts*! Adding a fairly decent sized group of clones to the mix, I began twacking the monsters. The reason I said twacking is because I literally couldn’t cut through them like those two over there. My clones had it worst cause they didn’t have my sword! Literally they would expend all their energy on {Invincible Fist} just to kill a couple of sea monsters.

Honestly, it’s not easy to cut through a living organism completely, let alone punch through one. Although these are fish, they are monsters with hard shells that I can’t seem to cut through unless I hack at the same spot a couple of time. So, I had no choice but to recall my clones because they were an inefficient way of using Qi against tanky foes. This leaves me back to twacking them all alone … Hell no is this Pro going to slice and dice in this lame way! There’s so much of them, my arms will break from exhaustion from doing so much hacking!

Hence, I had to think up a hack to this cutting, maybe use kinetic force? Then, inspiration hit me! I managed to come up with a skill where I insert short bursts of qi into my qing gong skill and then hop sideways back and forth. It’s definitely an original idea of mine and not from some bald head dude! cough

With the buff from the qing gong skill, I managed to hop back and forth very fast so I just held my sword up front towards the mobs and became an automatic grinder. Fortunately I had the recovery from {Divine Blood Rebirth} or else my arm would have been destroyed from the continuous force that surges up my arm from the cut due to that Newton guy’s third law of motion. Why must that still apply in this world? Probably cause the author’s too lazy to think up of a new set of laws for this world.

After what seemed to be hours of slicing, dicing, and twacking, the barrier stood strong as the ship sat in what seemed to be a pool of black blood in the ocean. Although I didn’t get any skill ups or new skills (even though I believe I invented one!), I felt these mobs definitely served well for me integrate my qing gong with my fighting skills. As I put away my sword, I couldn’t help but look over at the old grandpa, who is now switching out the energy source for the ship, and questioned,”How come there are so many monsters here? How will all those other ships get to the new continent with all these monsters?”

The old grandpa looked at me queerly before glancing at Ling’er. Then, he cleared his throat and stated, “Brat, usually this is not the case. These monsters are usually hiding deep within the sea and would rarely come out. It seems something had disturbed them so they had all decided to come out. We just so happen to be their target. It’s simply … misfortune. Don’t worry, this probably won’t happen again.”

Then, the old grandpa stopped there as he glanced back and forth between Ling’er and me while shaking his head. Then, he strolled back downstairs as the ship set sail once more. Hmm, I guess it’s no big deal then. I glanced over at Ling’er who smiled gently at me before also walking downstairs. Hmmm, that smile is so sweet~ I can forget everything just to see it again~

Eh- Wait. Did I forget something?! Hold on one moment! I ain’t no protagonist that plays unforgettable role of being the dunce that always forget things so the plot moves forward! I’m pretty sure there was a freaking loud roar as something slammed into the barrier hard! That definitely did not come from any of these trashy cannon fodder mobs! Can those two not hear that roar?! Why are they so nonchalantly entering their resting quarters as if the fight is over?! Maybe this is one of those “only protagonist can hear” sounds! Is this a hidden power up event? Is it my time to shine? Find out next time on Dr*g*nb*l-

“Brat, you don’t have to worry about the roar. That comes from the one of the nine King of Monsters living in the ocean which usually lives in seclusion. Normally, it would not even bother exposing itself, but it must have sensed my strength; however, it won’t come bother us unless it has a death’s wish because it can sense my strength somewhat, unlike these minions. This old man is still healthy enough to fight off a couple of them at once, so no worries. Especially since they will never encroach on each other’s territories, so usually there will only be one monster king where we sail by,” the old grandpa’s voice proudly echoed out from below.

Aiya~ I guess it’s just my wishful thinking. Why would Mr. Aura give me some freebie like this. It’s more likely he would send all the monster kings our way at once rather then hand this free power-up to me. Wait … oh s**t Mr. Aura better not-


A chorus of extremely loud howling, that doesn’t sound great at all together, resounded causing the barrier to ripple like waves. Enormous, towering waves rose up and surrounded the ship from all sides, threatening to crash down upon the ship. Nine enormous shadows of different shapes can be seen hidden behind the waves as they swiftly approached the ship. Aww yea~ It’s time to play M*nst*r H*nt*r- LIKE HELL NO! Instead of a game for us, it’s more a party for them! A monster king party! F**king Mr. Aura!!!

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