SPA Chapter 104

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Into the Forest, Into the Fray

Stepping into the forest was like stepping into an entirely new, silent world. The still, dark forest around us was like a giant cage of trees, intending to trap us in forever. Looking up, I can no longer see the sky as the trees seemed to completely enclose the forest. I turned around and noticed that the entrance that we came through had some point closed up, replaced by a seemingly endless forest of trees. I my heart jumped as I told myself it’s just an illusion.

Although Ling’er knew that this was her father’s forest, she could not help but have a little fright inside as she grabbed my hands. No, don’t glare at me like that, it’s definitely not me that’s afraid and grabbed her hands. cough

Suddenly, the forest shook, giving us a fright. Tiny specks of glowing green blobs of light slowly floated out of the ground in front of us. They gloriously lighted up a region of the forest with a soft yellow glow. How is the light yellow while the blobs are green? Well, why is godlike hot anime fire blue or black? Don’t go all science on me because this makes no sense in the first place.

Anyways, it seems the floating blobs had lighted up what seemed to be a path through the forest. Mmm … probably nothing will go wrong if we follow this pathway right? I mean, it’s not like the “pretty things are dangerous” rule applies here right?

As if she could read my thoughts, Ling’er squeezed my hands and stated softly with a bitter smile, “It’s my father. He used to do this when he played hide-and-seek with me in the forest he creates.”

Huh? Wait what? Why would he light up a path in hide-and-seek? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of hide-and-seek in the first place? Yea, never mind. More importantly, it seemed that her father was this strong back then already?! Oh boi, I hope father-in-law doesn’t give me a beating. I couldn’t help but shiver as I thought about all the shameless deeds I did to Ling’er.

“Don’t worry Squishy, I’m sure father will like you. He’s not so petty to beat you for what you did to me … if it’s minor misdeeds that is,” Ling’er said as if to comfort me, yet her slight grin gave me a really bad feeling.

Oi. That doesn’t help. I was about to retort but the joke mood disappeared as Ling’er’s smile slowly flipped to a depressed frown as she said, “Not that it matters … he has no rights to manage my decisions anyways.”

“Eh? But he’s your father-” I tried to retort, but was cut off by Ling’er.

“Not after I saw him kill my mother,” Ling’er coldly stated as she clenched her fists.

Okay, well there’s some story there ain’t there. It better not be some dramatic I killed your mother to protect you BS. MMmm, wait a moment. As the question arose in my brain, it could not help but flow out of my mouth, “Eh? Ling’er, if you don’t like your father so much, why are we here then?”

Silence descended upon us as Ling’er’s mouth flapped open and close before she squeaked, “Y-You, you don’t understand! I-I just wanted to see him get what he deserves with my own eyes.”

I glanced at Ling’er as she looked away shyly. Welp, we have a dishonest one here. Can’t blame her though. There’s a fine line between hate and love after all. Oh wait, that sounds too ominous for my relationship with her. Pei. But it’s so rare to see this cute side of hers~ ahh~ I couldn’t help but grin; however, Ling’er saw my grin with a different meaning.

“Humph~ Squishy is bullying Ling’er again. Humph~ See if Ling’er cares!” Ling’er pouted, shook off my hands, and stalked off to follow the path of light.

“Aiya~ Ling’er wait for me~ Don’t leave me behind!” I hollered with a smile as I hurriedly raced after her and grabbed her smooth , soft hand once more.

“Humph, no one told you to follow me!” Ling’er said as she tried to shake off my hands, but my hand shamelessly held on.

“How can I not follow you? After all, I still have to go meet my father-in-law~” I shamelessly stated with a grin.

Ling’er paused before a light blush colored her face as she understood my meaning. She glared at me and I stared back. Then, she looked away before we calmly continued to follow the path of light.

Eh… wait a minute? Shouldn’t we be dashing off to make it to the fight sooner. The hell we dawdling here for and starting all this dramatic, fluffy conversation?! I bet this is how all the main characters waste their time away so that when they actually get to the fight, they will only have to jump in to act cool since all the enemies are already exhausted by their allies. Or, there’s the other side where the conversation can last forever, yet no progress has been made in the stinking battle up ahead. Yea, I wish it was the former. Better send off some clones to scout the situation first because I don’t know how long our drama is going to last here.

Seeing my summoned clones dash off into the forest, it seems Ling’er remembered our purpose for coming in here.

“Mmm, Squishy, let’s hurry up. My father can’t wait all day, and I’m sure you didn’t just come here to meet f-f-father-in-l-law right?” Ling’er said, but as she got towards the end of her sentence, her voice became a squeak. Aw, so cute.

Cuteness aside, she also reminded me of one of my main goals here. My heart steadied as my face turned grim. I nodded in response as I said, “That b*st**d in the sky is the one who killed my master.”

I could feel Ling’er’s firm squeeze on my hand in order to comfort me. I gently smiled back as I swore that I must not let that b*s**td lay his hands on my Ling’er.

Then, we hurried off on the path of light as we enjoyed each others’ comfort.

Not long after, the path of light seemed to have finally ended as it led us to a small clearing in the forest. Not far from us, we could already see a green robed man standing in the clearing with his hands behind his back as he stared into the sky. The thick vines were still trying to smack the fly in the sky, but surprisingly it did not originate from anywhere near the man.

As if he knew we had come, the green robed man looked over with a gentle smile. I could see Ling’er frozen in place while staring at the ground as if she couldn’t decide what to do, so I held her hand and pulled her along with me to meet father-in-law.

“Ling’er, you’re alive,” the green robed man stated with a hint of glee, but the glee disappeared as he seemed to have noticed Ling’er’s white hair. His hands shivered as they reached out, but retracted them as if he knew that Ling’er didn’t want his touch.
Ling’er still stared at the ground as she bit her lips. Her eyes had a tint of red as I could feel her tight squeeze on my hands. Her mouth moved a couple of times in silence before she squeaked out, “I’m sorry, they- they-“

The green robed man had a moment of confusion on his face as he glanced at me then behind us. Then, as if he understood what happened, he seemed to have aged a bit as an air of depression settled over him. His fists clenched as he sighed, “Please forgive master for being so selfish …”

Although this scene of dramatic dialogue and depression can go on for chapters, the bad guy always have to interrupt at this precise moment.

“HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?!” a voice boomed as I felt a heavy glare descend upon me.
I was surprised that he didn’t notice me when I was still outside the forest. What happened to the so called spirit sense or thousand-miles eyes. I guess none of those trumps Mr.Aura.

Welp, I guess after going into the forest, it’s time to go into the fray. Let of the legend of Zelda begin! Link- cough Battle start!

(NOTE: AUTHOR-san doesn’t own Zelda. Please don’t make me * it out).

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