SPA Chapter 103

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Seen Your Senior

“N-No, s-senior sister? Why? Who?! What is this?! What happened?!” Ling’er frantically cried as she knelt down besides the bloody lady.

After hearing Ling’er’s voice, the corpse-like lady seemed to have regained her life as she wearily opened her eyes, before a smile formed on her bloody face.

“H-hee hee hee, I-I just knew it, my Ling’er won’t die that easily, t-that b*s*trd was lying to us~ N-now senior sister no longer regrets letting Ling’er out of her room- hee hee hee- cough cough cough Shi Xiong, Lang’er is coming to join … you-“

Multiple globs of dried blood were coughed out as her eyes glared towards a direction, as if longing to go to accompany someone yet never to be able to do so.

Silence descended upon the area as Ling’er froze. Then thunder rumbled in the background, drowning out the hysterical cry of my lover in grief as she huddled into a kowtow position. My heart was also stricken with grief seeing her like this, but I know that I won’t be able to help her but offer empty words. Also, with her in that kowtow position, it’s not like I could pull her head into my embrace like they do in dramas for those romantic scenes. sigh

I could only solemnly kneel next to Ling’er as I reached my hands out towards the bloody face, closing the eyes of regret so she could rest in peace. I then leaned over to Ling’er and hugged her from above; however, I suddenly felt a jolt as I was almost shoved aside. Ling’er bounced back up quickly while wiping away her tears.

“T-thank you for taking care of me all these years. I am grateful for having such a wonderful Senior sister like you. Do not worry, Ling’er will find the one responsible for this, and after Ling’er is done with that person, Ling’er will give you a proper burial. Please forgive Ling’er for her disrespect,” Ling’er stated solemnly before grabbing the corpse with her hands, causing it to disappear into her storage ring.

I stood up as I grasped Ling’er’s hand, giving it a squeeze as I said, “You won’t be going alone.”

Ling’er glanced over and gave me a slight smile as she nodded. Then, we headed off towards the direction that Senior sister’s eyes pointed us in.

We passed through a damaged forest, with some broken trees in random places as if they were smashed out of place. Not long after, we left the forest into a familiar area. There was a bloody mess not far from us as if a corpse had been obliterated. My heart could not help but lurch as I already could imagine who it belonged to. Also, nearby was a familiar bloody looking head.

I quickly strolled over, quickly yet gently picking it up with a smile. Sorry master, I missed you before due to running for my life, but now I can give you a proper burial. I stored my master’s head into my inventory, and then I turned around to tell Ling’er to move on; however, I noticed she was now standing in front of a tree a fair distance away from me.

I quickly approached her while calling out, “Ling’er, let’s go-“

However, I paused as I noticed what she was looking at. Nailed to the tree by a broadsword piercing through his head was a corpse of a male who looked about the same age as late teens. Once again, it was a corpse glaring off in a direction as if to send a message. Can this get more old?

My thoughts were disrupted as I could see Ling’er’s eyes shaking as she slowly reached out her hands to grab the hilt of the broadsword. She tried to pull it out, but it was if all her strength was sapped by shock as her hands constantly shook. I hurriedly over and placed my hands over hers, steadying it.

“Let’s pull it together,” I stated as I stared at Ling’er.

She nodded meekly. Then, we exerted a bit of strength pulling the broadsword out. Before the corpse fell to the ground, I hurriedly reached out to catch it. I then glanced over at Ling’er who stared intently at the corpse as if she was reliving some memories. MMmm, this is going to take a while now isn’t it? At least it does in television series, sometimes even entire episodes. sigh

Or not, in real life, it was merely moments. Ling’er slowly reached out and stored the corpse into her storage as well.

“Senior Sister, you now have Senior Brother’s company. Soon, Ling’er will bury you two together, so you can take your time deciding when you two want to speak your feelings to each other,” Ling’er said with a giggle.

I didn’t want anyone to experience what I felt when the den I grew up in was massacred, yet here I was helpless watching my love experience the same thing. Is Mr.Aura really this omnipotent? My heart filled with pain as I reached our my hands to gently wipe off the teardrop rolling down Ling’er’s face. I really don’t want anything to happen to her.

I gently grasped her hands and said, “We’ve seen your Senior, it’s time to go see the sinner.”

Ling’er sniffed before her eyes hardened as she glanced off to the distant city from which I escaped from.

She then looked at me and nodded. We both swiftly dashed off towards our clear destination. As we neared our destination, we noticed many parts of the walls had been destroyed as many thick vines grew all over them as if they were always there. I couldn’t help but wonder where they came from as they weren’t here before; however, it seems that Ling’er recognized them and knew how they came to be as she hurriedly pulled me along into the still empty city.

As we followed the forest of vines through ruins of buildings and many craters, gradual vibrations could be felt as if an earthshaking battle was happening nearby. After a while of running, we entered the plaza where we finally got a clear sight of what was going on.
In front of us where the castle was supposed to be was a tall, overgrown forest which grew throughout the castle. In the far distance sky above the castle, we noticed a small figure teleporting around as a mass of large thick vines were waving all over the place in an attempt to smash it; however, the teleport ability outclassed the vine’s speed hence no hits landed.

Although it was far away, I was able to recognize that teleporting a**hole anytime. My fists clenched at my powerlessness, yet hope couldn’t help ignite in me as I watched him fighting the vines. It seemed that he didn’t want to teleport into the forest to engage in a battle as if he was in a stalemate with whoever he was fighting. Perhaps the forest is much more dangerous than it looked.

I suddenly felt a hard tug as Ling’er dashed off into the unknown forest. Wait, this might be dangerous! I was about to stop Ling’er, but a soft whisper from her removed all my thoughts of stopping her.

“Ling’er is coming, father. So, please-“

I couldn’t hear the rest, but there is no need. I know I can’t stop her and shouldn’t stop her, all I could do is accompany her. Although it is always the stupid protagonist that charge into situations like this, I also wanted to charge in stupidly like them. More like I am required to go in. After all, it’s time for me to see my senior, my father-in-law. Hopefully, alive.

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