SPA Chapter 102

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Awakening

Urrggg, I could not help but moan as I thought about my missing heart. I can’t believe I would die like that. Still, the pain- huh? Wait. How come I feel no pain? Oh right, probably because I’m dead. But isn’t these lines too cliche? I mean who says that the dead can’t feel anything? For one thing, I can feel something crushing my chest right now, except that something was so soft that I did not want to shove it away. Oh! I can even smell a familiar, heartwarming fragrance drifting into my nose.

This must be it huh? I’m in hell, and there’s probably a succubus on top of me sucking my life essence away. After all, I AM the protagonist, so this is probably the trope where I have to crawl out of hell and come back to life eh? I suddenly heard a soft moan that sent shivers down my spine. Oh yea, that’s the succubus who would be my slave, serving me as she fell for me- No no no! How can I be so indecent! My heart only belongs to Ling’er! Screw this succubus!

Hence, with my utmost strength, I attempted to shove the succubus off of me; however, it seems the succubus had caught on to my antics as she held onto me tightly. Ohohoh! Is this a challenge? This succubus probably wants me to open my eyes and then have me fall for her charms immediately huh? Did she think that a Pro like me would fall to mere charm?

In order to prevent myself from falling into her trap, I prepared to summon my sword to give her a swipe, but a familiar whisper shook me to the core, “Squishy, you’re alive.”

My heart shivered as I gently opened my eyes. As my vision faded in as it accustomed itself with the darkness, I saw my one and only staring back at me.

“Ling’er? A-am I dreaming? Why are you here in hell with me?” I could not help but think of the worst case scenario.

“Psshh~ Squishy, what are you talking about? We’re still in the living world~” Ling’er said as she giggled with a weak chuckle.

Eh?! I’m still alive? But how?! I was pretty sure I died! There’s no way I could come back to life fully. What is going on?

As if to answer me, the system resounded with a ding.

[System re-calibrated. Error solved. Processing…]
[Host now has 16 years of life span remaining.]

Eh? How did I get 16 years of life? My heart then could not help but shiver as I looked at Ling’er. I finally noticed how pale she looked. Then, I noticed her beautiful hair drifting over her shoulder. It was beautiful indeed, but it was no longer the same as before as it was pure white hair. From reading a lot of novels, this was the common cliche of sacrificing a huge chunk of her life for something.

“Ling’er! You-“

Before I could ask further, Ling’er gently placed her fingers onto my lips to shush me. She gently smiled at me and said, “Any price is worth it as long as long as you’re alive.”

My heart could not help but shiver as tears threatened to spill from my burning eyes. I gently pulled Ling’er into my tight embrace as we enjoyed my new found life in silence – together. I swear, I will make sure to enjoy every moment of my remaining 16 years together with her, no matter pleasure or pain.

I could feel Ling’er slowly twist her head up to glance at me as she stated with mirth, “Squishy, are you going to hug me like this forever?”

“Yep, I am,” I shamelessly answered before feeling queer, “Eh? Ling’er, why are you calling me Squishy?”

“It’s what I named you, why can’t I call you that?” Ling’er stated righteously.

“Huh? Ling’er you remember everything?” I can’t help but ask as worry clouded my heart.

“Hee hee, lovers? Squishy is a big bad liar,” Ling’er giggled as she pinched me hard on the side.

I yelped in pain and could only pitifully stare at Ling’er who pouted as she glared back at me.

cough cough

Ling’er, you can’t be too harsh on your husband like that. It wasn’t me intention-“

“Pei! Who’s my husband!?” Ling’er humped as she pinched me harder.

“Aiya! Alright, alright, future husband then alright?” I shamelessly claimed.

“Who says I’m-” Ling’er tried to retort, but with one quick movement, I flipped us over causing Ling’er to be on the bottom now.

I stared down at Ling’er as she glared back up at me with as a slow blush crept up her face, “W-What are you trying to do?”

Her cute stammer only assisted in awakening the beast inside me. As I prepared to pounce on the ravishing beauty, Ling’er’s face suddenly scrunched up in pain as she gave off a coarse cough.

Worry clouded my heart as I hurriedly got off her and asking, “Ling’er, what’s wrong?”

“N-Nothing. I’m fine, it’s just a bit hard to breathe in here,” Ling’er stated.

It was then that I took note of my surrounding and noticed we are on a platform in what seemed to be a dark canyon. Ah, this was the Broken Heart Chasm that I fell in huh? I couldn’t help but feel lucky that we fell on this platform. More like, as expected of Mr.Aura. Can’t bear to kill me off so easily.

I glanced back at Ling’er and noticed her pale face. Although I felt that there were no injuries on her externally, I could not help but worry if there were some hidden, unknown injury due to her sacrifice that she made for me. Hence, I decided that our priority is to get out of here first so we could find someone to give her a checkup.

I then helped Ling’er up and squatted down, stating, “Ling’er, get on my back. I’ll get us out of here.”

Ling’er smiled gently at me and got onto my back, wrapping her arms around my neck. I could feel a subtle soft mound pressing against my back, energizing me to the extreme. Ok, Pro, calm down.

I then looked down into the darkness. Although there is probably some fortunate encounter down there, but no thanks. I feel like I’ll suffer more than I’ll gain. I looked up the walls of the canyon. Obviously, I have no mountain climbing skills nor did I have any walk on air qing gong that could easily get me out. Hence, the most logically choice is employing more manpower.

Hence, many clones were summoned and they climbed upon each other to make a human stairway upwards. Although it wasn’t that safe, but with them, I have worries about falling off accidentally at least as the clones have hands to keep me stable.
Hence began my climb. My clones grabbed onto me and pulled me up one step at a time. Once we reached the top, I would summon more clones who would climb above me to continue the ladder as they held on to the walls of the canyon. I already planned that if I ran out of Qi, I would rest a bit before summoning more, but surprisingly, that was not necessary as we reached the top not long after.

I don’t know how long we’ve been down there, but it seems that it was barely dawn as we stepped into the forest once more. I breathed a sigh of relief as I noticed that devil was no longer here. I dispelled my clones as I glanced at Ling’er who gently smiled back and said, “You can put me down now.”

Although I enjoyed the feeling on my hands, but the look Ling’er was giving me told me that I shouldn’t go overboard. I gently set Ling’er down before I quickly grabbed her hands. Although she glared at me as I cheekily smiled, she smiled as she squeezed my hands back not long after. My heart was brimming with happiness as I felt her acknowledgement.

We then happily headed off, ready to live in bliss for the rest of our lives.

However, not long after we strolled into the forest, a soft, hoarse cough interrupted our moment of bliss. As I glanced over in that direction and saw a hardly recognizable lady with a bloody face. She was dressed in yellow robes, that were both ragged and bloody, while streaks of cut ran through her body. Yet it seems she still tried her best to persist on. I wonder what could making her want to live on so bad, but it seems she was already near her last breathe-


Ling’er’s voice howled in grief as she dashed over to the girl.

Sh*t. So after me, it’s her? Is that how you want to do it Mr.Aura? F**k you.

After awakening to the truth, I could not help but curse as I also dashed over.

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