SPA Chapter 105

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Pray for Good Day

The three of us looked up at the fly in the sky. He had already teleported much closer as if he wanted to grab me, but had no choice but to retreat due to large vines sweeping his spot while a multitude of green spores attempted to cling onto his body. Although he managed to sweep off the most of spores in time, some of them had already turned red as if they had sufficiently sucked away at his blood.

“ARGGG! You flower b*st**d!” evil Sect Master howled in grief as he teleported back into the distance to continue his dodging game with the friendly vines.

Phew, at least I don’t have to fear that b*s**td yet. However, I suddenly felt goosebumps as I felt the scrutinizing me. I looked back down and noticed the green robed man now strolling in circles around me while nodding his head.

“Hohoh, so you’re the brat that dare to covet my daughter hmmm? What’s so special about you? Hmmm, that face? Not. Hmmm, that aura? That’s probably the worst aura you can get. Hmmm, maybe your intellect? But, I just can’t see how that dummy can give birth to someone smart, so it can’t be …” the green robed man mused.

Errrr, this is pretty nerve wracking, especially with all those criticism. I wanted to refute my father-in-law’s disdain, yet before I could, Ling’er grabbed my hand and glared at her father while stating, “It doesn’t matter what you say. I have decided to be with him in life and death.”

A sweet feeling bubbled up in my heart. Mmm, I don’t even know how this saying works as scientifically, emotions are from the brain? Yet it’s perfect for describing the situation. I mean, it’s not like I could say a sweet feeling bubbled up in my mouth as that would not be so … romantic?

Anyways, a silly grin found its way onto my face as I watched my father-in-law grunted, “Humph, as expected of that dumb brother-in-arms of mine. Like father, like son, stealing the heart of girls is all they could do.”

I could not help but exclaim in shock, “Eh? You know my father?!”

The green robed man gave me a glance of pity before he sighed, “Indeed. I still remember it just like yesterday. It was before we took the mantle to head our respective kingdoms. We’ve lived our lives freely and happily, back-to-back. If there were puzzles, I smashed them. If there were enemies, your father smashed them. If there were ladies, we both smashed th- cough saved them. Oh, good ol’ days…”

I couldn’t help but become curious yet angry, “Then, how come you didn’t come to-“

The green robed man held up a hand, as if signifying me to stop asking. He sighed before stating, “Indeed, it was one of my greatest regrets of my life. Yet, it was your father that told me to not come. Your father sent his most trusted servant, Xu Fa, over to stop me from coming. He also warned me of the calamity that was to come. Worrying about my Ling’er and her mother’s life, I had no choice but to close my eyes and regret.”

I could feel Ling’er stiffen next to me as she stated, “What do you mean worry about mother’s life?! You have no right to say that! After all, you-“

The green robed man sighed before stating, “Ling’er, I think it’s about time I told you the truth-“

Yep, just like every other cliche plot, there is the truth behind all misunderstanding. Yet at the exact point when the truth is about to come out …


Well, if you didn’t want to do it before, why the hell would you do it now. Please, it’s just like saying I didn’t want to eat delicious food while it’s still fresh and hot, but now I shall eat it cold. Okay, why am I worrying about why he is doing it now when he’s going to do it anyways.

We all looked up with grim expressions as the b*st**rd began to gather up what seemed to be a big black orb of power. Oh boi, he’s going to go Kam*kam*ha on us isn’t he?

“HAHAHAHA! There is no escape! I’m sure you recognize this nameless artifact you soon-to-be withered flower b*st**rd! Although this artifact takes a long time to charge up, but since yall were taking so long to act out a drama, I shall make it more dramatic for you! This is an artifact given to me by my master and since I took so long to charge it, it’s strong enough to kill even me! Not only that, as long as it has not hit a target, it will continuously chase you until it kills you, and the explosion that comes after will not let anyone around you escape! Let’s see if you can run away from your daughter fast enough! Hahahaha! Now die!”

Wow. Thanks for the long explanation sir, we really did not need to know how that works or where it came from, but hey, at least your explanation took time.

I could not help but smirk as the two next to me had faces that went pale. Father-in-law instantly dashed off as Ling’er’s eyes went red while yelling sorrow, “FATHER, NO!”

However, the b*st*rd’s face in the sky froze in horror as the black orb left his hands. Why? Because of my new ability, Pro Catapult 101.

Yep, I had clones spawned in the forest, and now multiple clones had gathered enough momentum to throw one of my clones up into the sky as a meat shield. I certainly did learn good tactics from my slime days.

It was already too late for the poor bloke to throw that black ball elsewhere as I made sure to have myself, I mean my clone, thrown fast enough to knock right into the orb as it left his hands. Of course, the clone stayed invisible with {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} till it collided just so that b*st*rd can’t teleport away in time. Without further description, explosion is an art. cough


Noooooo- is what you would expect to hear from the villain, but nope, he was blown to smithereens before he could give his final howl. Or maybe the explosion drowned it out.
Of course I’m not so stupid to blankly stand and watch the aftermath without assuring my own safety. Hence, I already went into void form with Ling’er. As for father-in-law, I’m sure he can handle himself … right?

The explosion gradually cleared up, leaving a somewhat devastated forest along with a gawking father-in-law dressed in ragged green robes. Welp, he’s smart enough to use those friendly vines of his to block at least. Oh wait, does that mean I have to past the father-in-law’s tests now to get his daughter’s hand for marriage?!

Exiting void form, my mind could not help but cloud with worry about minuscule problems such as this. I can only pray that I will have a good day. However, will the good day I pray for come?

I should have known the answer to that and should not have relaxed my guard. How come we protagonists never learn this lesson? It’s for the plot to move forward of course.

I knew something was wrong immediately as soon as I wanted to joke around with Ling’er because I couldn’t make any sound. No, I couldn’t even move. I noticed that black fog had formed what to be chains of fog on me, and I didn’t even know how it happened. A chilling feeling settled upon me as the dark fogs from the explosion slowly regathered in the sky into the shape of an enormous head.

“Who DARE to kill my disciple?! Eh? It’s probably this brat huh since he’s got that aura- cough. How DARE you kill my disciple! Although he was one of many, since you dared to do it, your cheap life can go accompany him in hell!” an extremely loud noise boomed as my mind buzzed.

Then the foggy face gradually condensed into a black spear. Black lightning glistered all over the spear as it sent my danger alarm ringing, telling me this is beyond what any of us here can handle. The spear then aimed towards me before it flew at me. Although the speed was not slow, it was not a speed of which I could not dodge; however, I was locked in place by some unknown force and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t move nor activate my abilities.

So, I could only helplessly stand in place and watched the spear dramatically close in on me, preparing to send me to hell as I’m supposed to see my life flash across my eyes. Well, I certainly didn’t see that life flash past my eyes, instead thoughts of how to survive flashed past my eyes. My only thought was to ask for help, but even if I wanted to ask for help, I can’t even speak.

Of course, I should have known that I never needed to ask for help. If I could wish for anything, it would be that nobody helps me ever again.

Unfortunately, the one person who I wished was not here at this moment had to be right next to me.

Her silvery white hair gracefully danced in the air as she glided in between the spear and me with her hands wide open. With her head partially turned, she gave me a subtle glance while mouthing the cherished three words of “I Love You”. Then, with a slight smile she faced forward, embracing the danger that is to come, in my place.

The spear slowly drew near as if time slowed down, this time aiming not for my life, but my heart and soul.

Even though I would give my life for it, there was no bulls**t “I broke free because of love”.

I could only blankly watch the inevitable happen right before my eyes once more.

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