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Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Tale Guide

Fish for the culprit before others do!

β€” Steve

Looking for a hidden tale guide? Not a small one, but one of the new six unknown ones on the second tales page in-game? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon a gold medal hidden anecdote called Night of the Asao Fish (aka End of Shallow Night)!

To trigger this quest, simply go to the stall area by Kenichi Inuyama near the coordiantes 540,280. Talk to the guest with an exclamation mark on his head to trigger the quest.

Now, read the recipe book on the table by interacting with it. Then, talk to the NPC Stranger (with an exclamation mark) that shows up nearby.

Talk with the guest that triggered the quest again. Then, choose an option of food from the choices. Talk to the student who now has an exclamation mark (OMG SO MANY TALKING!).

Then, try the food on the table by interacting with it. Now you will need to play a mini-game. Use the up/down arrows on the right side of the screen to control your character to move up or down. You will have to move your character into the beams of light that comes from the right side of the screen. Note that you must move in between the lights and not hit the edges of the beams of light (as those are not part of light). Don’t worry if you fail though because you can try again by interacting with the food.

After you beat the mini-game, a young man should appear nearby (facing the food stall near the tree). Talk to the young man who will ask you to help find his father. Of course, choose to help him (choose one of the search options).

If you had chosen to search with the boy (like Steve did), you will get an auto-path to the area to search for the father. This area is simply the bar area near the coordinates 460,380. You should be able to find the father nearby dressed in a black suit (albeit no exclamation mark). Talk to the father and he will disappear.

Find the father nearby once more (close to the suspicious person NPC). Talk to him again and select an option (Steve chose your child is looking for you). Steve is unsure of what the other options do. Perhaps the fish head soup option would help you jump through the quest.

After talking to the father, talk to the guest nearby (who now has an exclamation mark). An argument will occur and you will have to defeat some mobs. Talk to the young boy after beating the mobs and the father-son duo shall leave.

Wait a bit and a male guest (with exclamation mark) will spawn nearby. Talk to the guest who will tell you about the detective. Head over to the nearby phone booth and you should be able to find a book with two phone numbers. Dial the first number (4536251) by interacting with the phone and using free dial to call the detective who shall tell you his address.

Simply head back to the spawn point (by the car display area) and head to the vending machines towards the right. You should be able to enter the detective agency by interacting with the door near the coordinates 360,450. Talk to the detective at the back of the room. Disregarding your choice, you still will need to be tested. Interact with the chair to start the test (which is a mini-game where you guess the three objects).

After beating the mini-game, you will unlock the clue wall. Open your tales interface (open quest log, then tale tab) and head over to the Night of the Asao Fish tale. Tap on the clue wall button to open the clue wall interface. You do not need to use it now, but you will need it later to confirm the final suspect. Now head back to the food stalls and you should be able to find the tramp in the corner by the stalls (towards the back to the right). Talk to the tramp and go through all the options.

Afterwards, interact with the mud stain on the food stall where you triggered the quest. There won’t be an interaction symbol so you will need to tap on it manually. Then, head over to the tree (where you found the young man earlier) and hop over the fence into the dirt. There should be an interaction symbol popping up to investigate that area.

After investigating, you will need to put the clues together to move on to the next part of the quest. Open the clue wall in your tales section. Drag the character profile of the tramp onto the board (in the middle). Then, drag each other current clues from the clue board (on the right) onto the board. Now, connect the clues to the tramp profile by tapping the pin at the top right corner of the tramp profile and then tapping each of the clue (note this must be done for each clue and you will know you have selected the tramp when it gets highlighted). Simply connect all the pins (not sure which ones are unneeded so just do it all) to the tramp, press the confirm suspect button, and you will unlock a new suspect.

Although it might not be necessary, head over to a phone booth to call the second suspect (4536252). Head over to the detective agency once more and interact with the computer in the room. Choose to enter a command to enter the command intercept4536252 (should be case sensitive, lowercase with no space). You will get the coordinates of the father’s house as 430,410.

Head out of the agency and cross the street to the metro station. The door to enter the house should be right beside the metro station. Interact with the door to enter a secret room lookalike.

Now you will need to get some clues. Talk to the father who is sitting on the ground to get one clue. Interact with the clock on the wall (it’s above the television and you will need to manually tap on it) to get another clue. Then, talk to the young man in the corner where the boxes are to get another clue.

Now head outside the house and talk to the convenience store NPC near the house for another clue. Then, head back to the food stall to find your last clue on the food stall. There should be a clock you can interact with.

After gathering all your clues, open the clue wall. Clear out all the old clues and profiles if needed. Then, drag the stranger profile onto the board along with all the clues for the stranger (all the clues to do with time). Connect the clue about the time of theft with the clue of the clock time of the food stall to get a new lead. Then, connect the time of the clock inside the stranger’s house to the time that the young man said his father left the house to get another lead. Connect the new leads to the stranger profile, along with the convenience store owner’s testimony and you should be able to confirm the suspect.

Now go talk to the stranger in his house and he will admit to his crime. He will tell you to get the fish. Go interact with the interaction icon by the slider doors by the stranger, and you will not find the fish. Talk to the stranger again and go through the dialogue. Then, you will need to track the water stains on the ground.

Simply head back to the food stall as the water stain will lead all the way back there. You will now find the young man (with an exclamation mark) at the food stall. Talk to him and go through the dialogue.

You will then need to pick up the fish from the ground by interacting with the ground. You will need to play an annoying mini-game where you will have to to tap all the items scrolling down the screen (the mini-game to get love orange from the little girl). Beat the mini-game to pick up the fish. You can fail, but it probably won’t change much besides the dialogue (Steve passed so not sure of what happens if fail).

Simply keep talking to the NPCs afterwards and go through all the dialogues. Read the newspaper when the quest log tells you to. Then, interact with and help the stranger up. After going through some more dialogue, you will finally complete this quest.

Besides the long trains of dialogue, this quest was fairly simple but lengthy enough to be a gold medal. The rewards for completing this anecdote includes a gold medal, 10 anecdote points, and the title Gentle Night.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and be a detective!

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One thought on “Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Guide

  1. I finished the ancedote, helped the man up and talked to them a bit. They walked away after that but I still have the young man following me so i did not finish the tale? helps


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