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Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Guide

Steve’s Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Tale Guide

Be a really nice person before others do!

— Steve

Looking for a hidden tale guide? Not a small one, but one of the new six unknown ones on the second tales page in-game? Well, you are at the right place! Steve chanced upon a gold medal hidden anecdote called Town Anecdote (aka Story of the Small Town)!

Although Steve is unsure if you must have a certain amount of points in certain personalities to trigger this quest, Steve has most of Steve’s point in healing. To trigger this quest, simply go to Tokyo at 1 PM in-game time (note that this time may vary depending on your server as some servers have the time as 1 AM) and go to the metro station (towards the center of the northern part of the Tokyo map) that is located at the corner of an intersection near the coordinates 350,220. Use your vision and there should be a spark that you can interact with on the ground (hard to see but interaction symbol should pop up). Interact with the spark to read the newspaper that will trigger the quest.

Eva will then tell you to go to Ehime Prefecture. Go to Ehime Prefecture and find the NPC Masako (who should spawn near the two NPCs Asako Kitada and Haruki Abe) near the coordinates 250,250. If you can’t talk to her (aka she has no quest mark above her head), perhaps wait for any cloudy day/night (not rainy,storm,blizzard,etc.).

Talk to Masako and go through the dialogue. When the choice pops up, choose to “cheer Masako up”. Then, talk to Masako again and choose one of the options to cheer her up with. Then walk over to the edge of the sidewalk and there should be an interaction icon that pops up. Tap the interact button to cheer Masako up. Keep doing this until Masako’s joy level reaches 20 or above (each interaction should give different points). Then, talk to Masako again and she will go home.

Now you must wait until a sunny afternoon (at least 1 PM in-game time) to go find Masako again. Head back to where you found Masako the first time, and she should appear nearby with a Hoodlum NPC.

Talk to Hoodlum and go through the dialogue. A little girl is being bullied, so when the choice pops up, it’s obvious what you should do. The choice should affect your personality, but Steve believes that you will still have to help regardless of your choice. Steve chose to help though (just to be on safe side). Talk to the Hoodlum again and go through dialogue.

After the Hoodlum leaves, talk to the little girl. The little girl will then invite you to go play games with her at her home. Head over in the direction that the animated Masako walks off towards and you should find Masako waiting outside her house near the coordinates 255,215.

Talk to Masako then go inside her home by interacting with the gates of the house. You will then be teleported to a Hotspring Resort look-alike. Talk to Masako inside the house and wait her animation to end. Then, talk to her again and again. Go through the dialogue and Masako should tell you to investigate the house.

There will be a couple of things you will need to interact with and investigate with the important ones having mini-games. Go to the trash can in the corner by the television and play the mini-game (drawing path). Then, find the dog food in the corner to the left of the window on the bathroom side and play the mini-game (matching) You will also need to interact with the photo on the table (no mini-game).

Masako’s mother, Nadeshiko Chokai, should now pop up (if you interacted with all 3 objects). Head over and talk to her. Then, you pretty much get politely kicked out of the house. So, leave the house.

You should find Masako outside the house. Talk to Masako again (either option should work Steve believes). Keep talking to Masako until she tells you to go ask the vet.

Now head over to Chizuru basketball courts to find the vet near the coordinates 210,185 (looks like basketball court on mini-map). In order to talk to him, you have to score a shot into the basket. Talk to Tatsuya Nakamura after scoring a shot (choosing either option should work). Go through all the options by repeatedly talking to Nakamura. Then, Nakamura should disappear.

Head back to Ehime Prefecture and talk to Masako who should now be near a tree on the convenience store near the coordinates 270,250 (she only shows up after dialogue between neighbor and mother). Keep talking to Masako until she goes home.

Now head over to the beach area in Ehime Prefecture and you should find two NPCs (pet lovers) near the coordinates 315,255. Listen to their dialogue until the end (you should hear a quest trigger sound).

Now go find Masako in front of her house and talk to her. She will then enter the house and you will now have to wait at least one in-game day (4 hours in real life). When you can continue to next part of the quest, talking to Eva will tell you that Masako sent a communication request and she is very sad (instead of the just give her some space response).

Now you must wait for it to rain in Ehime Prefecture. Then, go talk to Masako by the edge of the town near the coordinates 260,200. Go through all the dialogue with Masako (until she has no exclamation marks).

Now, head over to Tokyo and go to the red arch area with lots of stalls/shops. You should find the rescue team NPC off to the left by the building near the coordinates 180,340. Talk to the NPC (with an exclamation mark) and you will find out the loyal dog was adopted. If the exclamation mark doesn’t show up, try talking to Eva first through the tale section.

Now head over to Funfair and you should be able to find NPC Shore towards the center of the Funfair by the carousels (horse riding on spinning platform) near the coordinates 390,205 (Fairy Carousel on mini-map). Talk to him and you will find out the loyal dog abandoned the poor guy.

Now go back to Ehime Prefecture and talk to Masako by the edge of the town (where you found her before). Talk to Masako. Afterwards, her dad will show up. Talk to her father who will tell you to help find the dog in the mountains.

Now go to the shrine up on the mountains (little arch on mini-map). Outside the shrine, you should be able to find a spark on the ground by the telephone pole near the coordinates 205,340. Go up and follow the trail (downwards) of the sparks on the ground.

Jiro should appear near the end of the spark trail after you interact with the last spark (make sure to interact with all 3 sparks). Interact with Jiro (tap on Jiro standing on spark).

Now go talk to Masako in front of her house and the anecdote should be completed. The rewards for completing this anecdote includes a gold medal, 10 anecdote points, and the title You’re a Nice Guy!.

That is all for Steve’s Dragon Raja Town Anecdote hidden anecdote guide! As always, if Steve find any ways to enhance the guide, Steve will update it! Also, subscribe and look out for more guides from Steve! If you have any questions, suggestions, or disagreements, feel free to comment below or you can contact Steve through the contacts page; however, there is no guarantee for a good answer because Steve does not know everything about the quest after all. Now, go out there and play nice!

Published by Credible Steve

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Guide

  1. Hey Steve.
    I have two anecdotes which i believe i messed up.
    One anecdote is about chizuru girl which appears during thunderstorm. I didnt knew that she was an anecdote cause at that time i wasnt going after any but was looking for cheap umbrella. Cause i had met an umbrella guy selling.

    Second one is the latest. Small town anecdote. I have chose another path to see what i should need to do. But apperantly im unable to advance. So im gonna check several times at different weather and time conditions.
    But would like to obtain help cause lately im more busy so ye.
    I will appreciate for your help.


    1. I don’t believe you can actually mess up in the Chizuru umbrella guide as it is a very short anecdote. However, you can check out my guide for it and compare it to what part you are on. Also check your wardrobe to make sure you haven’t already gotten the umbrella skin for finishing the quest.

      As for the Town Anecdote, I’m afraid I may need you to provide more details on your current progress in the quest in order for me to be of any help. I would need to know what specific part of the quest you already got to before you decided to take a different path and how far you progressed on it. I believe all paths will lead to the end, so you are probably not on wrong path, just a lil lost maybe. Hopefully I can help after you provide details.


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