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About Steve

Why Care About Steve?

Why Care About Steve?

Do you think that a random, online person named Steve would really care about you to give you real health advice?

Honestly, it’s clear what the answer to that question is. If it isn’t, then Steve will clearly tell you, “Steve doesn’t care.” Seriously, ask yourself, how can Steve care for someone that Steve doesn’t even know?

So now you know that Steve doesn’t care. So, why is Steve doing this in the first place? Well, the answer is because Steve will get paid to do so in one way or another. Steve needs that non-edible, yet so delicious cash just like most people out there.

So now you know that Steve is doing this for money! You’re about to simply close this page and not care about Steve no more. Or will you keep reading to understand why you should care!

Why Should You Care About Steve?

  • Because Steve is different from most sales pitchers
  • Because Steve will turn you into his guinea pig
  • Because Steve has other fun & valuable content for you to read

So, why does Steve claim he is different from most sales pitchers? It’s pretty clear what any advertisers should do when promoting a product. They would emphasize the good points while obscuring the demerits. They would give discounts or provide limited time offers.

However, when it comes to this, Steve has a big problem. You see, Steve is very, very horrible at this job. So much so that Steve would probably not achieve a single commission that way.

Yes, it may be easy for most; however, Steve just deems that tactic as a no-go for Steve. Hence, Steve will do what Steve does best instead: Criticizing. Uh huh, you read it right. Instead of the usual product promotion, Steve will go review and sell them by criticizing them.

You may think that Steve’s criticizing will promote the products by listing the stronger points instead. Unfortunately, that is not what Steve does. What does Steve criticizing mean? Well, maybe you would understand it more if you relate the term criticizing to trash talking, thrashing, or fault picking.

Of course, if Steve only did this, Steve’s blog would probably be trashed by the companies themselves. There’s no way for Steve to live because Steve can’t fight back at all. Steve is just your average, powerless, and poor bloke living just like everyone else. This would also mean that Steve would not be so credible after all as Steve can’t afford to try the product that Steve is “promoting”.

Hence, in order for Steve to make some bucks while having the companies not trash Steve’s blog, Steve would like to ask Steve’s bloggers a favor. This favor would be to Steve’s guinea pig. That way, Steve’s blog will get input from everyone on if a product is truly credible or not. After all, just Steve’s voice alone has no sway.

So, who does Steve want on Steve’s blog?

  • People who enjoy reading reviews, critiques, trash talking, etc.
  • People who has money to be Steve’s guinea pig
  • People who actually want to try health products
  • People here for that money making page, story page, or game page
  • People who care about Steve

Steve does look forward to the day where Steve’s blog will have an army ready to promote/thrash products along with Steve. As for when that is, Steve will leave it up to everyone reading this to decide. Come join Steve so Steve can begin Steve’s journey to become a truly Credible Steve.

Fine Print: Credible Steve is an independent affiliate and not the owner of any of the products Steve reviews or promotes.

Published by Credible Steve

Just another Steve reviewing products, but is this Steve credible? That's for you to find out~

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