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SPA Chapter 99

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Brotherhood

“Hand over your life!” Jia Chun growled before dashing over, slashing his sword at me.

I hurriedly pulled out my sword to block.


I gritted my teeth as I knew I couldn’t escape this fight.

A golden light bloomed as a tint of golden Qi highlighted me. Even when I moved, the highlight stuck to me like a ghost, revealing my position. I knew I can no longer hide hence I deactivated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}. I reacted just in time to block Jia Chun’s assault.

After that, Jia Chun crazily assaulted me. Although I tried to fight back, apparently my sword skills were not on par with his nor did I have much will to fight back due to a guilty conscience. Not long after, many cut wounds already appeared on my body, but fortunately, my {Divine Blood Rebirth} greatly helped me in staying alive as the wounds gradually healed; however, there would constantly be new wounds, although shallow due to my {Invincible Body}.

As if he knew this wouldn’t work, Jia Chun pulled out another talisman,”Bind!”

I suddenly froze in place and I knew it was bad as Jia Chun’s stab swiftly aimed for my heart. Fortunately, I activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form just in time to dodge a fatal hit; however, Jia Chun understood my ability and kept his sword in place while repeatedly casting bind.

This caused me to be unable to dodge, even when my void form ran out. I materialized in the midst of the sword, causing it to be pierced through my heart.

[Host has taken fatal damage.]

[{Rise From the Dead} has activated and negated fatal damage.]

Jia Chun pulled out his sword, believing it to have successfully killed me; however, he stood in shock as I swiftly backed off.

“How?! It seems there is still abilities that I do not know about, but it doesn’t matter. I will eventually figure you out and kill you!” Jia Chun growled before dashing into to attack once more.

Once again we clashed, but I was more vigilant this time as I prepared to activated void form in order to escape his bind because I won’t be able to move if I get bound before I am in void form.

After a while of clashing, we split apart while taking heavy breathes. This was the first time I’ve had to fight so hard while he seemed to be going all out.

I glared at Jia Chun as I questioned in anger, “Why would you do this? If you wanted revenge, you could just come to me! Why would you involve everyone? What did Master Ma ever do to you? What about Fatty?!”

Jia Chun shivered as if in guilt, but he continued to attack me as he growled, “It was the only way. There shouldn’t be a problem as Master Ma should be strong enough to kill him!”

“What do you know?! Did you know Master Ma already perished just for a chance for us to escape?!” I yelled back angrily.

Jia Chun froze in shock. Then he stuttered, “Impossible! He promised that he only wanted to know so that he can subdue Master Ma. He never said he will kill him!”

“Heh, is that he the Sect Master?! Well, it seemed he was dead set on killing us when he saw us. He even sacrificed a couple of Sect elders to injure Master Ma before he swept in for the kill!” I replied as my breathes calmed.

“No, no! This can’t be possible! You’re lying to me! It can’t be- It can’t-” Jia Chun said as his face showed sorrow.

I knew this was the chance to bring him back, hence I wanted to continue to persuade him, but a familiar, deep voice interrupted our conversation.

“Young boy. You can’t believe him. He was the one that killed your mother. He is your enemy, and you can’t believe in the enemy.”

Suddenly, distortions appeared in the air behind Jia Chun as a middle aged man in black robe materialized behind him. I realized it was the Sect Master and my heart clenched as I realized my master was no more.

“Yes, that’s right. He’s the enemy. He killed my mother. I can’t believe him,” Jia Chun growled before he charged at me again.


We clashed once more as the evil snickers of the Sect Master drifted in the air. As if to add fuel to the fire, the Sect Master continued, “Oh and did you know what this … brother of yours did to your mother? Hee hee hee, in a luxurious room, your mother whom you loved and your brother did the unspeakable act~”

Jia Chun froze before his eyes glared at me in anger before questioning in a sinister voice, “Did you do …”

I froze as well, but not because I was guilty as I knew we never went to the last step. Instead, I froze in shock because my brain seemed to be putting the puzzle pieces together from what the Sect Master just said. How did he know what happened in that room as if he were there?! Then, I remembered that Ling’er told me that there were no black clothed assailants guarding me when she came to rescue me. Perhaps …

“It was you! Your were the one that orchestrated all of this!” I said as I glared at the Sect Master.

The Sect Master froze before asking with a giggle, “Ohoh? And why would you say that?”

“You were the one that killed the black assailants, allowing for my rescue. You were also there to watch, that means you could have saved her, but didn’t,” I angrily explained to the Sect Master.

The Sect Master looked at me with a smile before laughing as if he had the most fun of his life, “Ahahaha! Brilliant! I did not expect you to figure out so quickly. Yes. It was me. I orchestrated this entire thing. Your capture was under my order, so was ordering her to f**k you. Of course, your escape was also my doing. Surprisingly, you did better than I would have thought strength wise; however, as the poison was too weak to kill a Brown Dan, I helped you add the finishing touch. Ahaha, praise me for my brilliant plan!”

“What is your purpose for doing this?!” I angrily growled.

“Hahaha! My purpose? There is none! It was for pure entertainment. Brothers who once fought together had to slay each other due to revenge. Oh~ So interesting to watch! Not only that, I also get the benefit of getting information that helped me get rid of an annoying pest before he escaped,” the Sect Master said with a grin, “Oh? And did you two want to see your master again? Well here he is.”

Then, a wrinkly, bloody head was pulled out of thin air and tossed onto the ground. It rolled in front of Jia Chun, stopping to reveal the familiar face of Master Ma. Jia Chun froze in shock as a tear rolled down his eyes. My fists clenched at the injustice of this world. All these deaths simply for one man’s entertainment!?

“Hahaha! Well, it was an interesting play, but it’s about time we end this. I still have matters to attend to, but first, I will need to gain some secrets by eating-” the Sect Master continued nonchalantly, but was interrupted by Jia Chun, “I will KILL YOU!”

Jia Chun rushed up to attack the Sect Master, but to no avail. An arm instantly pierced his chest, pulling out his heart. Jia Chun’s eyes widen and tears of regret rolled down his face as he slowly slid from the Sect Master’s legs to the ground.

“Filthy, get off of me. I won’t even desire to eat your heart,” the Sect Master growled before kicking Jia Chun to the ground.

Then, he turned over to look at me as I stiffened in fear.

“Now, your heart is a different story. You have many secrets that I desire to know,” the Sect Master stated as he began to stroll over to me; however, he abruptly stopped.

Looking down, a hand gripped the Sect Master’s legs tightly. It was unknown how he was still alive, but Jia Chun who was on the ground turned his face to me as he coughed up a couple mouthful of blood before trying to speak. Although it was a tiny voice, I was able to hear it over the silence.


Instinct took over as I dashed off into the forest.

“Ohoh? Do you think you can escape? I do enjoy playing cat and mouse though~ Hee hee hee!” the Sect Master laughed in a sinister voice as he tried to move, but then he turned to look at the arm grabbing his leg.

“Get your filthy hands off of me.”

With a swish, the arm was completely obliterated; however, just as swiftly, another hand reached to pull his leg. The Sect Master frowned as if irritated before obliterating the other arm as well. To his shock, he still felt a tug after that. He looked down to see a bloody face biting his pants while glaring at him with bloodshot eyes.

The Sect Master’s face flushed red before saying, “I planned to leave you an intact corpse for providing me entertainment, but a persistent cockroach like you should be obliterated!”

Then the Sect Master lifted his other foot and stamped down on the head, crushing it to smithereens. Then Qi circulated that cleaned his robe as it shattered the rest of the corpse, destroying the remains of the existence known as Jia Chun.

“It’s time to catch the naughty mouse~ Hee hee hee~”

The Sect Master calmly strolled through the forest, heading towards the prey on the run.

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