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SPA Chapter 98

Strongest Protagonist’s Aura Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Raising Sails

Fortunately, there wasn’t any assailants on the plains. Not like there are anywhere for them to hide on the plains anyways, but of course that applies to me as well hence I used {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} to be on the safe side.

Not long after, I made it to the small port town. It could even be considered a village as there will still hut-like buildings; however, I did see a large port with multiple large wooden boats docked. My cautiousness of using {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} did pay off though because I noticed that the streets were ominously empty. I did not know which ship was prepared by Jia Chun, hence I tried to look for Jia Chun.

After sneaking around for a bit, I discovered many assailants hiding in the huts, while its original occupants are gone; however, I did not see Jia Chun anywhere. I gritted my teeth as I realized he may have been captured or already escaped. I believed it to be the latter as Jia Chun is fairly intelligent. Hence, I could only make my own plans now.

I easily sneaked past the hidden assailants to reach the docks. I’m surprised no one invented radars or detectors for intruders, or maybe no one expected for one to go completely invisible. As I neared the port, I noticed that there were assailants guarding most of the boats to prevent them from leaving; however, there was one large wooden ship that especially stood out as it was larger than the rest. Not only that, there were many servants constantly loading crates onboard as if it was preparing to sail.

Although the assailants guarded the vicinity of this ship, but it seemed that they don’t dare to be on the ship. Unlike the other ship, this ship didn’t actually have sails, but the mysterious symbols embedded on the hull of the ship told me it wasn’t ordinary. I slowly sneaked onboard the ship.

Although I didn’t know where this ship led to, I knew it was the only ship that will be sailing. I then followed a servant secretly as they delivered a crate to a dim room. I sneaked into the room and waited until the servants moved out. Then, I hurriedly opened one of the larger crates towards the back and transferred the items in the crate to other crates. Then, I poked a couple of breathing holes towards the back of the crate before gently placing Fatty into the crate. Then, I chipped off a flat slate of wood with my sword before I did my best to carve out the words, “Meet at Shen Nu – Pro”.

I then stashed the message deep in Fatty’s clothes. I took one deep last look at Fatty before gently shutting the crate. Sorry that I can’t take care of you Fatty. I can’t leave yet. Although I believe Jia Chun can find a way, I won’t be able to leave in ease when Ling’er still haven’t left. Although I’m not quite sure where she is, but I’m pretty sure she is in the Sect City somewhere. Probably one of the mansions based on her abilities and fairly decent gear.

I then used {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}’s void form to sneak out of the locked room and off the ship. May this ship set sail soon. Bon Voyage Fatty.

I gradually left the port town and headed towards the forest. Although my destination was the Sect City, but the plains aren’t safe anymore as I’m not sure if master is still standing, but my hopes were bleak. Hence, I could only take a detour through the forest as that would be more simple than the canyon route.

As I swiftly traveled through the forest, I deactivated my {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage} as I needed to save my Qi and the trees could provided me some cover anyways. While traveling through the forest, my mind could not help but slowly ponder what could have went wrong. How did everything derail so fast? It was just yesterday that everything was still fine, yet it seems that the enemy were all prepared today for an assault as if they understood everything about us. I could attribute this to their long years of research on the Ma Family, but if so, why didn’t they attack sooner?

Then, an ominous feeling arose in me as I realized another possibility, a traitor; however, who could it be? Someone that is familiar enough with the Ma Family’s secret and probably has a heavy grudge with the family. I’ve only been with the Ma Family for a month, so I don’t know many people; however, out of all the ones I know, none of them should have a grudge with the Ma Family. As for the servants, they all seem loyal as they were willing to die for the Ma Family. Maybe there is another exception like that dead servant Pan? But that’s not possible as even if there is, they shouldn’t be close to the master as I know pretty much all of us who are relatively close to the master.

There’s me, Fatty, and Jia Chun-

My heart shivered as I thought of the worst possibility, but I brushed that thought aside as it should be impossible. He doesn’t have any grudge with the Ma Family nor should I have done anything to anger him. I hurriedly shoved that thought aside as I was afraid I would begin to doubt everyone.

Suddenly, I sensed another presence nearby. I swiftly slowed down as I activated {Ghost Emperor’s Voyage}. I slowly crept forward vigilantly. Not long after, I saw the back of a silhouette standing in a familiar clearing in the forest. The silhouette also looks familiar. I gradually approached with caution, but a familiar voice caused me to go into shock.

“Pro, there’s no need to hide any longer. I know you’re there.”

The ominous thought I had before crept into my mind and won’t leave as I revealed myself. I stared at that familiar individual standing the clearing as if the events outside had nothing to do with him.

“Perhaps you are wondering why I am here?”

As if he knew my thoughts, he asked, but before I could answer, he continued, “Pro, perhaps you recognize this place?”

I looked around for a bit before I realized where this was. It was the clearing where Ling’er and I fought the demoness.

“Did you know Pro? There was an evil women who gave birth to a son to serve her purpose. That son was a very silly boy as even after he realized his mother doesn’t love him and treated him as a tool, he still loved his beautiful mother. At first, this boy’s love for his mother was the innocent family love; however, as the silly boy grew up, another type of love could not help but grow inside his heart for his mother. A forbidden love. This silly boy knew it should not be, hence he used the excuse that he could not stand his mother’s evil deeds and tried to leave behind his love. All he could do was gather karma in hopes that the one he loves shall live a longer life.”

I frowned as I did not understand why I was being told this story, but my heart and mind began to strain as I had a very bad feeling.

“However, it turns out even all the karma that the silly boy gathered could not offset the eventual. The boy could only watch with his own eyes as his love was killed in front of his eyes. His heart began to die as he watched her spit out mouthfuls of blood onto the cold forest ground, but all he could do was watch because he didn’t dare to confront the murderers because he was not strong enough. However, a man came and offered to help the boy take revenge. Although the boy knew it was wrong, in despair, the boy chose to accede to the man’s request, to reveal the secrets of his master in exchange for a chance at revenge.”

I shivered as the dots began to connect. I now knew who betrayed us, and I shivered as I realized the cause of this was me.

Qi gathered around the silhouette, causing his robe to flutter like sails. He gradually turned around, revealing a familiar face with bloodshot eyes. Jia Chun pulled out his sword and aimed it at me, “Pro, I shall send you to the depths of hell for killing my mother!”

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